Monday, May 14, 2012

A new way for her to climax

As we were getting to bed yesterday, Suzy asked me a few questions about how long I've worn the chastity cage (3 days), how long I have been chaste (over two weeks), and how many orgasms she's had (when she asked, it was 6 in a row, soon to be 7).  She seemed pleased that I had ready answers for her questions, and suggested that things would continue in that direction.
Suzy has been dominating me in the orgasm department.
She is currently at 7 in a row
I had fantasized about a new way for her to climax for a while.  We were both feeling somewhat frisky last night, so I thought I would give it a shot.  I put a pillow onto my abdomen and asked her to climb on top of me.  I slid the Hitachi magic wand vibrator between her and the pillow, and positioned it so the head of the vibrator was on her pussy.  Since Suzy is shorter than I am, we were able to position it so that the contact point was not too close to my locked genitals.  That, plus the pillow's dampening effect on the powerful vibrations were intended to prevent accidentally over-stimulating my cock.  This was about her pleasure, not mine.
I feel a high degree of intimacy while she is on top of me
Our kissing was intense and I love the feel of her body weight on top of me.
What I was hoping for was a high level of face to face intimacy while she climaxed.  That goal was achieved.  As Suzy felt the vibrations and her orgasm mounting, she kissed me aggressively, with a sense of urgency.  Her hair spilled over my face, so I felt I was absolutely consumed by her.  Her climax was quite intense and she made it clear that she enjoyed the new orgasm method.  I asked her if this is something we would try again, and she said, "absolutely".

I am happy to report that our FLR continues to go well.  I didn't do or say something yesterday that I shouldn't have.  During her post orgasm glow (which by the way, seemed much longer than normal yesterday), she said that she found it interesting that our intimate life is accelerating in passion whereas some of her female friends' is not.  I asked her why she thought that was and she didn't seem to want to discuss it further.  She did say that she appreciated that I "opened up to her" about my submissive desires and she affirmed that she is getting more comfortable with dominating me.  I hope to continue this line of thinking further.

*  *  *  *  *

I hesitated a bit, but I did bring up to her my intense desire to be spanked.  She smiled and said, "not on Mother's day, it's about me today".  She suggested that I might be spanked sometime soon, and then said that once school's over (and thus she has more time), "your bottom's gonna be red".
I caved in and brought up my craving to be spanked.
I could have a red butt in my future.


  1. HI, LTS... Your pillow story gave me an idea. I bought CH a Hitachi a while back, but she doesn't like it, because it's "too damned much". I'm going to suggest to her that she to try using a pillow, in some way, to dampen the vibrations a bit.

  2. Harry, happy to help. There is a controller for the Hitachi (an example posted below:

    My Queen usually like it on full blast, so I don't think we have a need for such a speed controller... but you can give that a shot!

    Given my horny state, I was a bit concerned that I might come, even in my silicone cage. I definitely felt the vibrations, but given our height differences and the dampening effect of the pillow, it wasn't enough to send me over the edge. I don't think that's what Suzy wants right now...