Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The sexually satisfied wife

Well thats on average. i think Mistress’s is more like 6 or 7 times longer, 10 times more powerful, and about 15 times more frequent than my little puny male orgasms.

yep, and there You have it  :)    goodie goodie for women !!

I’ve tested this theory and it’s very very true… ;)  So glad to be a grrl!
And female orgasms, in my experience, are far more intense.
I explained before, we had a very busy social schedule and that translates to a less active sex life.  I believe I last climaxed on Feb 6, over two weeks ago.  My Mistress had a nice cunnilingus session in which she had a great orgasm on Feb 13.  I really wanted to have some sex play last night.  Suzy said she was too tired but would allow me to come, suggesting that I would get a handjob.  I asked if I could lock the door and she said yes.

She allowed me to grope her a lot.  I was all over her breasts and I could tell she was getting more in the mood.  My kisses were passionate and purposeful and during our "pillow talk" she told me that she changed her mind and that I would not come tonight.  She likes me horny and lusting after her bod.  I stripped and she began to smack my balls as my cock saluted her sexuality with a nice firm erection.  I was grateful that she allowed me to use the vibrator on her and she had a great orgasm.  She squeezed my nuts hard during her climax.  It felt so great to have a full erection and to be nude and to experience her climax.

Throughout the day, I had fantasized about going down on her, like the last play session.  However, I hurt my neck and shoulder area on Sunday during my weight training session and exacerbated it when I lifted yesterday.  I was in a fair amount of pain and knew that I would not be able to perform cunnilingus in the usual woman on her back position.  I really hope I get better soon.  I don't like being on the physically unable to perform cunnilingus list.

*  *  *  *  *
Given the lack of sex play and the accompanying increased testosterone flow, my fantasizing has been prolific.  Let's just say that most of it has to do with keeping my wife sexually satisfied.  Isn't that what being a submissive male is all about?  I read a lot of articles on sex.  I am interested in just about every topic related to sex, and I often am intrigued about sexual surveys.  I have discussed with Suzy that if she were to participate in such a survey, it is my stated desire that she would respond that she is 100% sexually satisfied.  That's a tall order, I know, but my conversation with her was revolving around the fact that if she were to give me a "9", I really wanted her to tell me what I could do to improve.  It's my goal for her to be the most sexually satisfied wife.  It's my mission during sex play.  I want her to have as many orgasms as she desires, and I want to find ways to enhance her orgasms, to take her breath away.  That makes me sexually satisfied.

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