Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sexy fun with male thongs

We had a few days without sex play, mainly due to my poor sleep.  We did some pretty heavy sexting and innuendos all day Sunday, so I was pretty hopeful that we would have some adult playtime.  We did, and it was very fun.

My Queen is soliciting advice for better cunnilingus techniques on her blog.  I try my best, but I admit I have room for improvement.  I will have more to say on that later.  Suzy came in and I asked her if she wanted me to go down on her.  She said she did not (she is near her period); we did some nice kissing/foreplay and then I fingered her pussy and got the Hitachi vibrator for her clitoris.  She was quite wet (always nice to discover) and she came relatively quickly.  I suppose that is some affirmation that I did my job and got her nice and warmed up.  Yay female orgasms!
We enjoyed our fun time with my new thong...
but Queen Suzy was in charge of the clasps

Suzy commented on how nice it was that I had a strong erection.  I was quite horny, and her wetness helped in my own sexual arousal.  We had a bit of "pillow talk", trying to figure out what she had in mind for me.  I first asked the question, "what does my Mistress think I deserve" and then realized a better question was "what would amuse my Mistress the most?"  I had been a pretty darn good husband, if I say so myself.  I was hoping for an orgasm but cognizant that it was up to her to decide. 

Suzy asked me what I had in mind.  I mentioned that I really craved her to dominate me, to inflict some pain and that I was hoping to come.  She caressed my body quite a bit, and complimented me on my muscular development, specifically my lats (back muscles) and abs.  I have been working on those quite a bit, so I was very gratified that she noticed and commented.  I feel pretty strong now, but I still have some bodyfat to lose. 
I love it when my Mistress examines my muscular development and makes comments about it.
She continued exploring my body.  I am normally nude when she comes to bed, but last night I was wearing my new "breakaway thong".  She made a comment that it didn't cover much (true) and that she teased me that it was constraining my cock.  She undid one of the clasps and my erection was still entrapped by the skimpy undergarment.  She teased me really well, implying that my release was being held back by my underwear and not her.  She pinched and flicked my nipples some, which was really turning me on.  For some reason, I was really craving pain and she then turned her attention to my balls.  It really felt great.
I very much like the idea that I am a piece of meat for Suzy's amusement
My erection was visible but still encased into the garment.  She teased me verbally about this situation, implying that the thong was going to keep me chaste.  My erection was simply not powerful enough to move the fabric aside.  She then decided to remove the other clasp, exposing my very erect cock.  She said that I could come inside her and I quickly moved to enter her.

I lasted a bit longer than I have been lately.  I had a powerful orgasm inside her.

*  *  *  *  *
What turned me on so much about this session is that I was craving her to dominant me, to inflict pain on me, and she did.  It was a very extended session, like a long, long foreplay session.  Even though I was "clothed" the majority of the time, it very much felt like my body was on display and she was really working me.  I loved it, and I love my Queen.

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