Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Suzy teased me (verbally) about my predicament quite a bit.  She would say or text things like "you're almost there" and then come back with "it's going to be a long time until you come".  She would also bring up the chastity belt key a lot.  Things like that.  I was kept in the dark about the real plans.  She is about to go on her period, and she was implying that I was going to have to wait until after her period until she would let me into her pussy.
The massage table results in wonderful foreplay!
On Sunday, she sent me a text that she wanted the massage table out and she wanted me naked as I massaged her.  That sort of happened but it was delayed a bit due to someone's homework assignment.  When we got some alone time, she lovingly carressed my body and tweaked each of my nipples.  I am surprised at how erotic I find this.  She also stimulated my perineum, which felt great.  The "real" outfits finally came on (me, naked; her, a very sexy nighty).  Her breasts seemed out of this world huge.  Very sexy.  She then indicated that she wanted me to unlock, which I did as she was doing her night routine.  It felt good to be out of my cage.  My balls felt a little tender but otherwise no sores or anything like that.  I was hard when she re-entered the room.  I massaged her some more and she was receptive to my light touches around her vulva. 

That lead to us departing to the master bed.  I was really in a hurry for her to come.  I wanted to finger her today, and I used a dab of the KY Intense product I had bought (I want to review it, but the jury is still out as to whether it is worth the $).  I fingered her and she was moaning but then she said it was hurting her.  After a while, I abondoned the manual plans and got the Hitachi Magic Wand out, and fingered her pussy with the intense vibrations on her clit.  She came hard.

I wasn't sure what to expect as she was basking in her afterglow.  She told me to lie on my back (how I love it when she directs me like that!) and then she started caressing my body.  She quickly moved to my genitals.  She spent a long time with cock and ball torture.  The euphoric feeling of being naked and erect in front of my wife NEVER gets old.  The feeling of voluntarily spreading my legs to give her better access to punish my balls really puts me into deep sub-space.

After quite a bit of this stimulation, I felt like I was getting close to coming and I told me Mistress that I was about to come.  To my surprise and delight, she said, "penetrate me and come in my pussy".  I did as instructed, and I had an intense orgasm.  I am sure my load was huge.  My Queen confirmed this the next day.
My explosion was intense

*  *  *  *  *
I am grateful my Queen allowed me to come, and allowed such intense sex play.  I loved it; I hope she did too.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

"I don't miss your cock when I am having such intense orgasms"

Where can I get one of these shirts?
What's with the Cars2 ad in the background?
My wife's sexual confidence is going off the charts right now. She is enjoying dominating her submissive husband and enjoying her intense orgasms during our recent sex play.

Our current situation has evolved from the unexpected orgasms I had with my domme mounting me cowgirl style.  After that, in the early part of her cycle, "life got in the way" and we didn't have a lot of sex play.  We started up again, with her actively denying me orgasm.  This past Wednesday, Queen Suzy required me to lock myself in my new Birdlock male chastity device.  During our morning routine, she suggested that she wanted to break my chastity record.  As far as I know, the longest I have been kept chaste is 22 days.  I am on day 19 and breaking the record would amount to this Wednesday the 29th.  Assuming she doesn't unlock me (which appears to be a valid assumption at this point), I would also be locked for a week at that time, which has happened once before.
Female orgasms are good for both of us.
Suzy has brought up breaking my chastity record a few times, so I believe that she is determined to enforce my chastity.  As we were driving to a date night, I asked her if she missed my cock and penetration.  She very casually said something along the lines of "No, I don't miss your cock when I am having such intense orgasms".  I think it was a bit more poetic than that, but that was the gist.  She is enjoying a very robust sex life with my cock locked in it's cage.  She is enjoying the attention I give her due to my pent up horniness.  From her perspective, why change?
Suzy is pushing the envelope of my denial period.
My poor prostate!

