Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Needing a "love connection"; Remedial Cunnilingus

We needed a "love connection"; successful cunnilingus brought us closer
After my epic failure, we have been on pause for our playtime.  I was therefore starting to get quite randy.  I mentioned to Suzy that I needed to feel a "love connection" (I think I got that terminology from a Bruce Springsteen song; but on reflection, I got it a bit wrong.  His lyric is "love reaction", I believe the song is "Dancing in the Dark".  Alas, I needed either a love connection or a love reaction).  She was nice and flirty all day yesterday, which was getting me excited for a playtime last night. 

She was doing a bunch of errands and I was getting tired.  I decided to do a little re-reading of my book "She Comes First".  I don't really recall a lot of the techniques from the book; the main message I got was that to be a good lover, a male should focus on the woman's pleasure first.  That fits pretty nicely into a FLR, whether we have one or not (we've had ups and downs, and the latest down was clearly my fault).

At any rate, I skimmed the "technical" material for cunnilingus techniques, and I thought I would try some of them out for our "love connection".  This was as a result from a mild rebuke from her on my skills at oral lovemaking.  So really, I am in remedial cunnilingus now.  I hope I improve my grades.
Should say, "I will give her good head".

I think it helped.  The author suggests putting a pillow under her bum (which I did) and to use the flat of my tongue a lot during the initial excitement/foreplay phase.  I also made sure that I was comfortable, but moving her head at one corner so that I can have a good bit of the rest of the bed during my performance.  I also feel like her verbal feedback was key to the success of the endeavor.  She moaned and made other yummy sounds constantly.  That is very reinforcing to a sub like me.  It helped me to focus and to understand that she was enjoying my time down between her legs.  I also used a very steady tongue stroke, as she complains that when she gets close, I tend to go overboard.  She seems to like a steady, constant pressure and rhythm. 
I don't think she is going to forget last night's female pleasure extravaganza.
Well, I know I won't!

Her scent is typically stronger before and after her period (and she just finished it, probably the day before).  It really didn't bother me at all though.  She smelled and tasted sexy.  I enjoyed the entire experience.  I attempted some of the techniques (well, the ones I had a chance to review) and went for it.  We had success: she came and it was exciting for both of us.  She really didn't speak at all afterwords, and I caressed her body during her orgasmic afterglow.  She seemed to enjoy that.  Actually, I think she gave a rather business-like "thank you" and then went to bed.  We were both quite tired, although I didn't sleep well.

*  *  *  *  *
So there you have it.  We got a nice "love connection" and I feel closer to her as a result.  And, for the moment, I am doing well in my remedial cunnilingus.  I hope I can keep my grades up =P


  1. I'm envious as hell, lts. CH is not, for whatever reason (she doesn't know why herself), a big fan of cunnilingus. I wish she were. As least she allows me to get my nose nestled in between her lips and draw in deep breaths of her aroma. I'd love to spend much more time than I do, between her legs.

  2. Before I commented about cunnilingus earlier, I had been mentally agreeing with you about the need for frequent moments (and hours, too) of intimacy that all happy couples seem to find time for. That's what I had originally wanted to comment on, but sex, as usual, ran roughshod over my brain.