Friday, January 27, 2012

Grrrr, ladies first, dummy!

I screwed up again.  Maybe the first time was amusing, but I don't find this stuff amusing anymore.  Not with my behavior, with premature ejaculation.

My beautiful bride gently awoke me out of my half-slumber last night.  She said I "was wearing too many clothes" and I took my shorts off.  She fondled me and I quickly became erect.  She was wearing one of her "sexy nighties" and I was getting turned on.  After a while, she got on top of me.  No nipple sucking like last time, but I definitely could feel her large breasts against my chest.  She began thrusting and then she paused, to lick my nipples.  What a turn on!  She was doing it all!  Foreplay, woman on top, sexy outfit, the whole nine yards.  She was getting going, then... I reached the point of no return.

Dammit.  I couldn't stop it at that point.  I came, it was really a great orgasm too.  She told me afterwards that she was almost there.  I feel really bad.  I don't know what's coming over me.  I had NEVER come from the woman on top position before.  Now, I can hold out at all.  I feel that she is disappointed in me.  I feel I have a "problem" with this.

I did help to "finish" her off with the Hitachi.  Her orgasm was intense, it was incredibly long and she seemed to be in ecstasy.  I am happy with that.

How can I last longer?  I feel guilt and frustration over my lack of control.


  1. I feel for you. I have had problems in the past with ED, problems which chastity have pretty much cured! However, I can understand why you would not be able to hold out after a long period of but not after recently cumming. I suspect that (like my doctor said about my ED) it's in your head. Perhaps you need to address this before it becomes a real problem?

  2. I feel for you too! I can't really offer any advice, because I'm sort of in the same boat. The longer I go in chastity, the quicker I shoot when I finally get let out. Now, I'm not in chastity right now, so it hasn't been a problem.

    But, unfortunately, I haven't figured out a way to last longer when in chastity! Good luck.

  3. Do what we do. I come copiously, either as soon as I'm ready, or when instructed, and then lick her off -- it's even better when she's on top.

    After a long period of self-denial, we sometimes make that the "main course": I kneel between her legs, masturbate while jiggling my knuckles against her clitoris, and discharge when I'm ready.

    And believe me, after sixteen days it doesn't take long! Then she gets licked to orgasm as I lick her clean.

    Works like a charm!

  4. I agree. Disapointing to cum before she has. My wife takes a while to cum and the only way she cums is on topp. Since I have been holding off, she has on occasion had multiple orgasms in the one session. Because I remain hard and inside her and with her on top.

    I find that I get real satisfaction out of her cuming so it is win win when I do not cum.

    Consider putting on two condoms. This lessens the sensation for you. Not completely but it does help. It's kind of fun putting them on and if she gets with it and during the time you are putting them on, if she talks about, well pretty much anything then that is fun too.

  5. I lost a lot of ability to control myself shortly after we started chastity play. There were two reasons. One was the increased sensitivity due to the denial. The other was how exciting it was to be controlled in this way, and therefore, more powerful sensations. The fact that I am into humiliation made it not so much of a problem for me, though. We have found other alternatives that keep my wife satisfied.

  6. Well, dunno if it helps you, but I try to breath slow and evenly. You have to really focus on it, to not get distracted by the woman writhing in pleasure underneath or on top of you.
    Just focus on a slow and deep breathing rhythm. If you manage that, you can last a lot longer. Whenever I am told to cum, I am usually clinging on for my dear life and I cum within moments. This way we usually cum together.
    I am missing out on some fun during the intercourse, but it is not about me, and the orgasms are great, especially if you last long enough, so you can feel her cumming to :-)
    Best of luck

  7. Thanks for the support, guys. The first time this happened, Suzy was amused and felt powerful. This second time, she seemed disappointed and said that she was close to coming. I felt really bad. She indicated that she wanted to talk about "my problem" but we have not had that talk yet.