Sunday, April 1, 2012

Anal Play, Part 1

Having my ass, scrotum, and perineum tickled is...awesome.
I am not ashamed to say that I am an anal lover.  We discovered anal eroticism even before we were married, long before we knew about the joys of female dominance.  When Suzy was my girlfriend, she got "frisky" and started lightly tickling my anal area.  The sensations were unlike anything I've felt before.  I was shocked at this new sensation and loved it. 

Anal caressing
We have called the light fingertip caressing "spider legs".  It is the type of movement that you can do to elicit goosebumps.  I use this technique for foreplay almost every sex session we have.  Basically, I work up along her side and then around her breast and into her armpit and arm area.  I enjoy the reaction I get when I do this, and it usually works to get Suzy "in the mood".
Suzy used her "spider legs" around my anal opening that fateful night.  I took to it like a duck to water.  It was like trying a new drink or tasting a new dish for the first time: I couldn't get enough of it.

It turns out that there are a huge number of nerve endings around the anal area.  The sensations are therefore very intense.  When she does this play, I am highly aroused and consider it highly sexual in nature.  But I almost always lose my erection.  She will sometimes stroke my cock to keep me hard and then go back to my ass, but I will lose my erection.  Or, she will sometimes use this anal caressing to be "nice" after she has smacked my balls.  While the feelings are intense, I do not believe I could climax from this stimulation.  I have orgasmed with her only playing with my balls, but the balls are after all connected to my cock.  So maybe that is not too surprising.

I believe this is exhibit A for experimenting with sexuality.  I think if she had told me, "I'm going to play with your asshole; let me know if you like it", I might have said "hell no".  I am forever grateful that she just dove in and experimented with this.

Anal penetration
Ass play has physical and psychological ramifications.
I enjoy the feeling of her lubing up and penetrating me.  It is erotic on a lot of levels.  Firstly, there is the role reversal, that I am the one being penetrated.  Secondly, there is the position that I take in order to be relaxed and accept the invading entity (her gloved finger or the aneros prostate massager we have... and I am certainly open to trying other toys as well).  Normally, I am on my knees with my ass in the air, although we have done this with my tied up, spread eagle.  The physical act of her giving foreplay to my opening (I rather dislike the term "asshole"... any better suggestions?), coaxing it to accept the penetration is quite arousing to me.  Lastly, the stimulation on my prostate is arousing.  I have read about men that can climax from prostate stimulation, but I don't think I am there yet... I think it would require additional practice to even see if I can get there.  The last time she penetrated me, I definitely had the sensation of needed to pee.
Prostate play is very amendable to medical fantasies (I have one drafted, and hope to publish later this week).  My doc gives me the finger to check out my prostate.  I don't find this arousing in the slightest.  I wouldn't mind if Suzy watched the doctor examine it, and it would even be funny if she asked questions or asked for tips about it.  My wife watched my vasectomy, why not my "male wellness" exam?  LOL, that probably won't happen.  Nonetheless, I definitely fantasize about her being a doctor that focuses on my prostate.

I would like to try "prostate milking".  This is a fetish that involves massaging the prostate to the point that the semen stored there actually gets coaxed out through its normal channel but because the muscle spasms that accompany orgasm are not present (she is not stimulated my cock, but my internal sex organs), orgasmic pleasure is bypassed.  I guess this appeals to me on a few fronts.  It is a way to clear out my prostate (a good thing) but keeping me in a state of lust for her.  It would be similar to a ruined orgasm, but probably more work for her.  All you have to do to ruin an orgasm is to stop stroking the cock.  Plus, this appeals to me in the sense that I am an experimental subject; she is just using me as a toy to explore raw male sexuality.  I am a piece of meat for her.


  1. I visit a urologist annually for a prostate exam, and it's always the most unpleasant experience. However, when CH does the very same thing, it sends me into ecstasy. While there are millions of nerve endings in and around your anus, much of the enjoyment happens because of your emotional attachment to the owner of the finger(s) up your ass, or of the hips to which the strap-on is attached.

  2. In my experience, the prostate massage is even less pleasurable than the ruined orgasm. With a ruined orgasm, you have at least made it to a point where orgasm is building up. With a prostate massage, there is no noticeable pleasant feeling.