Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lowered Libido

We have not been 'connecting' much lately.
My libido has been down... it's like I lost my mojo.
Not a lot of sex has been happening in the rooster household.  I have simply not been horny.  My libido is low.  By this I mean, I haven't been craving sex, desiring sex, and initiating sex - although I am confident that had Suzy approached me about needing to 'take care of her' I would have gladly complied.  However, April is probably going to be the least sexy month we've had, as measured by my Orgasm Tracker page.

There are a number of factors for this, but they mostly boil down to stress.  Stress in my job, stress with our finances, stress with our home (the number of things that need repair is mounting), and we recently had out of town visitors.  Suzy usually does NOT want sex when we have people staying overnight, so I think I simply didn't try.  I have a drafted post of the alcohol vs. sex decision.  I far and away prefer to play sexually with Suzy, but if I perceive that she will not be receptive to sex, I will likely shake a martini and watch TV or surf the net.

Quickies are certainly welcome sexual play in our household!
With this backdrop, I was very pleasantly surprised this Saturday when she seemed to go out of her way to acknowledge she wanted my touch.  First of all, we almost never have sex in the mornings and we had visitors.  So, I thought sex was out of the question and did not try.  I don't like being rejected any more than the next submissive husband.  But she kept positively reinforcing when I touched her body.  She layed her head down on my chest, played with my nipples some (which has been a very exciting move for us lately) and even reached into my pants and grabbed my balls.  The alarm went off and then she said something along the lines of "that's the tease you get" and went off.  By that time, I was getting aroused and ready for sex, and we did have a 'quickie' later that morning (Suzy sometimes chastises me for getting details wrong).
It was straight missionary sex and I did not last long.  While my libido has been low, I have fantasized a bit about the usual femdom things (mainly me performing cunnilingus on her while she plays with another man's cock) and then lost it and came inside her pussy.  She did some dirty talking and very matter of factly pointed out that, once again, she was wearing a lot more clothes than I was, indulging my CFNM fetish.  She then used the vibrator on herself and had a long, intense orgasm.

This mini session was an oasis of sexuality in the desert of the stressors mentioned above.  I have been reflecting on it, and I was wondering if this was a permanent shift due to my age, or a phase of life that will pass.  Is my testosterone level going down?  Am I losing my mojo?

Our visitors were gone, so I was hoping for some play last night.  I still wasn't super horny (as I usually am), but I thought I'd just go for it.  I tried to put the moves on her and she was not receptive, although she did appreciate my erection against her body and she said that she wanted me to desire her more.  I don't know what my Queen has in mind, but I hope that we shift the balance away from alcohol and more towards sex.  So much better for you!

In spite of my lower libido, I definitely crave her domination.
I want her to be rough with me and I want her to have lots of sexual pleasure.

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  1. I hear you...low libido here, too. Just too much stress right now.