Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Porn for Women

This is "Porn for Women"
When a local bookstore was about to go belly up, I purchased a humorous book entitled "Porn for Women".  It basically has somewhat attractive (not fat and hairy, anyway) men doing or saying things that women would find, well, nice for the significant others to do.  Such as cleaning, waking up to take care of the baby, happily going shopping for shoes, etc.  Saying and doing just what a women would want.  Suzy got a kick out of it.

I was thinking about that, in light of a porn DVD that we bought and watched together a long time ago.  It is "Nina Hartley's Guide to Sensual Domination: How to Dominate a Man".  I was thinking about that movie because I have wanted to do more reviews of sex related products.  There are two sex scenes, with some commentary before each one (you'll have to bear with me, I am doing this from memory).  The first involves Nina Hartley and a younger male.  She asks him what his limits are, and he tells her he doesn't want his ass played with.  How lame!  I believe she gives some instruction to the viewer and asks for the actor's feedback as she does various (for our tastes now, fairly tame) things to him.  The other scene was a married couple (bonus!) and I recall it being fairly erotic.  I can't remember the exact details, but I think she ties him up or handcuffs him.  The sex is definitely focused on female pleasure.  It is a more natural scene in that they don't really stop and chat, it is just a woman that is very much in charge of the sex.  Nothing that I would consider kinky now.
This was a "starter" female domination tool;
Suzy could really do the instruction on this now(!)

I don't recall Suzy's response to this.  She generally doesn't like porn.  I guess that's the main thing I am probing in this post.  Why?  I suppose that most porn (the 'instructional' one discussed above being an exception) is geared toward men.  It's kind of the opposite of our sex play: the woman in porn probably fakes an orgasm and the male ejaculates every time.  I also don't think that Suzy likes me looking at other naked women.  This is one of those "double standard" parts of our FLR.  I am turned on by her looking at other men, telling me that she likes his ______; but if a Victoria's Secret commercial comes on, you better believe I am expected to flip it immediately.  This could be a fatal flaw in us watching porn.  Also, I think Suzy is offended by lesbian porn.  She asked me about it a while ago, and I replied that I didn't enjoy it either - that two men satisfying a woman is much more erotic to me.
Never seen a porn like this; perhaps Suzy would like it.
She might like his big...personality.
But I recall going to the local adult toy shop and there are some "female friendly" porn DVD's right by the cashier.  I wonder if she would be interested in that.

Stay with me a second.  Pair the above discussion with Suzy's question: what are we going to do when Desperate Housewives is over?  This is really the only show we watch together, and I am usually rubbing her feet and we usually 'get intimate' afterwords.

Taking this in, I simply googled "porn for women" and got two quick hits that seemed like they would be up her alley.  The trailers for one series are on YouTube (no nudity in the trailers).  The other one I found because there was an article of the director being a woman

Both of these seemed like something that she might enjoy.  I say that because Suzy watches "chick TV" shows like Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy in the morning via the recordings.  I don't mind watching a romcom every now and then but watching these shows is not how I want to spend my time.  I was thinking about this, what if they had some sort of female oriented show but had actual sex in it (I believe that is a frequent topic on her shows anyway - why not just show the doctors boinking for entertainment value).  At any rate, I thought I'd ask. 

*  *  *  *  *
Perhaps Suzy will look at the trailers and surprise me with a "hey slave, let's watch this porn together tonight".  That would be porn for me.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Deserving punishment?

My Queen decided to release me Wednesday night by allowing me to enter her and ejaculate.  As I would have predicted, I did not last long at all.  I had a very long and intense orgasm and I am sure that I made quite a mess.  She wasn't originally thinking about it, but she was so turned on by my orgasm that she wanted one herself.  We both passed out.
Our chastity key ceremony is pretty erotic.  I am locked, she is not
she comes, I cannot.

To give some context, my bride has had a cold and is going to visit her family for a few days.  I think she was pretty stressed with things, not making her cold any better.  I have had a particularly hard couple of weeks at work.  Whenever I go on a business trip, we usually have a "send off dinner".  So we did for Suzy.  I had two beers, and that is usually enough - given that I do not always sleep well - to make me pass out.

So, what's the problem?

