Saturday, March 24, 2012

Deserving punishment?

My Queen decided to release me Wednesday night by allowing me to enter her and ejaculate.  As I would have predicted, I did not last long at all.  I had a very long and intense orgasm and I am sure that I made quite a mess.  She wasn't originally thinking about it, but she was so turned on by my orgasm that she wanted one herself.  We both passed out.
Our chastity key ceremony is pretty erotic.  I am locked, she is not
she comes, I cannot.

To give some context, my bride has had a cold and is going to visit her family for a few days.  I think she was pretty stressed with things, not making her cold any better.  I have had a particularly hard couple of weeks at work.  Whenever I go on a business trip, we usually have a "send off dinner".  So we did for Suzy.  I had two beers, and that is usually enough - given that I do not always sleep well - to make me pass out.

So, what's the problem?

We had planned on me being in chastity during her trip.  We've done this before, when she has been out of town.  A chastity locking ceremony.  Basically, I put the device on and she inspects it and clicks the lock.  We then proceed to make love and she climaxes but I do not.  Then, she teases me with the key and usually gives some nice "dirty talk" about my predicament and her power over me.  It's a fun game, chastity.

Well, that didn't happen.  The 'ceremony' was supposed to be Thursday.  I passed out and it didn't happen. She sexted me about it Friday morning and seemed upset.  I don't know if this is something that would require punishment.  From my perspective, she drained my balls, my libido crashed, and I felt 'normal' in the since that not every thought was about sex.  I wasn't thinking that I needed locked.  Reflecting on it, I am a bit disappointment in myself.  I don't feel tempted to masturbate - at all.  But it is fun to be locked because:

  • It proves to her that I am orgasm-free
  • It is kinky.  Kinky is fun
  • It is fun for her to control my cock
  • We don't play with male chastity devices that often, and this was a pre-arranged time for it
  • Our 'chastity ceremony' is quite erotic
As I was dropping her off at the airport, I asked her if I should lock up.  She said no, and still seemed rather disappointed in the matter.  Perhaps I should be punished in some way over this affair.  I suspect that the standard rules of chastity apply.  She prefers me to use the 'honor system' but self-locking is better than rule breaking.  I am still not that horny.  I guess I am getting old =(

*  *  *  *  *
One thing I did do well was not to argue with her about her decision to allow me to come.  I didn't think she was going to release me until after her trip, and her period is going to start almost right away.  In the play session we had previously, I joked with her that she had given up male orgasms for lent.  She gave me that evil laugh and then said that I shouldn't have given her that suggestion.  At any rate, she said something like, "if you can get hard quickly, you can enter my pussy".  I did not pass go, did not stop to collect $200.  I shot up from our bed, taking my shorts off and stroking my partial erection to full erection, locked the door, grabbed a semen catcher (we usually use t-shirts) and got busy.  She said that had I said something like "are your sure" she would have been PISSED.  I finally got it right =)

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