Sunday, March 11, 2012

Deserted Island Sex toys

This exercise is: if we were trapped on a deserted island, what sex toys would you want to have to maximize our sex life.  I will make the artificial assumption that there are no constraints on electricity or battery supply.  I will also include toys specifically for her pleasure (there is no sex in a femdom relationship without a female climax!) as well as for use exclusively on me.
Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator
This is our go-to vibrator.  It is very powerful, not that loud (we've had vibes that are too loud to use... we do have children!), and guarantees her orgasm.  I would say the only real disadvantage of it is that it is powered by a cord, so it is not transportable.  This becomes a disadvantage when I am massaging Suzy on our massage table... difficult to get this toy to her pussy, where it belongs.  But the converse of this is that we have never had a power decrease right as she was about to come... that sucks big time.  We have an insertable attachment but have not played with it that much.  This is far and away our most commonly used toy.
This seems to be the favorite vibe of women everywhere.  Powerful, reliable, just awesome.
We have the attachment on the top; I've used it a few times on her.  Maybe we should do that again ;)

My Queen enjoys penetration now and then, and there are sometimes when lube is needed to supplement her natural feminine wetness.  Usually this is my cock, as we don't play with dildos or insertable vibes that often.  Of course, if she wants to penetrate me, lube is also required.
There are times when things need to get a little wetter and wilder.

Hair removal products
Americans spend a good bit of time removing hair.  Suzy does not enjoy being intimate with me when I have stubble.  Since I like to kiss her, I would need something to enable that.  I don't have a lot of visibility of her leg-, underarm-, and pussy shaving, since she normally does that in the shower.  I have been removing my chest hair for several months now, which Suzy seems to like.  I keep my pubic area trimmed for sure and sometimes completely bare.  I shave my scrotum when it gets unruly.  I feel 'more naked' that way, and it feels cleaner to me.  Suzy seems to enjoy it too.  I suppose that along with hair removal products, I really mean general toiletries as well... I prefer to be freshly showered for sex play, so I can get dirty...getting dirty!
We spend a fair amount of time on hair removal.

Under the bed restraints
I love to be physically restrained.  The feeling I get is intense submission through the lack of control that I have.  The SportsSheets under the bed restraints systems is quick and easy, and easily hidden from prying eyes.  I am not sure if in this deserted island fantasy we have a bed, but I am sure we could find a way to restrain the submissive husband so as to tease and torment him.  I highly recommend this product.
The inability to move or control my own body is intense.
Assorted crops, whips, and paddles
I enjoy when Suzy whips me.  I like the feeling of pain when I am sexually aroused.  One of the more submissive things for our play is when we are playing and she tells me to get a certain whip or the crop.  Being forced to get an instrument of my own torture is mildly humiliating, and it turns me on a lot.  Each one has a unique feel when Suzy uses it on me, and I quite enjoy it.  It 'hurts so good'!!
Sometimes, a domme needs a certain implement to do the exact task she needs done.
Red butt, she needs a paddle; ball torture, she needs a crop; she wants to work him over, she needs a whip.
In either case, the concept that she is 'training' or 'correcting' me as a slave is very arousing.

I am a voyeur.  I like to watch and be watched when it comes to sex.  I've written voluminously about how much I love to watch my Queen climax.  I also really, really like it when she 'studies' my genitals.  Pre-femdom days, she would often describe my genitals when she gave me a handjob.  Basically, she would say, "your balls are moving up", which means that I am very near climax.  I love that she observes and studies my genitals.  I like to watch her watching me.  She was most intent on watching my genitals when she experimented with ruined orgasms. 

Sorry, I got a little off track.  While I need some lighting during sex play, too much is no good.  Candles are the way to go.  I find them romantic (ah...) and sensual.  I like that they are "old school" and the flickering that happens.  Our current candle has a pleasant vanilla smell to it.  I bought some candles that are designed for dripping onto slaves... hope we can try those out too!
You need to see and be seen.  Why not sensual lighting?
Unless, of course, your domme doesn't want you to see, in which case she might want to use a...
I enjoy sensory deprivation play.  A blindfold is a low tech way for this, and very amenable to teasing and denial.  I have blindfolded Suzy; not sure if she enjoys that or not.  It is fun to be forced to rely on my hearing and tactile sensations during sex play.  I hope to blog about other opportunities for sensory deprivation as well... I've got some ideas I'd like to try...

