Friday, January 6, 2012

Totally naked, baby, totally nude

The Talking Heads album "Naked" has a great line in it:
"Totally naked baby totally nude"; reminded me of my
vulnerable state during our last play session
I am a Talking Heads fan, and that is a line in one of their songs.  That is how I would describe the events of Sunday night.  I felt totally naked - baring my soul - in front of her.  I have a bit of a fetish for CFNM (clothed female, naked male).

Suzy first demanded that I massage her to her satisfaction.  I did.  She then explained what she needed for the session: a blindfold, a couple of paddles, and wrist restraints.  I got the supplies as I was told and first (with her help) bound my wrists together with the under the bed restraint wrist cuffs.  I think she would have preferred actual handcuffs, but that's what was available.  She then made me put the blindfold on, and she lead me to my closet area.  Little did I know that she had fashioned a device at the top of the closet to hold my bound hands while she had her way with me.  Adding to the scene was the fact that I was totally naked and I couldn't see her.  It was difficult to handle.

She began spanking me with the whips she had me to procure for her.  There is something extra submissive about being made to bring your mistress the implements of your torture.  She paid particular attention to my cock and balls.  It could be me, Queen Suzy, the excitement of the scene, or the novelty of me standing - but it seemed like she was whipping me harder than normal.  Especially with the blows to my cock and balls.  I was quite excited.  She played with my nipples.  She "inspected" my body, checking for my physical reactions and commenting on my erection.  She occasionally squeezed my balls and grasped my cock, more for her examination of her slave than for any sexual pleasure.  This "examination" was a real turn on.  It made me feel like I was an toy for her enjoyment, and really added to my desire to submit to her.  I suppose I am a masochist.  It turns me on to receive this pain, but I think her pushing my limits is what really arouses me.  It's about trust.
My hands were bound above my head, giving
Queen Suzy access to all sides of my body.
Except I was blindfolded and couldn't see things coming.
After a rotation of various spanking/whipping devices, my Mistress decided she needed an orgasm.  She left me at the one side of our bedroom and lay on the bed at the opposite side - a good ways away.  She used the Hitachi Magic Wand and taunted me with some nice dirty talk.  I was still blindfolded and naked.  She made it clear that she expected me to remain erect and that if I wasn't still hard she would initiate additional torture.  It was weird, I couldn't really tell if I was erect or not, because I was blindfolded.  She discussed the benefits of having additional hard cocks to play with while I was "out of action" for the moment.  It was a real turn on.  She came and then did her extended "post orgasm basking", remarking how nice it was that she didn't have to worry about dealing with her submissive husband while she really took the time to relax after her climax.

She then got up and did a little more torturing.  She didn't allow me to kiss her or touch her.  She arranged for my bound hands to be freed and then led me to the bed.  Once there, she helped me out of the wrist restraints and told me I could take off the blindfold.  She was clothed, but wearing a sexy nighty.  She gave me an option on how I would come and I went with "handjob".  For a sub, it is very exciting when your Mistress is directing you to come.  It was a very exciting orgasm.  After a very exciting session.

*  *  *  *  *
I let my Mistress down by taking too long to post this.  I want to praise her for her creativity with this session and her dominance over me.  For a submissive husband like myself, this was a scene of sexual nirvana.  I really enjoyed feeling totally naked and bare before her.  Nothing to hide.  For me, the standing and having my entire body exposed to her inspection and her spankings was a huge turn on.  I also enjoyed the mystery of being blindfolded.  I loved how she directed me to go to the area and directed me back to the bed.  It really put me in sub-space for her to literally lead me to where she wants me to go, not knowing where it is and what it entails.  The excitement of this power exchange is overwhelming.  I love the trust that is exhibited in this sort of play.  I love my Mistress!!

I was at Suzy's mercy at our last session

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  1. I can't claim to be the most submissive of husbands, but the kink of being confined, abused and deprived of one's senses is an incredible turn on. I've definitely a masochist.