Thursday, February 23, 2012

Birdlocked vs. CB-6000 male chastity showdown

This is a preliminary comparison between my experiences with the CB-6000 and Birdlocked male chastity devices.  For some context, we have locked my cock on and off with the CB-6000 for several years, occasionally for long weekends; my longest was a week when she was out of town.  I have tried the Birdlocked once, for two days.
The CB-6000's principal advantage is that during arousal, my genitals really strain to become erect
I agree that the ring is far too wide.  It constricted and caused some tenderness for several days following wear.
The CB-6000 has two issues with it, as far as I am concerned.  First, the ring size /  spacer size selection is tricky.  It took some experimenting on my part to find a ring / spacer combination that works for me.  This is an advantage of the CB-6000; it is more adaptable to "custom" fitting, whereas the Birdlocked is not adaptable at all.  But even after I found it, I would have issues after a shower.  I guess things loosen up after a warm shower, and I found that the ring wouldn't fit as snug as it had pre-shower.  That had the effect that the cage (being heavy) would start to sag down.  When I had a larger ring size on, this actually resulted in the device slipping off.  Suzy actually witnessed this event, and punished me by adding an extra day to my chastity period.  The second issue is the hardness of the polycarbonate.  While wearing the device is not noticeable during walking activities, it does disrupt things when I am seated.  I remember having to be almost robotic when I am getting into my car.  One leg at a time.  This effect actually changed my workout routine.  During my leg extension/hamstring curl work, I couldn't do both legs at the same time.  So being locked forced me to work one leg at a time, which I think improved my program.
The Birdlocked ring is widely criticized as being too wide.  I agree.  I don't think they needed to make it as wide as it is.  I opted for the 45mm ring size, because that was the measured size I was wearing with the CB-6000.  It fit snugly.  I did not experience the post shower issue with the Birdlocked, I think because it is such a snug fit.  Conversely, this snugness resulted in some tenderness (following release) in my lower scrotum.  I did not seen any specific markings but it was tender to the touch, even a few days afterwards.  I suspect that this might be alleviated by better lubrication.  When I first put the device on, it was in the shower and I used some water based lube.  I think it dried out immediately.  I have subsequently obtained an oil-based lube and that seemed to work much better.  The Birdlocked was far better comfort wise during workouts.  While my leg positions might impinge on the device, the flexibility of the silicone allowed for such touching to occur without fear of breaking the device.  I like the flexibility of the Birdlocked.
Advantage: Birdlocked

Frankly, I don't value security as a feature of chastity devices.  Being locked is a mental thing between my keyholder and me, and I would not "cheat".  That would be like cheating at a game with my family.  Chastity is a fun game, otherwise we wouldn't play it.  So, security is not a big deal to me.  But based upon my experience above with the "slippage", I would say the Birdlocked is probably more "secure".  It really didn't seem like there was any chance that the it would slip off due to a loose ring. 
Advantage: Birdlocked

I get fairly sensitive/self-conscious when I am out in public that people are looking at my crotch.  I think it's just in my head.  I do think that the CB-6000 wins out here.  The shaft cage points downward at a pretty steep angle, so it conceals the bulge pretty well.  The Birdlocked seemed much more "up".  I do not think this was an issue with my jeans but it was quite noticeable when I was working out.  While wearing my jock strap, the Birdlocked really raised my bulge to the point that is seemed awkward, almost like I had a partial erection.  Over my workout shorts, I have been able to make out the rectangular outline of the padlock on the CB-6000 but the unnaturally large bulge in the Birdlocked seemed like it would call some attention.

Advantage: CB-6000

This is what I like least about chastity devices.  It is difficult to pee and keep clean.  From my experience, the key to success here is lots of lubrication.  Without lube, there is no telling where my urethra is going to wind up.  I got the transparent birdlocked to help me line up me urethra with the hole.  I have found the flexibility of the silicone to be helpful in lining these up.  I felt like the birdlocked was a little big better in this regard, and it was also slightly easier to shower with.

Advantage: Birdlocked

Erection Feel
The feeling of struggling to get fully hard is an intense sensation and probably one of my favorite parts about male chastity.  In the CB-6000, my wife will tease me and my entire genitals will throb in an attempt to bust though and get fully erect.  Really, it's like my pulse is showing up in my cock.  Also, the skin of my cock will pock through the various holes.  I love this feeling.  I think Suzy enjoys watching this too.  Morning erections aren't painful per se, but they are noticeable and remind me that I am a male with testosterone.  I didn't quite get the same feeling in the Birdlocked.  It may be because Suzy hadn't done a lot of teasing; or the focus was not on my "caged predicament".  With or without a chastity device on, I receive a lot of pleasure from Suzy spending a lot of time observing my cock.  What can I say, I am an exhibitionist, and I really enjoy it - cock locked or not - when she examines my genitals.  We didn't do a lot of that during my tenure in the Birdlocked.  I think the jury is still out here.  I didn't really notice morning erection 'strain' in the Birdlocked.

Advantage: CB-6000S, with acknowledgement that we might not have played with the Birdlocked enough to explore this aspect of chastity.

