Sunday, January 22, 2012

Unexpected cuckolding discussion

I was taken aback by a comment Suzy made to me at a (public) coffee shop.  She had said that she was looking at some blogs and specifically read a blog about cuckolding.  She seemed interested.  I don't know if this was a tease she was doing to me (which would make me happy) or if she had developed a genuine interest in this particular blog or this kink (also would make me happy).  I don't even know what blog she is referring to, although she hinted that this couple's particular application of cuckolding was not something she would want.  I feel like I am prone to putting words in her mouth, so I will try not to over-analyze.  I did sense that she was intrigued by the idea of playing with another male.  She has shown some interest in the past as well.  Instead, I will discuss my reaction to her comments.
Sometimes I am caught off guard by my public!
I almost instantly became hard.  While her comment was brief, I kept thinking about it, and developed several erections over the course of our conversation.  Did I mention this was in public?  She recognized that I was in "need of an adjustment" over the tent in my pants.  She was understanding about it and asked if I was able to get up to leave the coffee shop or if we needed to wait longer.

I tried to bring it up again once we were back in our vehicle, but she would have none of it.  Conversation dropped.
I struggle with discussing this sort of (ultra) kink with Suzy.  We have reached a pretty good place in that I feel comfortable communicating my kinky desires with her, but I also don't want to overdue it, to appear to be topping from the bottom, or pressuring her.  I have some issues with cuckolding myself, but I do find it to be very arousing.  Like other aspects of my femdom desires, I don't completely understand it myself.  Why would a husband give his blessing to have his wife have sex with other men?  Here are my thoughts:

  • I am turned on by the inequity of cuckolding.  That is, that she can play with others but I am to remain faithful/monogamous.  As I have stated in prior posts, sex is 90% mental, and this "double standard" - even if not taken advantage of - is a big turn on to me as a sub.
  • Two men determined to maximize her sexual pleasure is just hot.
  • Mechanically, a single male is limited in resources he can provide.  For example, when I am massaging Suzy, I can focus on her back or stimulating her sides/breast/armpit/neck (she really enjoys this stimulation).  It would excite me to have another male to help pleasure her simultaneously, with an endless variety.  I would think that having both breasts sucked on would be a real overwhelming turnon for Suzy.  Or, I could massage her back and neck while the other male massages her feet.
  • I would love to watch Suzy being sexually pleasured.  When I am performing the sex act, I usually have my eyes closed, or if I want to come quickly, I will look Suzy in the eyes or look at her breasts.  I am so turned on by her sounds and sexiness that I come very quickly when I take it in.  I am a voyeur.  The closest I can get to this is when I apply a vibrator to her and watch her writhe in pleasure during her climax.  It would really turn me on to just watch Suzy being sexually pleasured.
I am the first to admit that this is an "out there" fantasy.  I don't think it would work out, there are a lot of complications that would come into play.  I suppose that I would just leave with telling Suzy that this fantasy is something that turns me on and if she is interested, I am too.

Part of what excites me about "cuckolding" or "hotwifing"
is the double standard.

*  *  *  *  *
Should Suzy warm up to the idea, I think it would be important to have a good communication in how this might work.  For example, it may be best to set some general ground rules.  Taking it slowly - perhaps meeting the stud for drinks to make sure we are comfortable with playing; or, having a young buck assist in a full body massage and then he leaves and I pleasure her more.  Something like that.  Instead of intercourse, we could "entertain" her by jerking off.
Nerve racking fantasy!!
I wrote that a bit ago.  I think one function of being locked in chastity is my sexual desire and fantasies become more intense.  For example, I am thinking about this more.  Perhaps there will be more to say about this!


  1. I'm very much in the same place as you as far as cuckolding is concerned. J is fully aware of my cuck fantasies, but not into the reality at all. Maybe, for both of us, that is just as well. It is a very hot fantasy, but oh how complicated it must be for real!

  2. It took my wife about five years to go ahead with cuckolding me. I will say that the circumstances were perfect and not always that easy for every couple. But wow, once you get over that initial jealousy, it is a wild ride!

  3. I've been cuckolding my boyfriend for about 5 years now. It's amazing and really does keep us together closer. While we don't actually have sex anymore, our lives are more fulfilled than most couples out there and we get along better than before.

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