We had planned on me being in chastity during her trip.  We've done this before, when she has been out of town.  A chastity locking ceremony.  Basically, I put the device on and she inspects it and clicks the lock.  We then proceed to make love and she climaxes but I do not.  Then, she teases me with the key and usually gives some nice "dirty talk" about my predicament and her power over me.  It's a fun game, chastity.

Well, that didn't happen.  The 'ceremony' was supposed to be Thursday.  I passed out and it didn't happen. She sexted me about it Friday morning and seemed upset.  I don't know if this is something that would require punishment.  From my perspective, she drained my balls, my libido crashed, and I felt 'normal' in the since that not every thought was about sex.  I wasn't thinking that I needed locked.  Reflecting on it, I am a bit disappointment in myself.  I don't feel tempted to masturbate - at all.  But it is fun to be locked because:

  • It proves to her that I am orgasm-free
  • It is kinky.  Kinky is fun
  • It is fun for her to control my cock
  • We don't play with male chastity devices that often, and this was a pre-arranged time for it
  • Our 'chastity ceremony' is quite erotic
As I was dropping her off at the airport, I asked her if I should lock up.  She said no, and still seemed rather disappointed in the matter.  Perhaps I should be punished in some way over this affair.  I suspect that the standard rules of chastity apply.  She prefers me to use the 'honor system' but self-locking is better than rule breaking.  I am still not that horny.  I guess I am getting old =(

*  *  *  *  *
One thing I did do well was not to argue with her about her decision to allow me to come.  I didn't think she was going to release me until after her trip, and her period is going to start almost right away.  In the play session we had previously, I joked with her that she had given up male orgasms for lent.  She gave me that evil laugh and then said that I shouldn't have given her that suggestion.  At any rate, she said something like, "if you can get hard quickly, you can enter my pussy".  I did not pass go, did not stop to collect $200.  I shot up from our bed, taking my shorts off and stroking my partial erection to full erection, locked the door, grabbed a semen catcher (we usually use t-shirts) and got busy.  She said that had I said something like "are your sure" she would have been PISSED.  I finally got it right =)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cuckold Conversations

A MFM threesome is something we've
discussed about lately.
Just because I haven't blogged about cuckolding in a while doesn't mean we haven't discussed it and I haven't fantasized about it.

I am cognizant that cuckolding is "playing with fire".  There are things about it that greatly appeal to me and things that make me quite nervous.  My fantasies range from wife "sharing" MFM threesome to the "I watch her get fucked by a big stud while I am tied up".  In general, my (our, I think) fantasies include a younger guy for Suzy to play with.

Several weeks ago, without prompting from me, Suzy posted a topic on her blog about threesomes.  She subsequently posted an ad on Craigslist for a young stud to play with a couple.  She got a ton of responses.  I think she liked the attention.  Younger dudes sent her photos of their cocks and bodies.  My Suzy let me see a few of them.  She had a couple that she was interested in following up on; one that I say was a body-builder and had a nice body.  I think she had some extended exchanges with them.  I was quite aroused that she did this.  It gets better.

I could tell she has done a bit of research into this fetish.  She indicated the types of things she would be into trying.  I think she likes the idea of two hard cocks, both longing for her affection, erect for her.  I think she enjoys the idea that two naked men would massage her to her heart's content.

I thought the plan was to meet up with some of these guys for cocktails to see if we clicked.  I was excited but nervous to try that out.  I think she thought it through more and realized that the public nature of it is not something she is interested in.  We live in a smaller city, and you never know who knows who.  She could end up blowing one of her collegues' nephews.  Or something like that.  I don't think she likes the idea of 'playing locally'.
We found out about a kinky sex hotel that is probably an hour drive from our place.  it would be a fun place to go without cuckolding.  It has various kinky features such as lots of mirrors, sex furniture, a clothing optional pool - things like that.  Well, it turns out that this is a place where you can go to "swing".  So, my Suzy has suggested that for our anniversary, we go to this hotel... to pick up another male and play together.  She has even suggested the types of play she may be comfortable with.
She does not want to be vaginally penetrated by another male.  But it seems like other things are fair game.  She suggested that while I penetrate her vaginally, the other male enjoys mammary intercourse or possibly a handjob from her.  She would have two males ejaculating on or in her, presumably after she has had a 'four hand' massage and has climaxed herself.
I believe that this fantasy play - finding a stranger and allowing him into our bed for sex play - better suits Suzy's sensibilities.  I think she is very nervous about being found out, so going to a further away place, where this sort of thing seems to be expected (and, as a result, nobody we know should be there!) makes her more comfortable.  In the back of my mind, I am a bit nervous that she "falls" for a guy (not what I want) or that she experiences something better than I can provide (say a bigger cock, better stamina, youth).