I am quite horny and really would love to have an orgasm.  But I am really enjoying her domination and that she is pushing the envelope.  She has also made some comments that lead me to believe that she will deny me longer than the 29th.  Basically, "some of the subs in your blogsphere are denied a lot longer than that".  Yikes.  Suffice it to say that I am not expecting an orgasm anytime soon.  I am doing a good job, I think, of not topping from the bottom.

So far I am doing fairly well.  I am glad that she locked me.  When I am denied for, say, longer than a week, I get so horny that getting sleep is difficult.  Ironically, I find it easier to sleep locked during a period of intense denial.  I am resigned to the fact that my cock is 'out of service' and I don't really have any issues with pain from nocturnal erections.  Also, Suzy has been very open to sex play lately, which helps me a lot.  I get a lot of satisfaction from her orgasms.  I hope we can keep having lots of female sexual satisfaction.  That's what a submissive hubby lives for!

*  *  *  *  *
Given the intensity of our play and my horniness, I have kinky fantasies galore right now.  While Suzy did allow a female orgasm last night, she implied that tonight might be a little more involved, sex-play wise.  She hasn't physically teased me much, so perhaps that is in the cards tonight.  The downside is that we are having a child sleepover tonight and Suzy has historically not been up for sex play when that happens.  So, I am not sure.  I crave a good spanking.  Or being tied up.  Perhaps some nipple torture.  What about the strapon?  Perhaps I should have the gag in my mouth if she wants to inflict some pain.  There are certainly a lot of tools in her toolbox to assert her dominance over me.  I guess we just have to do so quietly?  I love my domme!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Birdlocked vs. CB-6000 male chastity showdown

This is a preliminary comparison between my experiences with the CB-6000 and Birdlocked male chastity devices.  For some context, we have locked my cock on and off with the CB-6000 for several years, occasionally for long weekends; my longest was a week when she was out of town.  I have tried the Birdlocked once, for two days.
The CB-6000's principal advantage is that during arousal, my genitals really strain to become erect
I agree that the ring is far too wide.  It constricted and caused some tenderness for several days following wear.
The CB-6000 has two issues with it, as far as I am concerned.  First, the ring size /  spacer size selection is tricky.  It took some experimenting on my part to find a ring / spacer combination that works for me.  This is an advantage of the CB-6000; it is more adaptable to "custom" fitting, whereas the Birdlocked is not adaptable at all.  But even after I found it, I would have issues after a shower.  I guess things loosen up after a warm shower, and I found that the ring wouldn't fit as snug as it had pre-shower.  That had the effect that the cage (being heavy) would start to sag down.  When I had a larger ring size on, this actually resulted in the device slipping off.  Suzy actually witnessed this event, and punished me by adding an extra day to my chastity period.  The second issue is the hardness of the polycarbonate.  While wearing the device is not noticeable during walking activities, it does disrupt things when I am seated.  I remember having to be almost robotic when I am getting into my car.  One leg at a time.  This effect actually changed my workout routine.  During my leg extension/hamstring curl work, I couldn't do both legs at the same time.  So being locked forced me to work one leg at a time, which I think improved my program.
The Birdlocked ring is widely criticized as being too wide.  I agree.  I don't think they needed to make it as wide as it is.  I opted for the 45mm ring size, because that was the measured size I was wearing with the CB-6000.  It fit snugly.  I did not experience the post shower issue with the Birdlocked, I think because it is such a snug fit.  Conversely, this snugness resulted in some tenderness (following release) in my lower scrotum.  I did not seen any specific markings but it was tender to the touch, even a few days afterwards.  I suspect that this might be alleviated by better lubrication.  When I first put the device on, it was in the shower and I used some water based lube.  I think it dried out immediately.  I have subsequently obtained an oil-based lube and that seemed to work much better.  The Birdlocked was far better comfort wise during workouts.  While my leg positions might impinge on the device, the flexibility of the silicone allowed for such touching to occur without fear of breaking the device.  I like the flexibility of the Birdlocked.
Advantage: Birdlocked

