Thursday, March 15, 2012

Training the submissive husband

I appreciate Suzy's training me to be a better slave

I have been thinking a lot about Suzy training me to be a better husband.  Kind of like a drill seargent wife, where she administers commands, critiques, and discipline for correction.  A few examples:
  • I have fallen off the wagon as far as weight goes.  I am above 190 pounds.  I think this is mainly due to the amount of partying we're doing (and the fattening snacks and cocktails/beer that go with it), a slightly poorer diet (those @$%&* chocolate covered almonds from Costco are as addictive as crack), and far less aerobic excercise.  I have been making some good gains in my weight training, which I do at least twice a week, but usually three times.  I felt pretty good when I was at the 186 or so mark, but I have gained some more back.  The main reason for the decline in aerobic workouts is my work schedule.  I would like to be at 180 pounds.  I have done a calculation and theoretically, I could have visible abs at that weight.  I am not sure I can do it.  I need some motivation and training.
  • Sexually speaking, I have a deficiency in penetrative endurance.  Some would call that premature ejaculation.  I don't last long.  Suzy has not allowed a lot of penetration lately, so I am not "in training" for increasing my sexual stamina.  But I would very much appreciate her training me to be better in the sack.
  • Cunnilingus has been successful lately.  I sexted her during the day, telling how much I craved being between her legs.  I thought about it a lot during the day.  She indulged my desires last night.  When she entered the bedchamber, she was wearing a sexy nightie and was not wearing panties.  We kissed for a while and my longing to go down on her was overwhelming.  I buried my face in her womanly awesomeness and went at it.  It took her some time to get to that higher level pre orgasmic phase, where she moans, tilts her hips, and clearly starts getting closer to the promised land.  That alone is motivating for me.  I am thinking: my beautiful, sexy wife is nearly there, keep it up so she is sexually satisfied.  That keeps me going.  Her climax was quite exciting for both of us.  She mildly criticized me (I accepted it as part of my cunnilingus training; since I lack a clit, I don't really know how best to service one) for being "haphazard" at the beginning.  As I was reflecting on our sex play this morning, I recall she also criticized me for wearing too many clothes when she came in (I quickly corrected that) and I began to fantasize about her training me to be a better cunnilinguist by going down on her daily.
I have blogged before about my interest in exploring mild humiliation.  Training me is something that I believe would make me a better husband (and sex partner) and would involve a type of humiliation that I would enjoy as a submissive.  This could involve her physically disciplining me (e.g., spanking, orgasm denial, cock and ball torture, etc.) if I do not eat right or exercise enough; allowing penetration to increase my cock control; or correction through repetition (e.g., daily oral service with feedback during the session and a critique post orgasm).
"Slave, drop and give me 20!"
While most of what I fantasize about is her delivering negative reinforcement, as a manager, I am trained that positive reinforcement is a more powerful tool.  This gets tricky when you are a masochistic sub.  A spanking session could very well be a positive reinforcement to me.  So, a week of good eating and diligent exercise could be rewarded by a good spanking session.  Good progress on sexual stamina could be rewarded with an orgasm.  Proper technique in cunnilingus could be rewarded with allowing a second orgasm for her with a vibrator.  Perhaps she could "take it for the team" in hopes of improving my sexual repertoire.

*  *  *  *  *
I very much appreciate that my domme came out in a sexy outfit last night, and she slept in it also.  Her breasts are quite large and sometimes "bust out" of her top.  They looked great.  It was a confident thing to do, and confidence = sexy.  It came across to me as "Yes, my bod is hot and I am going panty-less because I know my slave is going to satisfy me".  Well, that's how I interpreted it anyway. 

She denied penetration and I didn't get any real cock stimulation, but she expressed her appreciation for my erection.  My guess is she is nearing ovulation, and that is when she is most open to sex.  I hope she is "on the prowl" tonight.
I don't have a clit, so I don't intuitively know what feels good; I need to be trained to be a good slave husband


  1. Maybe she should conclude that your sexual aptitude with your biological "penis" (in quotes because past performance hardly qualifies it for that title...) is a lost cause. She should put you in chastity, and have you don a strapon & worthy-sized dildo for you to "fuck" her with. Pleasure for her; none for you. As is should be.

  2. Interesting post and Very Accurate. I feel like this is something my pussy slave would have written himself. I find that I am able to prolong a penetration session by making him pinch his balls while Im riding him or if I allow him to enter me from behind. He began practicing this on his own - which is what I enjoy most. You'll find a way to please her, then you'll have to perfect it.