Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Release is a distant memory

I thought I'd give a quick update.

My Queen broke my chastity cycle by letting me penetrate her, and I came in her awesome pussy.  It had been a pretty long chastity period, with a good amount of teasing.  My release came as a pleasant surprise.  She is taking some summer courses and has developed an illness.  Nonetheless, even in my release she was dominant.  I started penetrating her very slowly, but she said something along the lines of "you'd better go faster and harder than that!".  There is something about her telling me how to fuck that trips my submissive switch.  I did as commanded, and came in short order.
"You will fuck me harder or not fuck me at all!"

Unfortunately, that was the last of our sex play.  Suzy shortly went on her period, and for all I know she is still hosting her monthly visitor.  The last time we had a period, she got quite a few orgasms, and it was on of her shortest periods she's had.  I read that female orgasms help to relieve cramps and reduce the duration.  Anecdotally, that seems to be true for my Queen.

There are a number of things working against us in the sex play department.  First of all, she is very busy with her school.  Second, she has been sick.  She seems to get better, then she gets worse.  I think she has been sick for two weeks, and the symptoms change a bit.  Sickness is one area where we are totally incompatible.  When I get sick (fortunately, not that often), I get insanely horny.  She gets annoyed at how much I want a handjob.  When she is sick, I need to just stay away.  She is never interested in sex when she is sick.  Oh well: in sickness and in health =P

So, we haven't played in over a week.  I am becoming hornier and hornier.  My erections get more spontaneous, especially my morning wood.

*  *  *  *  *

The only thing that happened sexually since that time was this morning.  Suzy has some close friends that she sees for multi-hour long coffee sessions every so often.  Due to various summer schedules, and Suzy's school, they haven't got together in a long time.  As I have blogged about here, I am rather fascinated by girl talk.  What do they talk about when they depart to the restroom?  What do they talk about when there are no dudes around?
Suzy likes to relax with her girlfriends, drinking coffee
 I don't entirely know the answer.

But Suzy did mention some juicy bits around one of her female friends.  I am not sure how much I am at liberty to say.  Suffice it to say that one of her friends' husbands is also interested in cuckolding! 

I do not know what this means.  Does this seem more mainstream?  Does this increase her interest?  I stiffened as she told me the scoop.  I hope she recovers from her illness.  Maybe we can talk and play more after that!

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  1. Hi LTS... I hope to hear soon that Suzy, both for her sake, and yours, is feeling better. A week plus of no attention would be difficult for me, I know. Until last night, when CH let me out of my Jailbird for a short tease session, it had been five days locked with no attention other that a bit of ball fondling as she fell asleep one night.

    I have to wonder if the horniness - illness connection is a common guy thing. I'm the same as you, and used to, prior to handing over control of my orgasms to CH, masturbate frequently when I was not well. It seemed to, if nothing else, provide a distraction from feeling shitty.