Friday, February 3, 2012

Woken up for sex

My Queen has awoken me for sex play in past; I have gathered that she enjoys this.  I was the beneficiary of her "friskiness" last night.  Suzy is on her period, and she said she really wanted to have me penetrate her.  I am a VERY heavy sleeper, so I am not sure how coherent I was as she was stimulating me. 
I am a heavy sleeper and very groggy and confused when I wake up
She did mention that when she licked my nipples, my erection grew very firm.  Nipples - both of ours - are something we have been playing with more lately.  I was "on the bottom" the entire time last night and she placed her breasts in front of my mouth for attention.  I not only love to do this act to her, but the fact that she is "forcing" me to suck on them and directing me to do it is very fun for me as a sub.  She controls the pace, directing how long each breast is stimulated, and so on.  I find this very hot.

Suzy wanted my shorts off very quickly and then simulated my cock with her mouth and her breasts.  She made a comment that I didn't have as much pre-cum as I normally do.  Not sure why that would be, but it resulted in some nice fellatio.  She periodically would slap my balls.

Ultimately, I came between her ample breasts, and there was quite a mess.  I think that when I am denied, the male juices build up and she made a comment as to how much of a mess I produced.  What fun!  As they say, keep your fights clean, and the sex dirty!

Her orgasm followed, using the Hitachi Magic Wand, which reliably gets through her pad.  She seemed to enjoy her orgasm.  We then cuddled and I fell back asleep.

*  *  *  *  *
I am interested in what Suzy might think about the "waking hubby up for sex" fantasy.  She has done this a few times.  What does she like about it?  I like the fantasy since it's as if I am being "used" for sex.  Obviously, I enjoy that!  I like that it is female-initiated sex play.

I suppose I should also comment on male nipples.  It is something we haven't really explored that much until recently.  My sense is that it is "rough sex" and I like Suzy to be rough with me.  When she gets on top for intercourse, I am very turned on with how she firmly plants her hands on my chest to leverage clit stimulation.  Awesome.  I have to go tackle the day.  I am bummed I couldn't find more relevant photos for this session, but oh well.  Cheers!


  1. Years ago, before MC and her own empowerment, CH and I discovered how much nipple stimulation turns me on. Now that she's much more aggressive in bed, pinching, squeezing and twisting them are pretty much normal activities. My left nipple is pierced and that's the one that hurts the most when she goes after it, so of course, it's her favourite. Nasty woman!

    LTS... Just wait until Suzy learns how she can make you moan in pain and pleasure by manipulating your nipples...

  2. Lucky dog! J rarely wakes me up for sex.

  3. Hey Harry,
    Thanks for the idea! I have really enjoyed experimenting with his nipples lately but it has only been hard sucking and some teeth nibbling! I think I need to try the pinching and twisting! I don't think what I have been doing has been causing enough pain! Nipple piercing...Hmmmmm? The one problem I seem to be noticing is that I think the nipple play has caused too much excitement for him that this may be why he cums way too early lately while I am on top! This hasn't been a problem in the past but has become a concern recently! Love to submit, the reason I enjoy waking you up is because you are soft when I approach you and then I play, caress and fondle your cock it becomes erect immediately! It shows how I have complete control of your erections! Love the power! All I can say is, be careful what you wish for! :)

  4. Orgasm tracker: I made it 8 female orgasms.


  5. @Harry, what have you done? I am frightened about what might happen in our next session! She sounded pretty determined there! My nipples are quite sensitive, but I think I get a rush with her being aggressive with me.
    @Queen Suzy, you should know that my cock belongs to you alone! I like it when I am erect for you, as it is a great way of showing respect for your sexiness! I am nervous!!

  6. Great post, as always...there's nothing quite like being woken up for sex, is there? Almost makes you feel you're just another one of your Queen's toys, right? =-)

    Good luck as you explore nipple play a bit more, as you saw on my own blog it's a big part of the way i am kept under control and tormented by my wife J. i'm always amazed at how quickly nipple play, twisting, pinching clamping and tugging drives me into an immediate subspace, and J uses it as a powerful took to keep my attention where She wants it.

    Queen Suzy: i think you'll find that with a little training Your servant will learn to control himself with regard to nipple play, and that You will find it a great way to control him. Feel free to drop by my blog for a couple of J's wicked ideas that work wonders on me...=-)

    Thanks to both of you, love the blog and always look forward to hearing what will happen next in your journey together.

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