*  *  *  *  *
Our anniversary is a few months away.  I don't know that this needs to be consummated "on the day".  It was a suggestion she made.  She brought up this fantasy the other day.  She is about to attend some additional schooling and she asked: if I found a guy I was attracted to, would you want to try a threesome?  I didn't hesitate: absolutely!  Am I insane?  A hotwife/cuckold forum I occasionally follow (though I am not a member) has a long thread dedicated to why a husband would want his wife to sleep (or in our case, "play") with another man.  I have read bits and pieces of it.  I think I have articulated this before in my prior posts, but the reasons boil down to:

  • Threesome is consistently the top fantasy for both men and women.  By virtue of math, there's going to have to be one player of one sex and two players of another.  It's clear in our relationship that it's not going to be FMF.  Suzy is not interested, and I think it would destroy my confidence.  Plus, it really goes against my submissive nature.
  • I am very voyeuristic.  I like to watch.  It would be a huge turn on to watch my wife explore a male body.
  • It is very dominant.  I am turned on by the "disparity" that she is allowed to play and I am not.  In our "pillow talk" the other night, I asked her if she would like to dominant two men or would like the other male to dominate her.  Without hesitation, she said that she wanted to dominant two men.  I was excited by her immediate response.
  • I love my wife very much and I love her being sexually satisfied.  There are options that having "four hands" and two cocks that I simply can't do on my own.  It would be really fun to see her being pleasured in an alternative way.  The fantasy is that it's all about her.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

General housekeeping

I cleaned up my blog a bit.  I want to stay transparent to
 Suzy as far as what blogs I read and comment on.

I updated my "blog roll" to bettter reflect blogs that I mostly read and comment on.  Some highlights:
Tamara in Trouble is a blog I've followed and commented on often, but for some reason slipped through the cracks on my blog roll.  I enjoy reading this blog and appreciate this couple's thought-provoking posts.  They seem like a loving couple and I enjoy hearing from her "non dominant" perspective, with occasional posts from her partner Rene.
Dumb Domme is one that I just found.  Pretty new, but so far prolific.  I particularly like the "lexicon" entries and her sarcasm. 
Tales of a Domme is one I've barely scratched the surface of.  I have enjoyed her interviews, and the latest one, with Belle, seems the closest to our experience. 
His Only Desire is Loving Wife's depiction of a a seemingly newer female lead relationship with Her Modern Knight.  It is fun to hear from each perspective.  They seem like a very loving couple with very open communication.
A Spanking Marriage is mainly written by Susan, with occassional posts by her husband Barry about her efforts to move her marriage in a kinky direction.
Strict Julie Spanks is a one that I don't always have time to read, but some of her exploits with her husband are pretty wild.
Sensing a theme here?  Female-written femdom blogs appeal to me.  Female sexuality is deeply mysterious to me.  When I was in college, I pretty easily could have minored in psychology; I didn't realize until it was a bit late that I had likely taken enough upper division courses.  I just had other things on my mind at the time.  Alas, I did not take a course that helps me to understand the female libido.  Or is that mystery knowable?  *Sigh*
Subservient Husband is one that I have read for a great while.  He is a prolific writer and replies to most, if not all of my comments.  His chastity regimen is a bit extreme for my taste, but I appreciate his thoughtful posts.
I'm Hers is a thoughtful blog that I have read here and there and enjoy when I have a chance to read.
Adoring a Domme Wife is a relatively newer FLR blog that seems to focus on punishments and obedience.

The rest of my blog roll have been there since I started my blog.  I suppose you might say that femdom blogging is my "hobby".  Some guys go hang out a bar, play cards, golf.  I like to blog and read other blogs about submitting to dominant wives, and discussing sex.  There is a positive correlation between my horniness and my blogging activity, all things equal with having the time available to do it.  I certainly appreciate my fellow femdom bloggers and hope that I provide as much value to them in exploring femdom sexuality as they have to me.
I also updated my "interesting links" section.

