Sunday, May 13, 2012

FLR going well, so I am worried...

We are both having a lot of fun in the bedroom, with our sex play centered on my Queen's carnal pleasures.  She has now climaxed six consecutive sessions and I have been denied orgasm for over two weeks.  Friday morning, she locked me in my Birdlock chastity device and has teased me quite a bit about "not needing the key anytime soon". 
His cock is locked, she holds the key...
Her period is over, and I was looking forward to performing cunnilingus on her Saturday night.  It was very fun for me, being locked in chastity and 'worshipping her pussy', but unfortunately she did not climax.  She came VERY close, with intense moaning and the involuntary hip movements that are so sexy to me.  Things were extremely wet down there, I suppose a combination of her pussy juices and my saliva.  I wish I could have brought her to orgasm orally.  I tried a technique I read on the internet, fingering her pussy in the opposite direction that I normally do, gently pulling down, away from her clitoris.  This tip claimed that there is a ligament that gets stimulated/stretched and builds anticipation for the woman.  I didn't get any specific feedback from her on that, but I do know she was wetter than normal.
Unfortunately, my extended duration between her legs didn't result in an orgasm.
I loved it: the focus on her sexual needs, her taste and smell.  I hope to go down on her tonight.
She finished off by my use of the vibrator on her clit while I fingered her pussy.  Her orgasm didn't seem as intense to me, but it was a long one.  I caressed her for an extended amount of time during her post-orgasm glow and then she laid her head on my chest, slapped my locked bits around for a few second and then pinched my nipples.  I wanted to work another female orgasm in, but I felt like there was a high chance of rejection.  I kept caressing her, and then she firmly declared, "it's time for bed now".  That sent me into sub-space.  I rather like it when she is definitive like that.  We slept together, her fully clothed and me wearing just my wedding ring and chastity device.

My desire for her is intense.  I am physically shaking.  It feels like I am on an extended period of foreplay, constantly aroused and thinking of her.  I am making a concerted effort not to "top from the bottom", as my history has been to screw up by saying or doing something to piss her off just when she really starts to feel comfortable dominating me.  I am worried that I will screw up.  I think I have been good at not making any "suggestions" to her; I haven't whined about my horniness; on nights she doesn't want to play, I haven't complained; I haven't asked her for her thoughts on when I might be released or unlocked; my blog posts haven't pissed her off.

*  *  *  *  *
I think I have about 19 draft posts.  It is difficult to keep up, and our FLR has been intense lately.  Suzy had some school work to do, and I was lucky enough to have a night of the Discovery channel discussing the science of sex appeal.  I might have seen portions of the episodes before, and it is a blog-worthy topic.  Perhaps that's draft post #20. =P

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  1. Glad to hear that things are going well for you, stay focussed :-)