Friday, August 17, 2012

(Hopefully short) Hiatus

I hope to be back soon

We are having an extended period where "life is getting in the way" of our intimate play.  I am not going to be able to blog much, nor read my favorite femdom/malesub blogs for at least a few days.  Leading up to this, our playtime has been cut drastically.  We are not feeling that "love reaction" due to our fatigue and preoccupation with things related to our life change.  Surprise, surprise: I am very horny right now.  I am definitely at that stage where I get my slight depression due to a lack of a solid erection.  We have been doing a lot of early morning cuddles, and some groping of one another, but somehow we haven't been able to get our thing on in a sexual sense.  The earliest possible play time will be Sunday, but even that seems unlikely.
I enjoyed watching the Olympics this summer
The physiques of the athletes inspired me to train harder
Fitness-wise, things are going really well.  I have instituted two new routines to my workout: an intense ab workout that I got from (I could even download the workout to my phone, so I have it available permanently ~ isn't technology wonderful?) and started working on a High Intensity Interval Training aerobic workout.  I believe the ab workout has really pushed my abs to another level, and the HIIT has helped me to burn fat.  Apart from a few moments of alcohol debauchery, I have been pretty good with my diet and drinking, so this has all resulted in the loss of a few pounds.  I weighed in at 185.5 yesterday, which is the lowest weight I've had in some time.  I haven't been able to measure my bodyfat composition, but I suspect it's lower too.  My workout priority remains my weight lifting, and I have been doing well with that, too.

This may sound a little "out there", but when I am in the gym, and especially on days I don't feel like I have time or don't want to workout, I think of being a personal porn star for Suzy.  Like an actor that has to sacrifice for a role, I fantasize about having to be fit and sexy for my audience, the Queen.  It keeps me going.  It's my job to be as sexy as possible for her.  I think of her inspecting my body and commenting on it, talking to me about my body like I was a piece of meat that needed a passing inspection before it was deemed suitable for use.  I don't have visible six pack abs, but I'm trying.

I hope my body meets your requirements, my Queen!

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  1. I hope things improve and that life goes well for both of you. :)