Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Female dominance via male orgasms

A sexy rom-com lead to sexy play
We watched a sexy movie together.  It was called Friends with Benefits, with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis (sorry, I don't really know who she is).  It was a "romcom" but I enjoyed it because it was sexy.  Let's just say that it was funny, and the sex scenes didn't leave a lot to the imagination.
Going down, Justin?
At any rate, after we finished the movie, Suzy and I got frisky.  We ended up with me on the bottom (*sigh*) and her teasing and tormenting my body.  She was rough, in a good way.  Well, she settled into a position with my legs spread wide and her breasts engulfing my cock.  With my legs spread, she had easy access to not only engulf my dick with her breasts, but to slap my balls with her free hand (ok, I admit that I don't know exactly how she accomplished this, but that is part of the mystique, isn't it?).

She stroked me to orgasm while simultaneously smacking my nuts.  I was deep in "sub-space".  It felt like I came almost against my will, like I was a ball of yarn being played with a cat.  I felt owned by her.  I came not because I wanted to, or I deserved it, or it was time - because she wanted me to.  I suppose that's what's meant by orgasm control.  I had zero control over this scene and I came hard.  It felt so good to surrender to her.
She was the cat, I was the yarn
It didn't end there.

She used the vibrator (she was still on her period) and I dozed off.  Then, not much later, she jerked me off to a second orgasm.  I think I was actually asleep when she started, but it sure didn't seem like it was that much longer.  Alas, I was again a pawn in her chess game.
Just a pawn in her female dominant game
She has repeated the woman on top mammary stimulation again, and then when her period was over, she spanked me with a paddle doing missionary position sex.  I didn't last long - it was such a turnon.

*  *  *  *  *

Alas, we have been quite busy lately.  Not a lot of teasing and sexting and stuff.  We shall see what happens.  This goes to show you that a woman can make a man climax and still feel completely dominated.


  1. They know which buttons to press, our ladies, don't they? I haven't been allowed any orgasms recently (and won't be for the rest of the year), but my wife is quite generous with her teasing. She's learned that she can get me to the edge very quickly by sucking or stroking my cock, while simultaneously slapping my balls. I have to beg her to stop, not because it gets too painful (which it does, but I love it), but because I get far too close to the edge and have an unauthorized orgasm, which I really don't want to do. She'd be very disappointed in me if I did.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Harry. Yes, she pushed my buttons a lot for this encounter, as well as last night: although I am not sure I will have a chance to fully post about it. I truly believe that my domme is really enjoying sex more and more. We are having a lot of fun together!