Frankly, I don't value security as a feature of chastity devices.  Being locked is a mental thing between my keyholder and me, and I would not "cheat".  That would be like cheating at a game with my family.  Chastity is a fun game, otherwise we wouldn't play it.  So, security is not a big deal to me.  But based upon my experience above with the "slippage", I would say the Birdlocked is probably more "secure".  It really didn't seem like there was any chance that the it would slip off due to a loose ring. 
Advantage: Birdlocked

I get fairly sensitive/self-conscious when I am out in public that people are looking at my crotch.  I think it's just in my head.  I do think that the CB-6000 wins out here.  The shaft cage points downward at a pretty steep angle, so it conceals the bulge pretty well.  The Birdlocked seemed much more "up".  I do not think this was an issue with my jeans but it was quite noticeable when I was working out.  While wearing my jock strap, the Birdlocked really raised my bulge to the point that is seemed awkward, almost like I had a partial erection.  Over my workout shorts, I have been able to make out the rectangular outline of the padlock on the CB-6000 but the unnaturally large bulge in the Birdlocked seemed like it would call some attention.

Advantage: CB-6000

This is what I like least about chastity devices.  It is difficult to pee and keep clean.  From my experience, the key to success here is lots of lubrication.  Without lube, there is no telling where my urethra is going to wind up.  I got the transparent birdlocked to help me line up me urethra with the hole.  I have found the flexibility of the silicone to be helpful in lining these up.  I felt like the birdlocked was a little big better in this regard, and it was also slightly easier to shower with.

Advantage: Birdlocked

Erection Feel
The feeling of struggling to get fully hard is an intense sensation and probably one of my favorite parts about male chastity.  In the CB-6000, my wife will tease me and my entire genitals will throb in an attempt to bust though and get fully erect.  Really, it's like my pulse is showing up in my cock.  Also, the skin of my cock will pock through the various holes.  I love this feeling.  I think Suzy enjoys watching this too.  Morning erections aren't painful per se, but they are noticeable and remind me that I am a male with testosterone.  I didn't quite get the same feeling in the Birdlocked.  It may be because Suzy hadn't done a lot of teasing; or the focus was not on my "caged predicament".  With or without a chastity device on, I receive a lot of pleasure from Suzy spending a lot of time observing my cock.  What can I say, I am an exhibitionist, and I really enjoy it - cock locked or not - when she examines my genitals.  We didn't do a lot of that during my tenure in the Birdlocked.  I think the jury is still out here.  I didn't really notice morning erection 'strain' in the Birdlocked.

Advantage: CB-6000S, with acknowledgement that we might not have played with the Birdlocked enough to explore this aspect of chastity.

Wife Feedback
Obviously, what my wife thinks is the most important aspect.  Suzy has made no qualms about the fact that she hates the hard polycarbonate feel of the CB-6000.  Many men seem to enjoy metal devices, but I think she would object even more to that (cold and hard!).  She has said that the only time it will be used is when we are physically separated.  Even though she much prefers the Birdlocked when we are sharing a bed, I think she prefers my erections much more.  I am not sure when Suzy will feel it is fun to lock me.  We used to have the use of the chastity device "penciled in" whenever she went on her girls nights outs.  They would typically occur on Thursday nights, which means that I only had a day locked at work, and she would release me on Sunday.  That was a lot of fun.  I don't particularly care for being locked at work, I mainly enjoy chastity when there is sexiness (Suzy) around me.  We shall see.
I don't really blame Suzy for this.  I get really turned on when she is turned on.  There are times when we go to play that she is particularly wet.  That is an intense feedback loop for me.  It tells me that I have done a good job with foreplay and that she really wants to proceed with sex and with her orgasm.  There is nothing hotter than when Suzy is really, really wet.  Trying to put myself in her shoes, I would think that having her partner have a strong erection would be a big ego boost.  My erection is for her, and represents an involuntary reaction to my desire for her and tells her that I am sexually attracted to her.  I told her the other night that several people have seen me nude (locker room, doctors) but I am only nude and erect for her.  It is as if my erections honor her sensuality.  I agree with that whole-heartedly!