*  *  *  *  *
My Queen Suzy developed a cold towards the end of the weekend.  We are polar opposites in our reactions to being sick.  I want a lot of attention, to be "checked up on" and I get insanely horny.  She wants to be left alone and doesn't want to be sexual at all. 

In light of that, it appears that I will remain chaste for the time being.  She leaves on a trip Friday night and will be back early next week.  I have to take care of the kids.  She has talked about my being locked up in chastity during her excursion; in fact, it seems like an expectation that when we are apart, I will be locked.  I am quite horny, and my "morning wood" has been unusually strong and powerful; usually I do have an erection when I wake up, but rarely this strong.  In any event, this weekend brought a gold mine of blog topics that I will probably dish out during her absence.  Cheers!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Surprising Nipple Play

I wasn't expecting to play Saturday night.  After Thursday's cunnilingus session, my wife's pussy was a bit sore (not sure how or why) and she was almost reluctant to play and enjoy a vibrator induced orgasm on Friday night.  She was watching her recorded shows and nodding off downstairs, so I headed upstairs to bed.
What is my hairless chest for?  For Suzy to use as a pillow at night.
What are my nipples for?  For Suzy to use as a tool in tease and denial.
Earlier, I removed my chest hair, as they were getting itchy.  I thought that if we did not play, Suzy would at least appreciate resting her head on my smooth chest.  While I have struggled with my eating, my chest workouts have been solid - I am lifting heavier weights and my pecs are looking good.  I went to bed naked, and was 90% asleep when Suzy came up.  She laid her head on my chest and started caressing my torso, around my armpit area and then around my chest.  She started stimulating my nipple and I was getting really turned on.  She moved to my inner thigh a bit (love that!) and then returned to my nipple.  While I didn't want to "top from the bottom", I did want to affirm that she was turning me on and she was welcome to be rough with me.  My wife's nipples are very fickle; there are times when she really wants me to suck on them hard, but most times they are off limits.  We haven't explored my nipples that much, so I just wanted to let her know that I was good with it.

I was very aroused at this point.  First of all, I wasn't expecting any play, and then she was being really erotic and sexy.  She played with my other nipple a bit too.  She then moved to smacking my balls.  She was quite rough.  I told her that I really liked her being rough with me, manhandling me if you will.  This tease was noteworthy in that she really didn't touch my cock at all.

I really desired her at that point.  I moved to kiss her passionately.  My hips were involuntarily grinding against her body in a vain attempt to simulate sex.  I told her I wanted to come and she said confidently that it wasn't time for that.  She let me know that she really liked how "shaky" I was, that she could tell I longed for her.  She flipped over and I engulfed her ears with my mouth, kissing her neck.  She told me what I was hoping to hear - that her domination of me had turned her on and she wanted to come.  I quickly got out the Hitachi Magic Wand and it didn't take her long to climax.  She came hard.  It was probably one of her longest orgasms in a while.  Intense too.  Just the way I like 'em.

*  *  *  *  *
This session was really a pleasant surprise.  I can't help thinking about my release date.  I am glad that I haven't asked, even though her response would probably be phrased very erotically.  She knows that I long to come, that my balls are full.  I think she is very much enjoying teasing and denying me right now.  Suzy is going to leave on a trip to visit her family, and has already told me she wants me locked in chastity during her trip.  I drop her off at the airport on Friday afternoon, so I assume we will have a 'locking ceremony' Thursday night.  Your guess is as good as mine when she will let me come, but regardless, this cock will not play when the wife is away!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Training the submissive husband

