Friday, March 9, 2012

Our animal instincts: watching your partner climax

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I have been fatigued lately, for a variety of reasons.  As a result, I have been watching way more TV than I normally do, and I was a bit disappointed that nothing was on that I was interested in watching.  The shows that I normally like to watch aren't on: CSI, Manswers, 1000 ways to die.  One show that I seem to enjoy is "Built for the kill".  It is a nature show about predators, and it documents strategies used to catch prey and goes into some of the hierarchy in the animal world.
This female is "built for the kill"

That makes me thinks of sex.  I know, I'm a perv.

I think about the animalistic nature of sex.  Sex - perhaps more than other areas of our day-to-day lives - brings out several instincts and reflexes that are, well, animalistic.  Some examples:
  • Moaning while feeling sexual pleasure
  • Involuntary hip movements
  • Erections (nipple and otherwise) and wetness
  • Heavy breathing
  • Speech changes: more directive and urgent; dirty talking
  • General sense of urgency: I want me partner to come and be pleasured (or not...)
  • Increased tolerance for pain
Far and away more exciting, though, are the instinctual reactions of orgasm.  It is hard for me to accurately describe in text, but I will try:

Her eyes are closed, head tilted back.  Her hips undulate rapidly and in a manner I find very very sexy.  Her abs tighten.  Her whole body seems to quiver and she lets out an instincual, sexy moan of pleasure.  It lasts a long time, longer than any of my orgasms.  She seems to soak in the pleasurable sensations.  She will usually smile or laugh afterwords, and then say something like "wow, that was terrific".  She wants to bask in the glory of her orgasm.  I suspect that her body needs a break from that rush of pleasure and tensing that occurs right up to the orgasmic sequence.  She needs a well deserved break from that sexy performance.

Like I said, words do not do it justice.  I lose track of time as I am enthralled by the capability of her body in experiencing such pleasure.  She is... BUILT FOR SEXUAL PLEASURE.
My Queen's bod is "built for sex".
Darling, I mean that in the most complementary way =)

There, I said it.  And it felt good.

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What I am not sure of is my Queen's thoughts on my orgasm.  Is it sexy to see me ejaculate?  Do my moans and the tensing of my legs arouse her?  Truth be told, I am very much a voyeur.  I like to watch Suzy's reactions.  I would love to videotape her having an orgasm, the two of us copulating, or even watching my own ejaculation.  When I do ejaculate, my eyes are closed and I am "in the moment".  As I've posted before, the messier the orgasm, the better my orgasm is... I'm talking volume and distance.  Does it turn her on to see my lust and horniness unfold?  Or, should I say, my animal instincts?


  1. Lovely post, and i couldn't agree more - i adore watching my Wife as She comes to orgasm. i don't know if it's deeply rooted in our animal nature, but either way it is amazing how the sight of J as She cums drives me absolutely wild.

    J has said She enjoys watching my lust and horniness unfold, in fact watching me writhe and whimper and struggle is among Her favorite parts of being a Domme wife, and one of the things that really warmed Her up to the idea.

    So i'll bet your Queen probably enjoys watching you too, though i doubt either of our Wives gets as much pleasure from watching us as we get from watching them!

  2. Adoring,
    Thanks for the compliment. After she comes, we have a quasi-debate as to who enjoys her orgasms more: her or me.

    "She enjoys watching my lust and horniness unfold, in fact watching me writhe and whimper and struggle is among Her favorite parts of being a Domme wife"

    I am curious as to what my Queen would think of this quote. We just had a mini-nap (I had trouble sleeping last night - she is still sleeping) and i kept fantasizing about her 'edging' me. Some of my best orgasms are when she brings me to the edge a few times. Her control over me whether or when I come is tantalizing. I love hearing her feedback on things like this!