Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Female Orgasm Intensity

I am a student of Queen Suzy's orgasms.
I wish to do my doctorate thesis on them
My mission is not so much to bring her
to orgasm; it's to make her orgasms
as intensely pleasureable for her as possible
As far as I know, my Mistress has never faked an orgasm;
but she is quite orgasmic, with a patient husband
As I tried to explain in a prior post, female orgasm intensity is something I can't quite put my finger on (pun intended).  I like to consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur of female orgasms, although there are clear obstacles to my complete understanding of them.  The fact of the matter is, there are things I *think* I can do to try to intensify Queen Suzy's orgasms, but I could be totally off base.  What I *think* helps intensify her pleasure are the following:

  • Lots of foreplay: usually the more worked up she is, the more intense her orgasms are.  Usually when I suck her nipples, she gets really turned on and wants an orgasm immediately.  The thing is, I don't really know when sucking her nips are something I can do.  My best guess is that it is related to her menstrual cycle and there are times when she enjoys it and times when she does not.  I do know my wife's nipples seem to be very sensitive.  Also with regard to foreplay, I can't go straight for the clit, or it will hurt; while hurting me is fun for all, hurting her helps nobody.
  • G-spot stimulation: When using a vibe on her clit, she has told me that she enjoys finger penetration.  This is something that has always been confusing to me, as I never really know how she likes it.  At the moment, it seems that a very slow motion is what she likes best.  Where I have a tendency to want to increase the intensity of my fingering as she approaches orgasm.  She does not like this.  Bad husband!   She has said that she enjoys the "out strokes" more than the "in strokes", which I can't really get my head around.
  • Groping: If I am not penetrating her vaginally during her orgasm (for example, if she is on her period), she seems to get off better if I roam my hands over her body.  She seems to enjoy inner thigh stimulation and breast stimulation the most.
  • Vibrator vs. "husband": She has told me that she has more intense orgasms when I finger her or during cunnlingus.  We do rely on the vibrator a bit, because we are tired parents and sometimes when sex play can happen, it is when we are both very tired.  I do prefer to finger her because it seems more successful.  It seems for us, cunnilingus is something that is more a foreplay tool than an orgasm mechanism.
  • Intercourse: She has only orgasmed from the woman on top "cowgirl" position.  Those orgasms are high risk, high reward.  They are very intense for her, but not always successful.
Getting her to the promised land is all about
choosing the right "app".
I love it when Suzy allows multiple orgasms
She always seems very satisfied in her womanly
ability to climax as much as she wants
*  *  *  *  *
Suzy allowed some play last night.  She is done with her period!  Yay!  She was very receptive to being touched and caressed and seemed to really enjoy her climax.  I love being her female orgasm donor!!

I have told Suzy that her orgasms are beautiful, like rainbows

and waterfalls

I love her orgasms and want them to be as intensly pleasurable as possible :)


  1. Rooster I share your fascination and love of the female orgasm, I too am somewhat perplexed now and again by what is the 'best' thing to do at any given time. It doesn't help that different things seem to have different results at different times so it's most often a case of try it and see. As men it's natural to think that orgasm should be accompanied by lots of stimulation, but your comments, plus a video I saw this morning plus my own experience actually tells me that this may not necessarily always be the best option. I may try a little experiment tonight!

  2. What a coincidence!
    I am currently working on another post on female orgasm (or rather my orgasms), as well.
    I think reflecting on what works well and what doesn't is a good idea.
    There are so many factors to that equation:
    the menstrual cycle (breasts tend to be more sensitive in the first half of the cycle),
    the current state of arousal,
    and of course the huge variations from woman to woman. What works well with one woman might be a complete failure with another (I don't like nipple play at all, but you can go straight for my clit - no problem).
    So, in order to be a real "connoisseur of female orgasms" you need to analyze quite a number of female subjects. - But I suppose, Queen Suzy prefers you to focus more on depth than on breadth in your research work. ;-)

    @Robert_Anthony: Would you mind sharing the link to this video you saw? - Yes, I agree, there might be something like over-stimulation. When that happens to me, I get convulsions in my legs.

  3. I too love my Wife's orgasms. I hope to be allowed to serve Her soon. When I can watch the video Robert_Anthony mentioned, I hope to learn how I can do it better and make it more desirable for Her.

  4. @Robert_Anthony: I suppose the lack of consistency/the mystery of female orgasms is among the many things that appeals to me about them.

    @Tamara: Point well taken. I use the term "female orgasm" in reference only to my Queen's orgasm, to distinguish between my (less intense) orgassms. You are correct in that regard - hope I am not in any trouble with my domme! My next post is on my orgasms, which I feel like I have a better feel for, so to speak. I hope I did not overstate my knowledge of her climaxes. I rather mean to say that I enjoy her orgasms to the extent that an art fan enjoys great art, a music fan enjoys a great concert, and a sports fan enjoys a great game. I try to study her, because I want to give her the most pleasure I can. I am certainly not an expert, just a student trying to learn from the master, errr Mistress =)

    @appy: After a very intense holiday play period, we had about a week or so of not a lot of sex contact. I was so glad she allowed me to carress her and bring her to climax. She casually said to me that she was "clear"; meaning free from her 'monthly visitor' and I thought that meant playtime. She is, unfortunately, still sick, but I hope I can help her relax again tonight ;)

  5. Tamara, if you haven't aready seen it on my blog, here it is...