Saturday, September 8, 2012

Still around, just not much time to blog

I finally found a free moment to myself.  We are still undergoing some major changes, and trying to adapt to them.

Prior to our chaos, I was to pack our adult play toys, which I did, except that I forgot to include my Queen's favorite vibrator, the Hitachi Magic Wand.  The Hitachi is an important part of our sex life.  It guarantees that Suzy will orgasm.  The vibrations are so intense, her clit just succumbs to the intensity and she climaxes beautifully - every time.

Unfortunately, I packed up every sex toy except that.

The Hitachi plays a key role because there are sometimes when other (shall we say, more natural) efforts for her climax don't work out.  Sometimes, cunnilingus just doesn't happen, and sometimes fingering doesn't work either.  But the Hitachi is always there.  And, as much as I love eating her pussy, sometimes we are too tired for serious play, and the Hitachi just gives us what we both need - a female orgasm.

But the most critical function of the Wand is during her period.  The vibrations easily overcome her pad, and she comes quite nicely during her visit.

At any rate, I screwed up, and forgot it.  Suzy was not pleased.

We went without when she was on her period, but once that was over, Suzy was nicely horny for an orgasm.  I was able to use my finger to give her a nice relaxing orgasm.

And I have eaten her out - she came like a champ - too.

In spite of the chaos we are facing, we have had some semblance of a sex life.

My orgasms have been quite good.  We have had intercourse a couple of times, and one day we had a "nooner", where I came home from work, was naked on the bed and she masturbated me when she was fully clothed.  Got my CFNM fetish worked in, with a great orgasm.

What was noteworthy of this, was the D/S twist to it.  While I was on there naked, she tortured my balls, and then worked my nipples.  She told me that she squeezed my nipples hard, and that she sensed that the harder she squeezed, the harder/more turned on she thought I was.  I am some masochist!  I came very hard, and she teased me about my massive load.  It was a mess, but a quite pleasurable mess.... including the pain she inflicted.

Hoping we have more of that!

Thanks for your patience; I don't have enough time to read my favorite blogs, but should soon!