Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cuckold Conversations

A MFM threesome is something we've
discussed about lately.
Just because I haven't blogged about cuckolding in a while doesn't mean we haven't discussed it and I haven't fantasized about it.

I am cognizant that cuckolding is "playing with fire".  There are things about it that greatly appeal to me and things that make me quite nervous.  My fantasies range from wife "sharing" MFM threesome to the "I watch her get fucked by a big stud while I am tied up".  In general, my (our, I think) fantasies include a younger guy for Suzy to play with.

Several weeks ago, without prompting from me, Suzy posted a topic on her blog about threesomes.  She subsequently posted an ad on Craigslist for a young stud to play with a couple.  She got a ton of responses.  I think she liked the attention.  Younger dudes sent her photos of their cocks and bodies.  My Suzy let me see a few of them.  She had a couple that she was interested in following up on; one that I say was a body-builder and had a nice body.  I think she had some extended exchanges with them.  I was quite aroused that she did this.  It gets better.

I could tell she has done a bit of research into this fetish.  She indicated the types of things she would be into trying.  I think she likes the idea of two hard cocks, both longing for her affection, erect for her.  I think she enjoys the idea that two naked men would massage her to her heart's content.

I thought the plan was to meet up with some of these guys for cocktails to see if we clicked.  I was excited but nervous to try that out.  I think she thought it through more and realized that the public nature of it is not something she is interested in.  We live in a smaller city, and you never know who knows who.  She could end up blowing one of her collegues' nephews.  Or something like that.  I don't think she likes the idea of 'playing locally'.
We found out about a kinky sex hotel that is probably an hour drive from our place.  it would be a fun place to go without cuckolding.  It has various kinky features such as lots of mirrors, sex furniture, a clothing optional pool - things like that.  Well, it turns out that this is a place where you can go to "swing".  So, my Suzy has suggested that for our anniversary, we go to this hotel... to pick up another male and play together.  She has even suggested the types of play she may be comfortable with.
She does not want to be vaginally penetrated by another male.  But it seems like other things are fair game.  She suggested that while I penetrate her vaginally, the other male enjoys mammary intercourse or possibly a handjob from her.  She would have two males ejaculating on or in her, presumably after she has had a 'four hand' massage and has climaxed herself.
I believe that this fantasy play - finding a stranger and allowing him into our bed for sex play - better suits Suzy's sensibilities.  I think she is very nervous about being found out, so going to a further away place, where this sort of thing seems to be expected (and, as a result, nobody we know should be there!) makes her more comfortable.  In the back of my mind, I am a bit nervous that she "falls" for a guy (not what I want) or that she experiences something better than I can provide (say a bigger cock, better stamina, youth).

*  *  *  *  *
Our anniversary is a few months away.  I don't know that this needs to be consummated "on the day".  It was a suggestion she made.  She brought up this fantasy the other day.  She is about to attend some additional schooling and she asked: if I found a guy I was attracted to, would you want to try a threesome?  I didn't hesitate: absolutely!  Am I insane?  A hotwife/cuckold forum I occasionally follow (though I am not a member) has a long thread dedicated to why a husband would want his wife to sleep (or in our case, "play") with another man.  I have read bits and pieces of it.  I think I have articulated this before in my prior posts, but the reasons boil down to:

  • Threesome is consistently the top fantasy for both men and women.  By virtue of math, there's going to have to be one player of one sex and two players of another.  It's clear in our relationship that it's not going to be FMF.  Suzy is not interested, and I think it would destroy my confidence.  Plus, it really goes against my submissive nature.
  • I am very voyeuristic.  I like to watch.  It would be a huge turn on to watch my wife explore a male body.
  • It is very dominant.  I am turned on by the "disparity" that she is allowed to play and I am not.  In our "pillow talk" the other night, I asked her if she would like to dominant two men or would like the other male to dominate her.  Without hesitation, she said that she wanted to dominant two men.  I was excited by her immediate response.
  • I love my wife very much and I love her being sexually satisfied.  There are options that having "four hands" and two cocks that I simply can't do on my own.  It would be really fun to see her being pleasured in an alternative way.  The fantasy is that it's all about her.


  1. I'm lucky to have the situation we have. After years of trying to figure out the best way to start a cuckold lifestyle, we decided that my wife should just contact an old male friend of hers. There were no emotional attachments and he was happy to oblige. To be honest, I don't know if we would have ever gotten this thing off the ground having done it any other way.

  2. Thanks for the comment, junior. Sorry for my delayed response. When I first mentioned this fantasy to her, she did think of a male friend of hers. I don't think she was ever romantically interested in him, he was "just one of the guys". I would be ok with that. There's a fine line between wanting someone who would be fun and safe, versus running the risk of having an emotional bond. I don't want a polyamorous situation, although a "fuck buddy" seems fun. We shall see!