Sunday, January 15, 2012

Male orgasm intensity

While "sex is for her pleasure" when we are playing with female dominance, sometimes I
get a turn at coming.  Here are my thoughts on what makes my orgasms more intense!

As for my orgasm, I have a (little) more personal experience with them (lol). Note that these are general guidelines and I can think of exceptions. And note that I myself can't distinguish between correlation and causation (the science nerd in me has to come out sometime):

  • I have come to acknowledge that 90% of sex is mental. As much as I wish it were so, there is just way more to sexual pleasure than getting a certain amount of friction on my cock and exploding into her. I am not just a cock, but a male with feelings (lol).
  • I believe that the pleasure I experience from orgasm is directly related to the length of time of the session. In other words, the longer we play, the better my climax. When Suzy "edges" me - meaning, she gets me close to orgasm repeatedly - I usually come in spades. When we have a long, extended role play, where there is a lot of sexual tension, I also come very hard. Males have a reputation of just wanting to come, but if I am honest with myself, slow and steady wins the race. I suppose that a long, hot session where Suzy has multiple orgasms and I am repeatedly close to coming and finally come at the end, is the best.
  • I highly enjoy simultaneous cock/ball or cock/perineum/anus stimulation. This is like the claim of the P-90X (muscle confusion). When I get genital confusion, I get great orgasms. When we were first married, our 'typical' sex session involved me penetrating her pussy and withdrawing when I was ready to spurt. She would finish the job by jacking me off and holding my balls. Awesome ~ I loved that!  The same goes for my anal area. It is highly sensitive, and having the intense sensations of my cock and my butt makes for an intense climax. Along these lines, Suzy has given me fantastic orgasms by confusing my genitals with a pain/pleasure combination. She strokes my cock and slaps my balls. She threatens that the longer I go, the harder she will hurt my balls. I usually come very hard when she does that.  We have a rubber whip toy that sometimes she will use on my balls during man on top penetration.  I love that.
  • Suzy is great at dirty talking. I am a very audio guy when it comes to sex. Suzy usually dirty talks when I am on top penetrating her. She will usually say something about my big cock, how it is about to explode, and how big my load is going to be, and how my semen will be "dripping" out of her for the next day.  I greatly enjoy dirty talking and it hastens my orgasms.
  • That leads me to another point. This is pretty much an iron clad rule. The more semen I ejaculate the more intense my orgasm is. A way to increase semen output is to get close to orgasm (get all those pre-cum juices flowing!) and stop. That tends to stimulate the production of seminal fluids and when you do blow your load, there is, well, more to blow.
  • Generally speaking, my orgasms are more powerful with handjobs. I think this is because I get the added stimulation of my scrotum (which I love ~ see above) as well as the feeling of lost control during a handjob. When I am penetrating Suzy, I am in more control of the orgasm and we don't have a great way of stimulating my balls during intercourse, except for that whip.  One time, Suzy was boderline mad that she couldn't find a comfortable way to hurt my balls during sex.  Maybe we need to try out more positions. 
  • Having said that, I have had great orgasms inside Suzy's pussy. There is no substitute for getting her wetness on my cock.  While orgasms can be more intense with handjobs, there is really no substitute for the intimacy of intercourse.
  • Novelty usually produces enhanced orgasms.  I am the kind of guy that is dissapointed that there are only three routes to get to work.  I like variety.  Suzy can be VERY creative and that in itself is exciting and results in powerful orgasms (if that's in the cards for me, of course).  Novelty could involve the use of a new toy, a role play, a different location, etc.  When we were newlyweds, we went to a fancy hotel in a quiet resort area.  I was so excited that my pre cum came through my underwear and the shorts that I was wearing.  I was younger then, but still...

I probably look bizarre when I come.
*  *  *  *  *
I'm curious if any of this resonates with my readers, or if there are additional things that you to do to enable a more powerful male orgasm.  I'm always willing to try, if Suzy concurs!  That might be a big IF!!!

As a bit of humor, here is a funny article on male orgasms:


  1. Denial does it for me, and when combined with extended edging sessions before she allows me to orgasm, it's like I've never come before in my life. Each one seems to be better than the last (except for one, a while back that was really disappointing, for some reason), and the volume of ejaculate is somewhere along the lines of what it was forty years ago, when I was a teenaged walking hard-on.

  2. Various stimulation adds up. I get very intense orgasms, e.g. when I am bound, gagged, blind folded, butt plugged and then have my balls fondled or hurt while she comes on top of me. AWESOME!