Thursday, January 12, 2012

Male inspection

I recall as a youth watching Mel Brooks' History of the World Part I (not sure if there was every a part II, lol).  I'm sure it was rated R and therefore inappropriate for me to watch, but frankly many of the scenes went over my head.  I remember feeling "funny" during this scene.  The empress (Madeline Kahn?) selects her male escorts to the midnight orgy.  She seems to have certain criteria in mind and doesn't take long at all to decide which men to keep and which to discard.  The men appear to be nude from the waste down; I wonder if their packages had anything to do with her selection.  Also, what on earth would she do with all those men?  I count 7.  The scene doesn't really start until ~17 seconds into this YouTube clip:

It reminded me of the session we had on Jan 1 where I was bound fully nude and my Mistress "inspected" me. It really puts me in subspace to be fully nude and have her go over my body.  I don't know if that's her intent, but that's how I perceive it.  She is examining me.  I love it when she compliments me on my muscular development.  That alone makes me want to work harder to have a harder body for her.  I like feeling like a piece of meat =)

*  *  *  *  *

Suzy has been ill.  We have completely different responses to being sick.  She normally wants to be left alone and sleep as much as possible.  I became noticeably hornier (and that says a lot!!) when I am sick.  I am not sure why that is.  I guess it is a reaction that I feel physically bad, so I want to make up for it by feeling good from an orgasm.

That's not in the cards for now.  Suzy did allow a nice orgasm on Monday.  She did not touch me at all.  She just rolled over and went to bed.  Tuesday night, I went to bed really early, so no sex play.  Last night was really fun.  I was nude as she climbed into bed.  I had a tremendous hunger for her.  She was open to my caresses (thank you!!) and flipped over and started to grope me, but in a very slow, sensual manner.  I am glad that I had removed my chest hair, as she was resting her head on my chest.  I didn't know what to expect.  She roamed around my body and then found her way to my genitals.  She squeezed my balls ~ it felt so good, I started to moan, then she started to alternate between my cock and balls.  I was loving it.  After some time, she began to slap my balls.  I told her it felt so good and then she said she wasn't doing that for my pleasure, she wanted it to be painful.  True to her word, she stepped it up to the point where I was yelping.  I honestly don't know why this turns me on so much.  She stopped and rolled over.

I moved to cuddle her, and my erection poked against her body.  I was really hoping she could climax.  She then said that causing me that pain made her horny.  YES!!!

After her orgasm, I was in one of the deeper levels of subspace.  I told her that it really turned me on that she owned my cock and that even though I was very horny with a bad case of blue balls, I really loved the fact that she was controlling my orgasms.  She told me I should be careful what I wish for.  Yikes!  Help? 


  1. sounds like a great tease an denial time the two of you had. Enjoyed your post and have stopped by often to read what you've written. I have just been informed that I may be denied for up to a year. Usually it's been weekly, maybe two, but she just took me to two monthly periods of denial and liked the effect it had on me wanting her so strongly that she may keep me chaste for a much longer time. As long as she keeps up frequent teases I think I'll enjoy it but it sure is a scary place to be. Your last sentence holds so much truth. Be careful what you wish for my friend. lol

  2. Thank you for your comments. I intent to check up on your blog more.

    As I've said before with male submission, there are a lot of contradictions. I love to orgasm. But I enjoy her control of my orgasms also. There is some deep need I have to submit to her. I love it. I don't think I would like to have my orgasms curtailed that much. But it is fun submitting to her and having her decide. In the past, I would ask her about when I would get relief or if she told me to come, I would say "are you sure?"; but I think I am doing a better job of avoiding "topping from the bottom".

    What's working against me is that when I am deeply submissive and horny beyond belief, I serve her better - and she likes that. So, what does she gain from me coming? I am afraid that from a positive reinforcement perspective, she is inclined to deny me more. Grr. I do like to come! Perhaps I can train myself to be submissive to her even after I come.