Thursday, May 17, 2012

The science of sex appeal

A TV show about female sexuality?
Sign me up!

In a recent post, I mentioned that while waiting for my Queen to come to bed, I was able to watch several shows on the Discovery channel relating to the science of sex appeal.  First of all, I love thinking and learning about sex.  Second of all, I'm a bit of a science nerd.  Third of all, most of the discussion had to do with the study of female sexuality.  It's almost as if male sexuality was too simplistic to be discussed. 

There were several episodes shown, and I was unable to watch them all from start to finish.  Probably the most intriguing one was the seemingly mis-titled Why is sex fun?, when the subject seemed exclusively about why human females orgasm.  Wow, what a dream job!  Researching and writing about why women climax.  I would do that for free!

As I said before, I didn't watch any of the episodes from start to finish.  I had to keep it down, and I couldn't exactly record the show on the DVR because of curious little ones that now check the DVR frequently.  The biggest take away message from me was that during ovulation, lots of biochemical changes happen that induce women to be very open to sex - even consciously competing for it - at their most fertile time.  Some examples:

  • Male body odor generally turns women off, except during ovulation, at which time they are attracted to it.  From an evolutionary biology perspective, this functions to try to entice the woman to have sex with the maximum chance of getting pregnant.
  • Scientist isolated a female pheromone that when given to male subjects at a certain dose, basically erased the males' ability to differentiate attractiveness of females....basically, a biological "beer goggle", lol.
  • The female brain is programmed to be most feminine (and therefore most enticing to males) at ovulation.  This includes a higher pitched voice, a clearer complexion, and more pronounced body movements.
  • They studied women's behavior at a night club (a girls night out) and measured their dance styles and other flirtatious behavior.  They found that ovulating women were far more flirtatious than their non-ovulating girlfriends.  In fact, partnered women who were ovulating were the MOST flirtatious.  More on that later.
  • At the night club, they were able to measure the amount of skin exposed in the outfits they wore to the girls night out.  There was a high correlation between ovulation and high skin exposure.
  • They did a study monitoring women's (and they did men's too, but far less interesting to me) walking styles ("struts") on a treadmill.  When given the instruction that they are just monitoring their stride, most of the women walked "normally".  But when given the instruction that they were monitoring for sex appeal, the women all exaggerated their movements, as if to show off their femininity.  Their hips swayed in a much more pronounced manner.  It was as if they were thinking, "I'm being watched for my sexiness, and I want to prove how hot I am!"
Her cycle has a large effect on her sexuality

In my Orgasm Tracker page, I have been keeping track of our orgasms, as well as Suzy's cycle.  I inputted the dates in an ovulation calculator, and it computed that her most fertile period will be May 18-22.  I suspect that means that the peak day is Sunday, May 20.

I am curious about trying an experiment.  What if, during her ovulation time this weekend, we go to that restaurant with the waiter she finds hot.  Would she be more insistent that we sit in his section?  If he was our waiter, would she flirt with him?  Touch his hand?  Show more cleavage?

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I must say that when it comes to Suzy's cycle, I am usually very clueless.  Suzy's breasts are very finicky about when it's ok to stimulate them.  I think that the times that she wants her breasts sucked, she is quite aggressive about it (which as a submissive male, I obviously like).  I do believe that these times coincide with her ovulation, and she has mentioned that she is horniest around that time.  I am glad that this time is coming up for the weekend, so we can do some experimenting!  I have a feeling she is going to "get some".... me, I'm not so sure!


  1. May I ask what kind of contraception (if any) you use? Obviously not the pill, which prevents ovulation.

    Actually, I think the influence of hormones on human behaviour is overrated. - But as for female breast tissue: It does undergo morphological changes in relation to the menstrual cycle.
    Normally the breasts are softer, looser and less sensitive to pain in the first half of the cycle, and then there is some tenderness and swelling in the second half. But of course there is a lot of intersubjective variation.

    1. Tamara,
      I had a vasectomy 7-8 years ago. Suzy has not been on oral contraception for a long time. I could blog about my vasectomy, it wasn't as easy as people generally make out. But we are glad for the freedom it offers, and have no regrets on getting it done. During a torture session, Suzy will often point out that "she doesn't need my balls anymore". I find that hot, I am such a pervert ;-)

      Sure, we have free will and can go against any biologicial impulses. I just find it interesting that on average, we are geared to drive for certain behaviours. I am a religious man, and I believe that my sex drive is God-given and useful in helping us to bond together.