Advantage: no chastity > Birdlocked >> CB-6000

*  *  *  *  *

Not sure what Suzy thinks about this.  The time when she unlocked me from my cage was a very hot night!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The sexually satisfied wife

Well thats on average. i think Mistress’s is more like 6 or 7 times longer, 10 times more powerful, and about 15 times more frequent than my little puny male orgasms.

yep, and there You have it  :)    goodie goodie for women !!

I’ve tested this theory and it’s very very true… ;)  So glad to be a grrl!
And female orgasms, in my experience, are far more intense.
I explained before, we had a very busy social schedule and that translates to a less active sex life.  I believe I last climaxed on Feb 6, over two weeks ago.  My Mistress had a nice cunnilingus session in which she had a great orgasm on Feb 13.  I really wanted to have some sex play last night.  Suzy said she was too tired but would allow me to come, suggesting that I would get a handjob.  I asked if I could lock the door and she said yes.

She allowed me to grope her a lot.  I was all over her breasts and I could tell she was getting more in the mood.  My kisses were passionate and purposeful and during our "pillow talk" she told me that she changed her mind and that I would not come tonight.  She likes me horny and lusting after her bod.  I stripped and she began to smack my balls as my cock saluted her sexuality with a nice firm erection.  I was grateful that she allowed me to use the vibrator on her and she had a great orgasm.  She squeezed my nuts hard during her climax.  It felt so great to have a full erection and to be nude and to experience her climax.

Throughout the day, I had fantasized about going down on her, like the last play session.  However, I hurt my neck and shoulder area on Sunday during my weight training session and exacerbated it when I lifted yesterday.  I was in a fair amount of pain and knew that I would not be able to perform cunnilingus in the usual woman on her back position.  I really hope I get better soon.  I don't like being on the physically unable to perform cunnilingus list.

*  *  *  *  *
Given the lack of sex play and the accompanying increased testosterone flow, my fantasizing has been prolific.  Let's just say that most of it has to do with keeping my wife sexually satisfied.  Isn't that what being a submissive male is all about?  I read a lot of articles on sex.  I am interested in just about every topic related to sex, and I often am intrigued about sexual surveys.  I have discussed with Suzy that if she were to participate in such a survey, it is my stated desire that she would respond that she is 100% sexually satisfied.  That's a tall order, I know, but my conversation with her was revolving around the fact that if she were to give me a "9", I really wanted her to tell me what I could do to improve.  It's my goal for her to be the most sexually satisfied wife.  It's my mission during sex play.  I want her to have as many orgasms as she desires, and I want to find ways to enhance her orgasms, to take her breath away.  That makes me sexually satisfied.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cunnilingus from a submissive male view

I can relate to the exuberance of this male.  He's about
to "go down" on her special zone of femininity.
My Queen had not shaved her kitty for quite some time.  She had steered me away from performing cunnilingus on her, as I guess she felt uncomfortable.  She recently shaved her pussy and I was very much looking forward to getting between her legs.  As I said a few entries ago, we have just been missing each other, sexually speaking.  We did some good sexting yesterday so we were both on the same page (I think) with wanting some sex play.  The gist of our sexting was that she wanted an orgasm and I wanted an erection.  I hadn't had a solid boner in a while.  I told her all I needed for that was to be locked up in the same room, alone with her.

I wore my new thongs.  I felt very sexual in them.  They really ride up my crack and frankly they don't really have a ton of room for my "package".  They have a nice release on each side, so that if Suzy wanted a quick release to get to my genitals, she could quickly do so.

Our embraces were quite passionate, and my hands walked all over her body.  We did some kissing and she allowed me to play with her ample breasts.  She came to bed with an oversized shirt but no panties.  I felt her pussy and I enjoyed the feeling of its feminine hairlessness.  I knew that I needed to go down on her.  Cunnilingus is as irresistible to me as a light is to a bug.  OK, maybe that's not the most poetic of references, but you get the idea.  Her hairless pussy is so pretty and so womanly.