I appreciate Suzy's training me to be a better slave

I have been thinking a lot about Suzy training me to be a better husband.  Kind of like a drill seargent wife, where she administers commands, critiques, and discipline for correction.  A few examples:
  • I have fallen off the wagon as far as weight goes.  I am above 190 pounds.  I think this is mainly due to the amount of partying we're doing (and the fattening snacks and cocktails/beer that go with it), a slightly poorer diet (those @$%&* chocolate covered almonds from Costco are as addictive as crack), and far less aerobic excercise.  I have been making some good gains in my weight training, which I do at least twice a week, but usually three times.  I felt pretty good when I was at the 186 or so mark, but I have gained some more back.  The main reason for the decline in aerobic workouts is my work schedule.  I would like to be at 180 pounds.  I have done a calculation and theoretically, I could have visible abs at that weight.  I am not sure I can do it.  I need some motivation and training.
  • Sexually speaking, I have a deficiency in penetrative endurance.  Some would call that premature ejaculation.  I don't last long.  Suzy has not allowed a lot of penetration lately, so I am not "in training" for increasing my sexual stamina.  But I would very much appreciate her training me to be better in the sack.
  • Cunnilingus has been successful lately.  I sexted her during the day, telling how much I craved being between her legs.  I thought about it a lot during the day.  She indulged my desires last night.  When she entered the bedchamber, she was wearing a sexy nightie and was not wearing panties.  We kissed for a while and my longing to go down on her was overwhelming.  I buried my face in her womanly awesomeness and went at it.  It took her some time to get to that higher level pre orgasmic phase, where she moans, tilts her hips, and clearly starts getting closer to the promised land.  That alone is motivating for me.  I am thinking: my beautiful, sexy wife is nearly there, keep it up so she is sexually satisfied.  That keeps me going.  Her climax was quite exciting for both of us.  She mildly criticized me (I accepted it as part of my cunnilingus training; since I lack a clit, I don't really know how best to service one) for being "haphazard" at the beginning.  As I was reflecting on our sex play this morning, I recall she also criticized me for wearing too many clothes when she came in (I quickly corrected that) and I began to fantasize about her training me to be a better cunnilinguist by going down on her daily.
I have blogged before about my interest in exploring mild humiliation.  Training me is something that I believe would make me a better husband (and sex partner) and would involve a type of humiliation that I would enjoy as a submissive.  This could involve her physically disciplining me (e.g., spanking, orgasm denial, cock and ball torture, etc.) if I do not eat right or exercise enough; allowing penetration to increase my cock control; or correction through repetition (e.g., daily oral service with feedback during the session and a critique post orgasm).
"Slave, drop and give me 20!"
While most of what I fantasize about is her delivering negative reinforcement, as a manager, I am trained that positive reinforcement is a more powerful tool.  This gets tricky when you are a masochistic sub.  A spanking session could very well be a positive reinforcement to me.  So, a week of good eating and diligent exercise could be rewarded by a good spanking session.  Good progress on sexual stamina could be rewarded with an orgasm.  Proper technique in cunnilingus could be rewarded with allowing a second orgasm for her with a vibrator.  Perhaps she could "take it for the team" in hopes of improving my sexual repertoire.

*  *  *  *  *
I very much appreciate that my domme came out in a sexy outfit last night, and she slept in it also.  Her breasts are quite large and sometimes "bust out" of her top.  They looked great.  It was a confident thing to do, and confidence = sexy.  It came across to me as "Yes, my bod is hot and I am going panty-less because I know my slave is going to satisfy me".  Well, that's how I interpreted it anyway. 

She denied penetration and I didn't get any real cock stimulation, but she expressed her appreciation for my erection.  My guess is she is nearing ovulation, and that is when she is most open to sex.  I hope she is "on the prowl" tonight.
I don't have a clit, so I don't intuitively know what feels good; I need to be trained to be a good slave husband

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Deserted Island Sex toys

This exercise is: if we were trapped on a deserted island, what sex toys would you want to have to maximize our sex life.  I will make the artificial assumption that there are no constraints on electricity or battery supply.  I will also include toys specifically for her pleasure (there is no sex in a femdom relationship without a female climax!) as well as for use exclusively on me.
Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator
This is our go-to vibrator.  It is very powerful, not that loud (we've had vibes that are too loud to use... we do have children!), and guarantees her orgasm.  I would say the only real disadvantage of it is that it is powered by a cord, so it is not transportable.  This becomes a disadvantage when I am massaging Suzy on our massage table... difficult to get this toy to her pussy, where it belongs.  But the converse of this is that we have never had a power decrease right as she was about to come... that sucks big time.  We have an insertable attachment but have not played with it that much.  This is far and away our most commonly used toy.
This seems to be the favorite vibe of women everywhere.  Powerful, reliable, just awesome.
We have the attachment on the top; I've used it a few times on her.  Maybe we should do that again ;)

My Queen enjoys penetration now and then, and there are sometimes when lube is needed to supplement her natural feminine wetness.  Usually this is my cock, as we don't play with dildos or insertable vibes that often.  Of course, if she wants to penetrate me, lube is also required.
There are times when things need to get a little wetter and wilder.

