Friday, June 22, 2012

Sensory Deprivation

If I were to boil down my kinky fantasies, the main element is control.  I love Queen Suzy to control me and I love surrendering control to her.  An excellent way to provide her with even more control over my body is with the use of sensory deprivation.  This is where she reduces or eliminates my senses, in a sexual context.  Here are some ways we play, or I would like to play, with sensory deprivation:

Male restraint
Of all the kinky sex we've tried, being tied up makes me feel the most submissive.  The feeling of being unable to move as she does - well, whatever she wants to do - is amazing.  The converse is pretty hot too - when I have to voluntarily open myself up to her torments and "take it like a man".  But I really love being unable to react and the feeling of struggling against the restraints is amazing.  Tie me up, tie me down!
Being physically restrained results in less control.  Less control results in sex the way the woman wants it.  Sex the way the woman wants it leads to a sexually satisfied wife.  A sexually satisfied wife leads to a happy submissive husband.
A special honorable mention goes to vertical restraint.  When I am blindfolded (see below) handcuffed in a standing position, Suzy's blows to my body become undetectable.  As opposed to the bed, I can be attacked on all sides.  My ability to anticipate goes out the window.
I enjoy being restrained in a standing position, mainly because Suzy can stimulate any part of my body.
This male has a nice toned body.  I wish I had a body like this.
Blindfolding seems to be Suzy's main mode of sensory deprivation.  We have some "regular" adult novelty blindfolds, but I also have a hood that completely covers my head.  I can't see out of it at all.  I enjoy using that one.  At any rate, Suzy will sometimes order me to put the blindfold on and then dominate me.  She has forced me to listen to her masturbating with the vibrator.  She has sprawled out on my body and I had to "enjoy" her ogasms with just her undulations and the sounds of her pleasure.  Very hot!  Being blindfolded is lots of fun.
He could so easily slip that belt off his wrists and ankles…clearly he doesn’t want to. Such a good boy.
Blindfolding forces me to use my imagination.  What is Suzy going to do?  I like suprises!

Sound deprivation
We haven't tried this.  I would like to get some ear plugs and perhaps a pair of over-the-ear headphones to really drown out the noise.  In that way, I would be unable to hear the whoosh of the spanking implement and therefore I would be totally caught off guard.  This could be quite painful but quite submissive too =P
*leak leak*

I love her outfit. The hooded slave is nice too.
I could not find an image of a femdom couple playing with the male having ear protectors.
Nice CFNM theme in this scene.

Touch deprivation
Suzy had pleasured herself in a way that I can't touch her.  I can just hear her orgasm sounds.  It's frustrating, but fun.

She needed a rest after all that tying! They both look very relaxed and comfortable. :)
This reminds me of when Suzy masturbates with the vibrator and I can only hear her moans of pleasure.  I really like that.
I wonder if this sub shook that martini for her.

*  *  *  *  *

I think I've had this post drafted for months.  We seem to be playing more in this space, so I thought it was a good time to publish it.  I am a big fan of sensory deprivation, and I hope we can keep playing this way.  Keeps a submissive male guessing!  Cheers!


  1. Hey, LTS... One of my favourite torments too. CH will tie me spreadeagled to the bed, blindfold and gag me, stroke my cock until it's good and hard (by the time she's done tying me up, it's always rock hard anyway), then wander off to watch something she's recorded on the PVR. She comes back to the BR from time to time, and each time she does, she gets me hard again (I stay erect for quite a while after she leaves, but eventually I lose my erection without stimulation of some sort). She strokes or sucks me, and then leaves again. This can go on for quite some time, until she either unties me, and I give her an orgasm Occasionally, while I'm still bound, she'll remove the gag and lower herself onto my mouth, and will hump my face. Needless to say, I seldom get an orgasm when we play this game...

  2. Our wives sure now how to push our submissive buttons, don't they? Even though I am a bit frustrated at my rather frequent loss of erections (like you, I need constant stimulation to maintain one), I don't have a problem achieving a hard-on, and the hard-soft cycle gets repeated several times, building up the tension.