I wish I could say I was great at going down on her.  I can't say that.  It doesn't always "work out" although I think she enjoys the sensations even when an orgasm doesn't result.  Well, I was so hungry for her pussy that I brought my A-game.  My mind wandered a lot during this intimate sex act.  My initial exploration of her vulva was "too quick" for her and I needed to slow down.  This reminded me of my own orgasm response, in the sense that I have blogged that my own orgasms are more intense with a strong buildup of sexual tension.  So, I slowed down.  I was more gentle, slowly encircling her clitoral head and tracing my tongue around her pussy lips.  She responded and she would gently moan.  When I am between her legs, I really appreciate feedback.  Her moans are incredibly powerful to me, to inspire me to keep doing what I am doing.  It makes me think that I will get her to the promised land.

My guess is that I was between her legs, tasting her femininity for somewhere between five and fifteen minutes.  I wasn't keeping track, I was enjoying it.  I love cunnilingus.  I really do.  I love her taste.  I love that this sex act is all about the woman's pleasure.  I love it when she comes, which she did.  I feel powerful and masculine and a feel like a good slave.  She was really lost in the moment afterwards.  She said that her abs were sore from pleasurable undulations.  So I guess I can double as a personal trainer, lol. 
*  *  *  *  *

She was apologetic about how long it took and how hard I worked to get her there.  The pleasure was all mine.  Well, maybe not all mine, but you get the picture.  A submissive male likes to get down and dirty, under the (clitoral) hood.  I'm a happy man.

I came across an interesting site recently.  The tagline is "she rides him wet, and puts him away hard.  LOL.  That's what happened last night.  I was engulfed in her sexy wetness and I went to bed hard.  There doesn't appear to be an abundance of graphic sexual photos (something Suzy would not appreciate) and it has some potential... What I like about it is the page devoted to cunnilingus positions, shown here.  Perhaps one or more of these will strike Suzy's fancy!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sexy Music, Part I

On my old iPod, I had a playlist that I called "H/W time", or husband/wife time.  We have used that term as a euphamism for sex for a while.  Unfortunately, the playlist was erased, so I will have to go from memory as to some of the sexier songs.  We have had a few sessions where we have had music, but it is more the exception than the rule.  I have mixed feelings about music.  Sometimes I think it can be a distraction.  Other times, it is a source of arousal.  It has an added bonus of helping to muffle any sounds coming from our bedroom ;-)

This list is by no means definitive, as there are sexy music that are generated or discovered all the time.  I welcome input from others =)

Sugar Walls, Sheena Easton
Sheena was popular in the mid- to late-80s and was featured on a gym ad with her song "Strut" that seemed to be ubiquitous (Bally's fitness?).  At any rate, what I find sexy about this song is the blatant sexual references.  Some songs of this era were clearly about sex, but used various metaphors.  Not here:
Blood races to your private spots, that lets me know there's a fire
You can't fight passion when passion is hot
Temperatures rise inside my sugar wall

In the FLR context, my Mistress truly enjoys my erections.  I think she can relate to the sentiment that she likes to know there's a fire... a fire that I have for her!
Her other sexy song, "Strut" may well end up in part II

Physical, Olivia Newton-John
This was one of the first music videos I saw.  It takes place in a gym and there are some flabby dudes that become hot studs for Olivia.  As if it were that easy!  Check out these suggestive lyrics:

I took you to an intimate restaurant, then to a suggestive movie
There's nothing left to talk about unless it's horizontally

Wow.  Wasn't ON-J supposed to be sweet and innocent?  Awesome.
I like getting physical with my Queen!