Hair removal products
Americans spend a good bit of time removing hair.  Suzy does not enjoy being intimate with me when I have stubble.  Since I like to kiss her, I would need something to enable that.  I don't have a lot of visibility of her leg-, underarm-, and pussy shaving, since she normally does that in the shower.  I have been removing my chest hair for several months now, which Suzy seems to like.  I keep my pubic area trimmed for sure and sometimes completely bare.  I shave my scrotum when it gets unruly.  I feel 'more naked' that way, and it feels cleaner to me.  Suzy seems to enjoy it too.  I suppose that along with hair removal products, I really mean general toiletries as well... I prefer to be freshly showered for sex play, so I can get dirty...getting dirty!
We spend a fair amount of time on hair removal.

Under the bed restraints
I love to be physically restrained.  The feeling I get is intense submission through the lack of control that I have.  The SportsSheets under the bed restraints systems is quick and easy, and easily hidden from prying eyes.  I am not sure if in this deserted island fantasy we have a bed, but I am sure we could find a way to restrain the submissive husband so as to tease and torment him.  I highly recommend this product.
The inability to move or control my own body is intense.
Assorted crops, whips, and paddles
I enjoy when Suzy whips me.  I like the feeling of pain when I am sexually aroused.  One of the more submissive things for our play is when we are playing and she tells me to get a certain whip or the crop.  Being forced to get an instrument of my own torture is mildly humiliating, and it turns me on a lot.  Each one has a unique feel when Suzy uses it on me, and I quite enjoy it.  It 'hurts so good'!!
Sometimes, a domme needs a certain implement to do the exact task she needs done.
Red butt, she needs a paddle; ball torture, she needs a crop; she wants to work him over, she needs a whip.
In either case, the concept that she is 'training' or 'correcting' me as a slave is very arousing.

I am a voyeur.  I like to watch and be watched when it comes to sex.  I've written voluminously about how much I love to watch my Queen climax.  I also really, really like it when she 'studies' my genitals.  Pre-femdom days, she would often describe my genitals when she gave me a handjob.  Basically, she would say, "your balls are moving up", which means that I am very near climax.  I love that she observes and studies my genitals.  I like to watch her watching me.  She was most intent on watching my genitals when she experimented with ruined orgasms. 

Sorry, I got a little off track.  While I need some lighting during sex play, too much is no good.  Candles are the way to go.  I find them romantic (ah...) and sensual.  I like that they are "old school" and the flickering that happens.  Our current candle has a pleasant vanilla smell to it.  I bought some candles that are designed for dripping onto slaves... hope we can try those out too!
You need to see and be seen.  Why not sensual lighting?
Unless, of course, your domme doesn't want you to see, in which case she might want to use a...
I enjoy sensory deprivation play.  A blindfold is a low tech way for this, and very amenable to teasing and denial.  I have blindfolded Suzy; not sure if she enjoys that or not.  It is fun to be forced to rely on my hearing and tactile sensations during sex play.  I hope to blog about other opportunities for sensory deprivation as well... I've got some ideas I'd like to try...

Sexy Outfits
I've blogged about Suzy's panties with messages.  They are hot.  She has: "Only in your dreams"; "Access Denied", and others.  Finding out my permission to penetrate her by a panty message is pretty fun for a subhub like me.  It is fun to have these and pick out new, sexy outfits.  I am very turned on by her being clothed and me naked ("CFNM"), but it is important to me as a sub that she wear sexy stuff.  While I generally prefer to be naked, I feel sexy when I am wearing thongs.  My having something around my cock is helpful in containing all the pre-cum I generate during our sex play.  And there is an awful lot of fun in taking your partner's clothes off, or having them taken off of you.  Yummy!
Cunnilingus is certainly a part of a healthy lifestyle

Wartenburg Wheel
This is a relatively new toy in our arsenal, but one I really enjoy.  It balances pleasure and pain in a tantalizing way.  If she lightly runs it over my scrotum or cock (or elsewhere), it is enjoyable, and if she adds just a little bit of pressure to it, it can be a bit painful, but in a good way.  I hemmed and hawed about buying this toy, but I would say it's well worth it.  Inexpensive and provides a pretty unique sensation - like the blindfold, a good value.  I recommend it.

