Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our Sex Statistics; A midsummer night's analysis

Now that the year is half over, I thought it would be a good idea to take some time to review our sex life.  I used to keep a spreadsheet of our sexual liasons, but have now added it to the orgasm tracker page.  I think it's accurate, and I now have seven months of reliable data to analyze.

From mid-December until end of June (193 days), we have had 61 sexual encounters.  My Domme Wife has climaxed 64 times in this span, and I have had 20 orgasms. 

That works out to us having a sexual encounter every 3.2 days, or about 2.2 times per week.
My sexy wife climaxes every 3.0 days, or 2.3 times per week.
Her submissive husband climaxes every 9.65 days, or 0.7 times per week.
He is granted orgasm on 33% of our sexual encounters; denied orgasm 67% of the time.
My Domme wife climaxes 3.2 times per every climax she allows me.
I believe the longest I have remained chaste was 23 days (April 27-May 20).

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As they say, the numbers are what they are.  I enjoy our sex play.  There have been many sexual highlights this year, and many fun times to come.  For me, sex is getting better and better.  I like that Suzy is accepting of me to be myself, and that she is willing to explore sex more and more.  I hope that she would say that she is enjoying sex now more than ever.  I would like her to comment - one way or another!  My perception of her enjoyment of sex dramatically increases my own enjoyment.  There is nothing sexier than a confident wife that loves having sex, enjoying the pleasure her submissive husband wants to give her, and enjoying the stimulation she give to him! 
Man, my Mr. Potato Head never came with THAT!
Hmm, I wonder what happens if we stick this thing in there!
I think we have just scratched the surface of our sexuality.  I look forward to a great second half of the year, with lots of pleasure, bonding, and fantasy exploration on the horizon!

Love you, Suzy!

*  *  *  *  *
Unfortunately, Suzy was diagnosed with walking pneumonia, so I am not sure what sort of sex play we will be having over the next few days.  She did allow a vibrator orgasm last night, and she acknolwedge how much she enjoyed my erection pressing against her.  She said her orgasm was terrific, and that she 'may' need cock tonight.  Gotta go get her book two of 50 shades of grey!

Female sexual domination has been very fun and exciting for us.  It bonds us and keeps the home fires burning!


  1. Thanks for sharing your stats and I hope Suzy gets better soon!

  2. Ooo! Ooo! More stats! I was just recording CH's latest orgasm (last night). I'd never considered compiling the number of encounters. I think I've noted them. Here we go!! BTW, CH's orgasm brings us to 10:1 for the year.