Sunday, February 12, 2012

Circulation: Not a particularly sexual post

We have not had much going on in the way of sex play.  Suzy had a very tough work week, and actually so did I.  I had been crashing fairly early.  We have also had a fair amount of social things lately, and that will not let up.  Just a lot going on.  I am not excessively horny, but I would very much like to play with Suzy.
Modern life competes with (and often wins) married play time.

I have had some mixed successes with my fitness routine.  On the one hand, due to various celebratory events, I have been drinking and eating poorly lately.  However, my fitness routine has been pretty good.  I received a suggestion from a trainer at the gym to go with "drop sets".  You do this by taking some exercise, say the bench press, and do 12-15 reps of the movement and then - without resting - pick up a lower weight and then try to do 12-15 reps, then do the same thing one more time.  That is "a set", and I have tried to do 3 total sets.  But this really adds up to nine sets of what I had been doing, although the weights are smaller.  In general, this works to mix up your routine, and "confuse" your muscles in the parlance of that PX-90 guy.  I am going to do this for a few more workouts and then switch to my regular routine to see if that helps me break through the plateau that I had been experiencing.  My workouts have been brutal (that's the point, really) and it has been making me tired, but having a sense of accomplishment.  I hadn't really worked my biceps much, and I do feel like this has had a positive effect on my definition.

If you are a reader of my wife's blog, you may have noticed that she is "shopping" for a younger male to play with.  She had been getting a lot of responses, so there seems to be a high interest from the local stud community.  My main interest in bringing this up here is that she showed me some of the responses.  Many of the men sent her pictures of their bodies and quite a few sent photos of their cocks.  Suzy hasn't said much about what she thinks of those pictures.  I am curious: does a nice body and a big dick turn her on?  I was caught off guard by one of these: it was a rather young body builder.  I guess that's the body I am trying to get, but not there yet.  But, based on Suzy's feedback, I get that she likes a good solid torso =)  That has not gone un-noticed, and I am trying to work that area more, for her enjoyment.
This level of development is probably not attainable to me, but it's something to shoot for
When I am doing one of these "drop sets", I get a significant amount of blood flow to that muscle group and I do look 'ripped'.  But, I guess I am not there yet to have that definition when at rest.  Grrrrrr.  That's what I am shooting for.  I realize that I probably don't have the genes, nor the time to be a body builder, but I would like to look good.

  • My main motivation in working out is to stay (or become) eye candy for Suzy.  When I am having difficulty with a set, I try very hard to think of Suzy exploring my body and complimenting me.  Positive reinforcement is such a good motivational tool!
  • Secondarily, I wish to combat the effects of age.  Perhaps I am immature or naive, but I am fighting this thing.  I am a frequent reader of health related articles, and all manner of good things happen when one keeps physically fit.  I already feel a reduction in my erections.  I don't have a hard time (pun intended) becoming erect, but I need constant stimulation to maintain it.  I mean constant.  It is disturbing to me how quickly my erections fade.  Suzy will be doing something that I find highly erotic (such as playing with my ass) and I will unfortunately go limp.  I would like to try en ED drug to see how this would change things.  I didn't have the "balls" to bring this up at my recent physical.  Most of what I read is that good exercise is conducive to erectile function.  Males need to have good circulation to have good erections.  That's motivating!
  • Lastly, it makes me feel good.  I feel more confident knowing that I could kick most people's assess (not that I am a violent person).  It makes me feel good that I have some muscular development.  I like the feel of the soreness after a good workout.
*  *  *  *  *
I guess this wasn't the sexiest of postings.  I originally was going to call this post "blood flow" but I thought that might give the wrong idea.  I was thinking of blood flow in terms of pumping myself up to become Suzy's eye candy; good erectile blood flow; and the fact that since Valentine's day is coming, it seems appropriate to discuss the matters of the heart.  Peace!
I think Suzy tends to be attracted to blond surfer types.


  1. Of course we need to be in the best shape possible for our women but just some quick advice to stay on track with the workouts - most of the more extreme bodies cannot be achieved naturally. Just something to remember when you hit some of those plateaus. Keep pushing forward and realize that not crossing over the line to unnatural performance enhancing is by far the healthier option - particularly in the long run.

  2. Thanks, Anon
    I have wondered if I need to take some sort of supplement in order to push forward. Creatine? Additional protein? I don't know, you may be right that sort of thing might be dangerous.