Sexy Outfits
I've blogged about Suzy's panties with messages.  They are hot.  She has: "Only in your dreams"; "Access Denied", and others.  Finding out my permission to penetrate her by a panty message is pretty fun for a subhub like me.  It is fun to have these and pick out new, sexy outfits.  I am very turned on by her being clothed and me naked ("CFNM"), but it is important to me as a sub that she wear sexy stuff.  While I generally prefer to be naked, I feel sexy when I am wearing thongs.  My having something around my cock is helpful in containing all the pre-cum I generate during our sex play.  And there is an awful lot of fun in taking your partner's clothes off, or having them taken off of you.  Yummy!
Cunnilingus is certainly a part of a healthy lifestyle

Wartenburg Wheel
This is a relatively new toy in our arsenal, but one I really enjoy.  It balances pleasure and pain in a tantalizing way.  If she lightly runs it over my scrotum or cock (or elsewhere), it is enjoyable, and if she adds just a little bit of pressure to it, it can be a bit painful, but in a good way.  I hemmed and hawed about buying this toy, but I would say it's well worth it.  Inexpensive and provides a pretty unique sensation - like the blindfold, a good value.  I recommend it.

I love this toy because it puts me right on the edge of pain and pleasure.
Male Chastity Device
This goes without saying.  If we are on an island, my Queen might need to have some assurance that I don't run into a native woman that seduces me (that's just a JOKE, my domme!).  Obviously, the risk would be for me to "take care of myself".  The only concern I would have around this is that my Mistress might be tempted to throw the key in the ocean.  That is a risk right now, actually.
Love love love chastity devices. 

be good while im gone
Chastity devices give me a unique sensation of not being able to fully get hard
It gives my Mistress knowledge that I have not lapsed into an unauthorized orgasm
*  *  *  *  *
As you can see, sex toys are a pretty big part of our play time.  We have a pretty big sex toy 'warchest'.  Penetrative intercourse is seemingly becoming less of a focus for us, so I guess it follows that other accompaniments get thrown in the mix.  Sex toys do make for a variety for our sex play, and enhance it.  We certainly have a number of sex toys that we have not got out of the packaging, and I love to go to the local adult shop to see what other devices can be used for my domme's pleasure and/or my torment.  Sex is fun!!


  1. Well, if there is no restriction whatsoever, I'd take the whole content of one of that large sex shops in Hamburg (I can't remember the name).

    I think your scenario would be more interesting (and difficult) if you were only allowed to take a certain number of items or had a box of a certain size to put all your stuff in.

    What I would certainly take is: condoms. They are not really a sex toy, but they are my preferred form of contraception. And without contraception, sex would be much less fun.

    I would also like to take: My favourite vibrator and a set consisting of harness, strap-on and lubrication.
    Otherwise I would try to take my inspiration from the things the island has to offer, or the "normal, every-day items" I had at my disposal.

  2. I like Tamara's "normal, every-day items"

    I am about to get the under the bed restraint system, which Miss V. already said she would use. I have a blindfold already to go with it.

    In the near, or at least not too far future, I'd like to get a good vibrator and a strapon for her to use on me. A chastity device is not on the horizon as of now, but perhaps down the road, if I'm lucky.

  3. If it were just the two of you on the island, I wouldn't think I'd need a chastity device. There would be no porn and much other temptation. I guess you could say it would keep you devoted to her, but isn't that a given, locked up or not?

    I agree with Tamara, a limited amount of items to be selected would be interesting. Contraception, hair removal products would certainly be on my list.

    How would you operate a wand on an island? Wouldn't there be no power? lol

  4. Well, I realize this was a bit contrived. It does seem like sex play without the wand would be difficult. I prefer to pleasure her by other means, but when you have two tired, working parents, it becomes quite an important element in getting her off. Which I love.

    I am snipped, so condoms don't seem that needed. Unless there are other indiginous males, lol.

    I realize that this list isn't all that practical for an actual "Lost" type of circumstance. But being naked and alone on an island sure sounds fun right about now, doesn't it?

  5. I would choose the CockInBox...