Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quick update: Release, Near miss threesome

I have certainly enjoyed our play time lately.  To recap, I have had the longest tease and denial period ever.  My Queen denied me orgasm for over three weeks, from April 27 to May 20, when she allowed me to penetrate her to orgasm.  During this stretch, Suzy enjoyed 10 orgasms.  My submission to Her was enhanced with a Domme-ordered male chastity lockup that lasted 10 days - another record for me.
note the key around the ankle… HOTTTT
The use of the chastity belt enhanced my feelings of submission and contributed to my increased libido

My orgasm was intense and the release made me feel human again.  I was so full of sexual tension at that point that I was shaky - which she likes.

There is certainly a lot that can be said about my feelings of submission, and how much I enjoyed our playtimes.  The tease and denial sent my libido through the roof.  I feel like I did a good job avoiding topping from the bottom.  Each play session kept me in suspense as far as whether I would get some relief.
Another image of a woman behind a male, he is on display for her, and she has such control over him

The possibility of having a threesome with a 'boy toy' seemed very real.  Suzy had been keeping a dialogue going with a young stud from when she posted an ad on Craigslist a few months ago.  It seemed like we had a 'date' for meeting him scheduled and he got a little jittery at the last minute.  Suzy had been swapping emails with him, exchanging thoughts on what might occur in a sexual situation.  Suzy told him that the sex would be about her, and that she would like to explore pain.  This seemed to cause him pause, and our intro meeting was called off.

Nipple play has become a bit of a surprise to us both: that I enjoy it, and that it is such an easy way for her to dominate me.

Being in an intense state of denial, I was fantasizing like crazy about this threesome.  I suppose it is playing with fire, but it is something that I was looking forward to.  I am not sure how Suzy feels about this missed opportunity.  Will she reach out to him again?  Will she try to find another stud to play with?  I don't know!  It is fun fantasizing about it.  She seemed to like the idea of having two erect men to play and dominate.  He even asked for a picture of her to masturbate to!  I asked her if I could have one too, and she said I am not allowed to masturbate!  Ha!
I am sure I would enjoy watching her play with a boy toy!

Following my release, we both had very intense workweeks, so we didn't play at all.  We had "normal" sex over the weekend, which was fun.  I have not felt good, possibly due to allergies.  I hope we can play again soon.  I am feeling very amorous!

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  1. Catching up on my favorite blogs. Enjoyed the post. Suzy seems so in control! I always find the longer cycles so erotic and exciting. As time passes I feel more under my wife's spell.