Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Suzy teased me (verbally) about my predicament quite a bit.  She would say or text things like "you're almost there" and then come back with "it's going to be a long time until you come".  She would also bring up the chastity belt key a lot.  Things like that.  I was kept in the dark about the real plans.  She is about to go on her period, and she was implying that I was going to have to wait until after her period until she would let me into her pussy.
The massage table results in wonderful foreplay!
On Sunday, she sent me a text that she wanted the massage table out and she wanted me naked as I massaged her.  That sort of happened but it was delayed a bit due to someone's homework assignment.  When we got some alone time, she lovingly carressed my body and tweaked each of my nipples.  I am surprised at how erotic I find this.  She also stimulated my perineum, which felt great.  The "real" outfits finally came on (me, naked; her, a very sexy nighty).  Her breasts seemed out of this world huge.  Very sexy.  She then indicated that she wanted me to unlock, which I did as she was doing her night routine.  It felt good to be out of my cage.  My balls felt a little tender but otherwise no sores or anything like that.  I was hard when she re-entered the room.  I massaged her some more and she was receptive to my light touches around her vulva. 

That lead to us departing to the master bed.  I was really in a hurry for her to come.  I wanted to finger her today, and I used a dab of the KY Intense product I had bought (I want to review it, but the jury is still out as to whether it is worth the $).  I fingered her and she was moaning but then she said it was hurting her.  After a while, I abondoned the manual plans and got the Hitachi Magic Wand out, and fingered her pussy with the intense vibrations on her clit.  She came hard.

I wasn't sure what to expect as she was basking in her afterglow.  She told me to lie on my back (how I love it when she directs me like that!) and then she started caressing my body.  She quickly moved to my genitals.  She spent a long time with cock and ball torture.  The euphoric feeling of being naked and erect in front of my wife NEVER gets old.  The feeling of voluntarily spreading my legs to give her better access to punish my balls really puts me into deep sub-space.

After quite a bit of this stimulation, I felt like I was getting close to coming and I told me Mistress that I was about to come.  To my surprise and delight, she said, "penetrate me and come in my pussy".  I did as instructed, and I had an intense orgasm.  I am sure my load was huge.  My Queen confirmed this the next day.
My explosion was intense

*  *  *  *  *
I am grateful my Queen allowed me to come, and allowed such intense sex play.  I loved it; I hope she did too.


  1. Happy you got such sweet relief! Did you break your chastity record? i think you had mentioned in an earlier post that Queen Suzy would need to keep you locked up until the 29th for that to happen...but i'd imagine that if you didn't break the record your Queen seems like She would help you achieve that soon enough. =-)

    Congrats on all the wonderful sex play you seem to have had recently, your posts have been fun to read and seems like things are going well. Hope it all continues...=-)

  2. Thanks, Adoring! No, I didn't break the record. It's been fun playing. The paradox of male chastity play is that it is fun for her to have the power over me, to decide when I come. And for her to be ambiguous about when that might be... but man, do I really want to come! Suzy's on her period now, so I am not sure we will have a lot of sex play over the next few days.