Big Balls, AC/DC
Just about every AC/DC song is about sex.  And by no coincidence, they make for fantastic drinking music.  Not a lot of room for interpretation here:

Some balls are held for charity
And some for fancy dress
But when they're held for pleasure
They're the balls that I like best
My balls are always bouncing
To the left and to the right
It's my belief that my big balls
Should be held every night

LOL - I agree, my balls should be held every night.  Ha!
You don't get a lot of room for interpretation with AC/DC

I'm so Excited, Pointer Sisters
This song articulates sexual desire for your lover.  Have you loved someone that intensely?  I get this sort of feeling when we are seperated for an extended period of time.  The intensity of that desire is well represented in this song:

Tonight's the night we're gonna make it happen
Tonight we'll put all other things aside
Get in this time and show me some affection
We're goin' for those pleasures in the night
I want to love you, feel you, wrap myself around you
I want to squeeze you, please you, I just can't get enough
And if you move real slow I let it go
I'm so excited and I just can't hide it
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it
I'm so excited and I just can't hide it
And I know I know I know I know I know I want you

I'm not sure this is the best song for a sex session, as it is very upbeat.

Like the Pointer Sisters, I enjoy the feeling of losing control.

*  *  *  *  *
I wonder if there are other suggestions out there?  Is there anything that 'inspires' your domme?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Circulation: Not a particularly sexual post

We have not had much going on in the way of sex play.  Suzy had a very tough work week, and actually so did I.  I had been crashing fairly early.  We have also had a fair amount of social things lately, and that will not let up.  Just a lot going on.  I am not excessively horny, but I would very much like to play with Suzy.
Modern life competes with (and often wins) married play time.

I have had some mixed successes with my fitness routine.  On the one hand, due to various celebratory events, I have been drinking and eating poorly lately.  However, my fitness routine has been pretty good.  I received a suggestion from a trainer at the gym to go with "drop sets".  You do this by taking some exercise, say the bench press, and do 12-15 reps of the movement and then - without resting - pick up a lower weight and then try to do 12-15 reps, then do the same thing one more time.  That is "a set", and I have tried to do 3 total sets.  But this really adds up to nine sets of what I had been doing, although the weights are smaller.  In general, this works to mix up your routine, and "confuse" your muscles in the parlance of that PX-90 guy.  I am going to do this for a few more workouts and then switch to my regular routine to see if that helps me break through the plateau that I had been experiencing.  My workouts have been brutal (that's the point, really) and it has been making me tired, but having a sense of accomplishment.  I hadn't really worked my biceps much, and I do feel like this has had a positive effect on my definition.

If you are a reader of my wife's blog, you may have noticed that she is "shopping" for a younger male to play with.  She had been getting a lot of responses, so there seems to be a high interest from the local stud community.  My main interest in bringing this up here is that she showed me some of the responses.  Many of the men sent her pictures of their bodies and quite a few sent photos of their cocks.  Suzy hasn't said much about what she thinks of those pictures.  I am curious: does a nice body and a big dick turn her on?  I was caught off guard by one of these: it was a rather young body builder.  I guess that's the body I am trying to get, but not there yet.  But, based on Suzy's feedback, I get that she likes a good solid torso =)  That has not gone un-noticed, and I am trying to work that area more, for her enjoyment.
This level of development is probably not attainable to me, but it's something to shoot for
When I am doing one of these "drop sets", I get a significant amount of blood flow to that muscle group and I do look 'ripped'.  But, I guess I am not there yet to have that definition when at rest.  Grrrrrr.  That's what I am shooting for.  I realize that I probably don't have the genes, nor the time to be a body builder, but I would like to look good.

