Sunday, June 24, 2012

The waiting is the hardest part

Woman laying on couch, with man rubbing her feet says “You should desire me at all times, but only act on it when I’m in the mood.”
Note also that she is relaxing and he is massaging her feet.
My domme is sick and therefore wants me to leave her alone.  As opposed to me, sex is the furthest thing on her mind when she is sick. 

I have been denied orgasm for approximately two weeks, so I am besides myself in wanting to play with her.  The cartoon above captures her sentiments exactly.  She wants me to be horny and lusting after her at all times.  But she wants to act on it according to her schedule, e.g., if it fits her workload, she is healthy, she is not too tired, etc.

I left her completely alone last night, and she said she was feeling worse this morning.  Historically, Sunday night has been the night where we have the most active sex play.

To borrow a sports-related phrasing, my sexy wife has had six "unanswered" orgasms (translation: six in a row, with none for me) over the past two weeks.  She has suggested that I wouldn't get a sexual release until July 4 (my own ejaculatory fireworks corresponding with our holiday fireworks that night).  She has done an excellent job of teasing me during this denial period, so I am massively horny.

When I am as teased and denied as I am now, I have lots of sexual fantasies.  I am constantly thinking of sex, wondering if we are going to play or not, and whether I will get to come.  These fantasies get more and more hard core.  Perhaps that is for another post, but suffice it to say that she teased me by ogling a guy with a really good body when we were out to eat the other night, and the handsome young waiter we had yesterday seemed overly attentive to her.  She isn't shy about pointing out "eye candy" she sees.  This plays upon my MFM/cuckolding fantasies that she is very aware of.

My wife blogged about her reading 50 Shades of Grey.  I was at Costco and asked her if she wanted it (secretly hoping she would).  She seems to be tearing through it, and seems excited to talk to me about it.  It is a role reversal of our situation, with a dominant male and submissive woman.  She has brought up a few times the female submission contract that the male lead Christian Grey wants his submissive woman to sign.  Since I am so horny, I have fantasized about us having a femdom contract along those lines.  I don't know if Suzy has any interest in that, but it is certainly keeping my randy mind turning!

*  *  *  *  *
Her excitement in reading this book, along with the accompanying play we've had is making me a content, if horny, submissive male.  I rather like the idea of her reading a sexually charged book, and either talking to me about it, or just unfurling her female dominant desires upon me.  I am excited about her next move, I just hope that we can still play, in spite of her illness and heavy upcoming workload.

I asked her the other day, and she agreed that I am doing a good job of not "topping from the bottom".  I hope to continue submitting to her in this way.  This FLM play is very exciting to both of us!
Color photo of a nude man and woman laying in a bed.  He is on his back, one arm at his side, the other around her waist, as she lays partial on his chest. She has one leg draped over one of his legs, and his semi erect cock is laying on his belly, just touching her hip. She has a smile and look of contentment in her eyes.  There is no white residue visible making it highly unlikely he came. 
This is so like us, snuggling and basking in the after glow of the female orgasm, with not a drop of sperm allowed to escape.  Love never ends, when we  keep our vows through eternity.

Not everybody’s going to get the same thing out of this photo that I do, but what I see is him hard and wanting, and her loving him for giving up that control to her. That, even more than being turned on by her control and sacrificing for her, is what makes submitting to a woman you love so incredible. There’s something absolutely amazing in putting her wants above your own.
Found this photo, which I think exactly corresponds to our recent play.  The look on the woman's face reflects complete sexual satisfaction and contentment.  Her lover's still erect cock reflects a longing for more stimulation, an incompleteness of sexual arousal, but nevertheless a high degree of arousal.  She seems content to leave it that way. 
A very sexy photo, in my opinion!


  1. Yes, a very nice picture, though I would have interpreted differently (of course, your interpretation is totally valid, too):
    To me the woman is just overjoyed to be able to hold her partner in her arms again. She might not have seen him for a couple of weeks. - And while he is aroused and looking forward to having sex with her, he also wants to savour her touch and the warmth of her body first.

    So you still have 10 days to go. Please keep observing yourself. I would be interesting to know what effect a reduction/lack of teasing (due to your wife's illnes) might have on you.
    Others might be more interested in the effects of prolonged chastity of more than three weeks.

    I also wonder if your horniness affects your performance in your job. Does it distract you? Or are you able to completely forget about it while at work?

  2. Tamara, I honestly don't know when my release will be - it was certainly not a promise. Could be sooner, could be later. Keeping me guessing is something that I enjoy as part of our femdom sex play. Of course, I would like to orgasm tonight, if possible. But it's up to her.

    In the past, the reduction in teasing generally makes me grumpy. I have spoken before that I begin to feel a bit depressed if I don't have a quality erection for some time. The last time we played was Friday night, and it was an intense session (she was quite rough with me, although I wasn't able to finish the job on her with oral sex).

    When I am extraordinarily horny, I shake when we are in bed together. She likes this effect, and she will often use "you are not shaking nearly enough for a release" as a basis for her decision to deny me.

    As far as work goes, I can lose focus when I am really horny. Exercise helps a lot. When I lift weights, a lot of times I still focus on her, I think about how I want to be more fit and physically attractive for her. But when I am doing intense cardio, I shut off my sexual thoughts. Having said that, she is probably going to send me to the gym more ;-)