Sunday, March 18, 2012

Surprising Nipple Play

I wasn't expecting to play Saturday night.  After Thursday's cunnilingus session, my wife's pussy was a bit sore (not sure how or why) and she was almost reluctant to play and enjoy a vibrator induced orgasm on Friday night.  She was watching her recorded shows and nodding off downstairs, so I headed upstairs to bed.
What is my hairless chest for?  For Suzy to use as a pillow at night.
What are my nipples for?  For Suzy to use as a tool in tease and denial.
Earlier, I removed my chest hair, as they were getting itchy.  I thought that if we did not play, Suzy would at least appreciate resting her head on my smooth chest.  While I have struggled with my eating, my chest workouts have been solid - I am lifting heavier weights and my pecs are looking good.  I went to bed naked, and was 90% asleep when Suzy came up.  She laid her head on my chest and started caressing my torso, around my armpit area and then around my chest.  She started stimulating my nipple and I was getting really turned on.  She moved to my inner thigh a bit (love that!) and then returned to my nipple.  While I didn't want to "top from the bottom", I did want to affirm that she was turning me on and she was welcome to be rough with me.  My wife's nipples are very fickle; there are times when she really wants me to suck on them hard, but most times they are off limits.  We haven't explored my nipples that much, so I just wanted to let her know that I was good with it.

I was very aroused at this point.  First of all, I wasn't expecting any play, and then she was being really erotic and sexy.  She played with my other nipple a bit too.  She then moved to smacking my balls.  She was quite rough.  I told her that I really liked her being rough with me, manhandling me if you will.  This tease was noteworthy in that she really didn't touch my cock at all.

I really desired her at that point.  I moved to kiss her passionately.  My hips were involuntarily grinding against her body in a vain attempt to simulate sex.  I told her I wanted to come and she said confidently that it wasn't time for that.  She let me know that she really liked how "shaky" I was, that she could tell I longed for her.  She flipped over and I engulfed her ears with my mouth, kissing her neck.  She told me what I was hoping to hear - that her domination of me had turned her on and she wanted to come.  I quickly got out the Hitachi Magic Wand and it didn't take her long to climax.  She came hard.  It was probably one of her longest orgasms in a while.  Intense too.  Just the way I like 'em.

*  *  *  *  *
This session was really a pleasant surprise.  I can't help thinking about my release date.  I am glad that I haven't asked, even though her response would probably be phrased very erotically.  She knows that I long to come, that my balls are full.  I think she is very much enjoying teasing and denying me right now.  Suzy is going to leave on a trip to visit her family, and has already told me she wants me locked in chastity during her trip.  I drop her off at the airport on Friday afternoon, so I assume we will have a 'locking ceremony' Thursday night.  Your guess is as good as mine when she will let me come, but regardless, this cock will not play when the wife is away!


  1. Wow. Suzy seems to know very well how to handle you. I still haven't learned how to trigger submissive and/or sexual responses in René, and I guess I never will. I've had a few lucky guesses, but I haven't found an approach that works consistently.

  2. If you find that Suzy is really getting into nipple play, you could ask her if you can get one, or both of them pierced. I had one (the left one) fitted with a small barbell several years ago. It's become CH's favourite target when 1) she's looking to tease me, since it is very sensitive, 2)she wants to cause me some pain, also since it's very sensitive.

  3. @Tamara: I wouldn't have predicted that playing with my nipples would be something I would enjoy (not entirely sure she enjoys it yet...). We may need to do some more "sexploration" in this area. It just proves that trying something, even if it's a bit "out there" can be worthwhile, if not for the destination, for the journey.

    @Harry: I don't know what Suzy's position on this would be. I am a VERY conservative person outwardly, so nipple piercings would be quite out of character for me. I confess that I find them attractive, for both men and women. I guess I like the naughtiness of it. How would you explain that at the soccer mom's pool party? My shaved chest is probably something I will have to come to terms with sooner or later, as it is warming up. But, would would happen if you caught a football against your chest? OUCH!!

  4. LTS - if Suzy is anything like Jane, who discovered quite early on just waht effect she has on me when she plays and teases my nipples, she will use this method to tease more and more. If you like this, and you seem to, just make sure that you let Suzy see how much this turns you on and what power and control she has over you when teased in that way.

    I think I like it so much for just that reason. I know that Jane knows the effect it has on me and because that she does and uses to such good effect, it increases the impact that being subjected to this form of teasing has on me.

  5. Thanks for the comment, AAT.
    I am looking forward to more nipple play. Unlike you and Jane, this is a recent discovery. In a prior post, I mentioned that I came for the first time in the woman on top position, and I think it was directly related to her playing with my nipples.

    I love it when Suzy is rough with me, and this an example of that.

    Unfortunately, my domme is sick and we may not be playing for a few days.