I love this toy because it puts me right on the edge of pain and pleasure.
Male Chastity Device
This goes without saying.  If we are on an island, my Queen might need to have some assurance that I don't run into a native woman that seduces me (that's just a JOKE, my domme!).  Obviously, the risk would be for me to "take care of myself".  The only concern I would have around this is that my Mistress might be tempted to throw the key in the ocean.  That is a risk right now, actually.
Love love love chastity devices. 

be good while im gone
Chastity devices give me a unique sensation of not being able to fully get hard
It gives my Mistress knowledge that I have not lapsed into an unauthorized orgasm
*  *  *  *  *
As you can see, sex toys are a pretty big part of our play time.  We have a pretty big sex toy 'warchest'.  Penetrative intercourse is seemingly becoming less of a focus for us, so I guess it follows that other accompaniments get thrown in the mix.  Sex toys do make for a variety for our sex play, and enhance it.  We certainly have a number of sex toys that we have not got out of the packaging, and I love to go to the local adult shop to see what other devices can be used for my domme's pleasure and/or my torment.  Sex is fun!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Our animal instincts: watching your partner climax

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I have been fatigued lately, for a variety of reasons.  As a result, I have been watching way more TV than I normally do, and I was a bit disappointed that nothing was on that I was interested in watching.  The shows that I normally like to watch aren't on: CSI, Manswers, 1000 ways to die.  One show that I seem to enjoy is "Built for the kill".  It is a nature show about predators, and it documents strategies used to catch prey and goes into some of the hierarchy in the animal world.
This female is "built for the kill"

That makes me thinks of sex.  I know, I'm a perv.

I think about the animalistic nature of sex.  Sex - perhaps more than other areas of our day-to-day lives - brings out several instincts and reflexes that are, well, animalistic.  Some examples:
  • Moaning while feeling sexual pleasure
  • Involuntary hip movements
  • Erections (nipple and otherwise) and wetness
  • Heavy breathing
  • Speech changes: more directive and urgent; dirty talking
  • General sense of urgency: I want me partner to come and be pleasured (or not...)
  • Increased tolerance for pain
Far and away more exciting, though, are the instinctual reactions of orgasm.  It is hard for me to accurately describe in text, but I will try:

Her eyes are closed, head tilted back.  Her hips undulate rapidly and in a manner I find very very sexy.  Her abs tighten.  Her whole body seems to quiver and she lets out an instincual, sexy moan of pleasure.  It lasts a long time, longer than any of my orgasms.  She seems to soak in the pleasurable sensations.  She will usually smile or laugh afterwords, and then say something like "wow, that was terrific".  She wants to bask in the glory of her orgasm.  I suspect that her body needs a break from that rush of pleasure and tensing that occurs right up to the orgasmic sequence.  She needs a well deserved break from that sexy performance.

Like I said, words do not do it justice.  I lose track of time as I am enthralled by the capability of her body in experiencing such pleasure.  She is... BUILT FOR SEXUAL PLEASURE.
My Queen's bod is "built for sex".
Darling, I mean that in the most complementary way =)

There, I said it.  And it felt good.

*  *  *  *  *
What I am not sure of is my Queen's thoughts on my orgasm.  Is it sexy to see me ejaculate?  Do my moans and the tensing of my legs arouse her?  Truth be told, I am very much a voyeur.  I like to watch Suzy's reactions.  I would love to videotape her having an orgasm, the two of us copulating, or even watching my own ejaculation.  When I do ejaculate, my eyes are closed and I am "in the moment".  As I've posted before, the messier the orgasm, the better my orgasm is... I'm talking volume and distance.  Does it turn her on to see my lust and horniness unfold?  Or, should I say, my animal instincts?