Wife Feedback
Obviously, what my wife thinks is the most important aspect.  Suzy has made no qualms about the fact that she hates the hard polycarbonate feel of the CB-6000.  Many men seem to enjoy metal devices, but I think she would object even more to that (cold and hard!).  She has said that the only time it will be used is when we are physically separated.  Even though she much prefers the Birdlocked when we are sharing a bed, I think she prefers my erections much more.  I am not sure when Suzy will feel it is fun to lock me.  We used to have the use of the chastity device "penciled in" whenever she went on her girls nights outs.  They would typically occur on Thursday nights, which means that I only had a day locked at work, and she would release me on Sunday.  That was a lot of fun.  I don't particularly care for being locked at work, I mainly enjoy chastity when there is sexiness (Suzy) around me.  We shall see.
I don't really blame Suzy for this.  I get really turned on when she is turned on.  There are times when we go to play that she is particularly wet.  That is an intense feedback loop for me.  It tells me that I have done a good job with foreplay and that she really wants to proceed with sex and with her orgasm.  There is nothing hotter than when Suzy is really, really wet.  Trying to put myself in her shoes, I would think that having her partner have a strong erection would be a big ego boost.  My erection is for her, and represents an involuntary reaction to my desire for her and tells her that I am sexually attracted to her.  I told her the other night that several people have seen me nude (locker room, doctors) but I am only nude and erect for her.  It is as if my erections honor her sensuality.  I agree with that whole-heartedly!

Advantage: no chastity > Birdlocked >> CB-6000

*  *  *  *  *

Not sure what Suzy thinks about this.  The time when she unlocked me from my cage was a very hot night!


  1. Actually, a steel device gets quite warm soon after you put it on. When I cuddle up against my wife, she feels the warmth of the smooth steel tube.

  2. Hi, LTS,

    Great post! We've been relatively happy with the CB for the past year, but it does have its drawbacks. I have a real problem getting properly dried off after showering in it. We looked at the Birdlocked, but a quick glance told us that the ring would be far too wide, and hence, very uncomfortable.

    We've decided to go with a SS metal device next, a MM Jailbird. As Locked Husband points out, the device may be cold initially, but it soon reaches body temp, and feels fine. (I have a few metal cockrings, and they prove this out).

    I want to commend you for making the point that device security is what you make it. "Being locked is a mental thing between my keyholder and me, and I would not "cheat". That would be like cheating at a game with my family. Chastity is a fun game, otherwise we wouldn't play it."

    Well said...


  3. @Locked: Wow, that's counterintuitive to me. I would think they would be stone cold and my wife would really get upset. She's seemingly happy with the Birdlocked. I got into some positions on top of her that she did not like (I suppose the padlock got between me and her) and she didn't care for that. Otherwise, she's much more receptive to the squishier device.

    @Harry, thanks for the comments. I get rather nervous about urination when @word, but it worked out pretty well yesterday. I am locked and have no desire whatsoever to try to cheat my way out. Definitely looking forward to it being her decision.

  4. An update on our play: my beautiful Queen required me to lockup in the Birdlocked Wednesday evening after work. At her direction, we cuddled Wednesday night and then we were able to play Thursday night. I went down on her again and she had a very long (presumably powerful) orgasm via cunnilingus. I reiterate the intense joy I receive from bringing her to orgasm with my tongue. It makes me feel sexually powerful and virile. She really encouraged me by moaning when I hit a spot she liked. I enjoy the intimacy of going down on her, but bringing her to the promised land is so empowering to me as a sub. I feel 'useful' especially when my cock is not a part of the equation.

    My domme suggested that she wanted to break my chastity record. I didn't immediately know what it was, but I found that in the "modern era" (lol - meaning when I have kept reliable records), my longest period seems to be 22 days, as described in the Dec 28 2011 post. That record would be matched on Feb 28 and broken on Feb 29.

  5. I'm a little late on this, but I want to thank you for your review. I bought a CB3000 back in 2005 and still use it when I get locked up. I'm praying that it doesn't ever break, but I need to have a backup plan as to what to buy next in case it does.

    My ideal chastity device would be easy to pee out of (this is a big deterrent from me wearing it more often) while also restricting erections. I'm curious to know if the Birdlocked would do a good job of preventing wet dreams. My 3000 has prevented two that I know of.

  6. Junior,
    My first day of lockup I had no problems peeing, but for reasons I don't entirely understand, I had a harder time on the subsequent days. When I unlocked, it didn't smell that good, in spite of me trying my best to keep it clean. I was lucky, my Queen had some errand to take care of, so I quickly when into the bathroom to give it a good washing.

    I find that the erection "halting" is more intense in the CB-6000 than in the Birdlock. When she teases me in the former, it is very visible that my cock is struggling to get hard: it throbs in a pulse-like fashion. Not so with the Birdlock.

    I am not sure that I have ever really had a wet dream. I certainly leak a lot of pre-cum when I am teased and denied.


  7. Hi lts (hope you don't mind the abbreviation!) - I see this great post is a bit dated, and wondered if you have any more insights to offer. Have you tried the Holy Trainer? We have been looking at it and would appreciate any comments you might have.
    Thanks very much, Bear