  • My main motivation in working out is to stay (or become) eye candy for Suzy.  When I am having difficulty with a set, I try very hard to think of Suzy exploring my body and complimenting me.  Positive reinforcement is such a good motivational tool!
  • Secondarily, I wish to combat the effects of age.  Perhaps I am immature or naive, but I am fighting this thing.  I am a frequent reader of health related articles, and all manner of good things happen when one keeps physically fit.  I already feel a reduction in my erections.  I don't have a hard time (pun intended) becoming erect, but I need constant stimulation to maintain it.  I mean constant.  It is disturbing to me how quickly my erections fade.  Suzy will be doing something that I find highly erotic (such as playing with my ass) and I will unfortunately go limp.  I would like to try en ED drug to see how this would change things.  I didn't have the "balls" to bring this up at my recent physical.  Most of what I read is that good exercise is conducive to erectile function.  Males need to have good circulation to have good erections.  That's motivating!
  • Lastly, it makes me feel good.  I feel more confident knowing that I could kick most people's assess (not that I am a violent person).  It makes me feel good that I have some muscular development.  I like the feel of the soreness after a good workout.
*  *  *  *  *
I guess this wasn't the sexiest of postings.  I originally was going to call this post "blood flow" but I thought that might give the wrong idea.  I was thinking of blood flow in terms of pumping myself up to become Suzy's eye candy; good erectile blood flow; and the fact that since Valentine's day is coming, it seems appropriate to discuss the matters of the heart.  Peace!
I think Suzy tends to be attracted to blond surfer types.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What a ride!

I crashed relatively early yesterday evening and my Queen must have been up until her usual midnight.  I was out like a light and then she pounced on me.  Her period was over and she was quite frisky.  I love it when she is sexually aggressive.  She worked my nipples again, which rides on the edge between pleasure and pain, but closer to the pain side.  Wow.  She played with my erection and would occasionally slap my balls.  She mounted me and rode me, cowgirl style.  I love it.  I was a little nervous given my previous bouts with premature ejaculation.  We came at the same time.  Wow!  I love it when she climaxes from intercourse.  I was "stunned and unable to parry"*.

In any event, I thought it was awesome.  I am happy that Suzy feels comfortable "using" me for sex.  I get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

We eventually got back to sleep.  What a great night!

*Sorry.  I used to play role playing games, and that is one of my favorite sayings; I'm not even sure where it's from.  

Friday, February 3, 2012

Woken up for sex

My Queen has awoken me for sex play in past; I have gathered that she enjoys this.  I was the beneficiary of her "friskiness" last night.  Suzy is on her period, and she said she really wanted to have me penetrate her.  I am a VERY heavy sleeper, so I am not sure how coherent I was as she was stimulating me. 
I am a heavy sleeper and very groggy and confused when I wake up
She did mention that when she licked my nipples, my erection grew very firm.  Nipples - both of ours - are something we have been playing with more lately.  I was "on the bottom" the entire time last night and she placed her breasts in front of my mouth for attention.  I not only love to do this act to her, but the fact that she is "forcing" me to suck on them and directing me to do it is very fun for me as a sub.  She controls the pace, directing how long each breast is stimulated, and so on.  I find this very hot.

Suzy wanted my shorts off very quickly and then simulated my cock with her mouth and her breasts.  She made a comment that I didn't have as much pre-cum as I normally do.  Not sure why that would be, but it resulted in some nice fellatio.  She periodically would slap my balls.

Ultimately, I came between her ample breasts, and there was quite a mess.  I think that when I am denied, the male juices build up and she made a comment as to how much of a mess I produced.  What fun!  As they say, keep your fights clean, and the sex dirty!

Her orgasm followed, using the Hitachi Magic Wand, which reliably gets through her pad.  She seemed to enjoy her orgasm.  We then cuddled and I fell back asleep.

*  *  *  *  *
I am interested in what Suzy might think about the "waking hubby up for sex" fantasy.  She has done this a few times.  What does she like about it?  I like the fantasy since it's as if I am being "used" for sex.  Obviously, I enjoy that!  I like that it is female-initiated sex play.

I suppose I should also comment on male nipples.  It is something we haven't really explored that much until recently.  My sense is that it is "rough sex" and I like Suzy to be rough with me.  When she gets on top for intercourse, I am very turned on with how she firmly plants her hands on my chest to leverage clit stimulation.  Awesome.  I have to go tackle the day.  I am bummed I couldn't find more relevant photos for this session, but oh well.  Cheers!