Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What a ride!

I crashed relatively early yesterday evening and my Queen must have been up until her usual midnight.  I was out like a light and then she pounced on me.  Her period was over and she was quite frisky.  I love it when she is sexually aggressive.  She worked my nipples again, which rides on the edge between pleasure and pain, but closer to the pain side.  Wow.  She played with my erection and would occasionally slap my balls.  She mounted me and rode me, cowgirl style.  I love it.  I was a little nervous given my previous bouts with premature ejaculation.  We came at the same time.  Wow!  I love it when she climaxes from intercourse.  I was "stunned and unable to parry"*.

In any event, I thought it was awesome.  I am happy that Suzy feels comfortable "using" me for sex.  I get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

We eventually got back to sleep.  What a great night!

*Sorry.  I used to play role playing games, and that is one of my favorite sayings; I'm not even sure where it's from.  


  1. Great to hear of the enjoyment.

    I agree it is fun when they get frisky & agressive.

    fun fun fun

  2. If you have to be woken up for something, I guess agressive sex must be at the top of your list lol

  3. Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately, we have not been playing much recently, as a result of Suzy's work. I hope we can play tonight or tomorrow!

    A sexually assertive/aggressive wife is a real turnon!

    I don't think she has been reading my blog :(

  4. You can be assured that I am still reading your blogs my dear servant! :)