Sunday, January 29, 2012

CFNM: clothes for the woman

The way Suzy dresses is important to me - men tend to be very visual creatures and I am no exception.  My sense is that it has become more important to me as we have been married together.  I don't have a ready explanation for that, but it is something that is appealing to me.  CFNM (clothed female, naked male) represents a way that I can submit to her and she can dominate me.  I am not so much humiliated by this - I am proud of my body even though I am getting up in years :( - but rather it makes me feel very vulnerable and submissive to her.

Typically when she wants to play, she will come out in a sexy nighty.  If she doesn't want to play, she will wear flannel or some over sized shirt.  Her "sexy nighties" do not hold her ample breasts very well.  She often "pops out" of them.  Oh, how I love her boobs!  I digress.

I have been fantasizing more about extending this CFNM fantasy.  The main thing would be to have her in a professional outfit, like a woman's business suit.  Something she would wear to work on an extra special day.  In the meantime, I would be naked, and she would spank me, tease me, give me a handjob, whatever.  Perhaps she wears a skirt with no panties and after dominating me for some time, simply raises them and asks me to penetrate or lick her.  Very hot!

I wanted to give a sense as to what types of women's clothing I find to be sexy:

I don't believe I am a foot or shoe fetish person.  But I admit I think Suzy's feet are sexy.  They are so little and adorable.  I am aroused when she wears high heels and I hear the loud clanking of the heels as she walks on our tile.  It just sounds like authority.  I don't think Suzy wears high heels much, but frankly I am turned on by them.  I would like to have sex with Suzy when she keeps her shoes on.  There is something primitive about that - we are so into sex that I don't even have time to take my shoes off, lol.
The "fuck me" pump.  A timeless female accessory.
I became fixated on women's gloves when I saw Madonna's Material girl video.  It turns out this is a recreation of a Marilyn Monroe movie.  I think long women's gloves evoke an authoritative, classy, and sophisticated look.  I am turned on by Suzy giving me a hand job with gloves on.  I bought her some sexy gloves at our local adult toy shop, but I don't think she's worn them.  I hope Suzy can play "dress up" with these someday.
Long gloves are a real turn on.
Sports bra
I don't have particular opinions about bras, except for sport-bras.  I find female athletes (Suzy was a basketball player, and that factored into how we met) to be sexy.  Suzy may be a little self-conscious when she is working out in the mornings (she has told me not to watch her), but I find the outfits she wears hot.  Sports bra's seem very sexy to me.  It tells me, "I know I have big breasts, and I am serious athlete, so I need to contain them so I can compete".  I have shared role-playing fantasies before, and most things that involve role-reversals are arousing to me.  So how about this one, Suzy: you are a pro female athlete (tennis, perhaps?) and I am a journalist trying to interview you after your victory.  Well, let's just say you sexually harass me?  That would be hot!

Sports bras are sexy and, to me, seem to imply a
certain power.
Combination of cleavage and necklace
I am mega-turned on when Suzy teases me with the chastity key.  I think it is fun when she has this out in a visible location, like a necklace.  This has become quite a trend, as I have seen many women wearing key necklaces.  I guess if she were ever asked about it, she could say that it was the "key to her lover's heart".  It doesn't necessarily have to be a key; but any charm or pendent can accentuate her cleavage. 
As part time male chastity players, the key has
a very symbolic, powerful benefit.  I love it when
Suzy shows this off; that is the power of the key
and her ample cleavage.  An unbeatable combo!

Thigh high boots
Suzy has a pair of boots like this.  I think what turns me on about them is that it is covering up something that doesn't really need to be covered up.  That adds to the mystery and allure.  They are very sexy though. 

Thigh high boots, especially those with heels are very sexy;
possibly because what they cover doesn't seem to need covering.

Full dress
Let's face it: we rarely get dressed up much anymore.  As a result, it is different and sexy when Suzy wears a full dress.  I love it when it shows her cleavage and has a low back too... so I can caress her skin.  I love the sleeveless look (perhaps some long gloves would work here!).  At any rate, the formality of it is sexy:

I am no fashion buff, but dresses evoke some sort of celebration: at a wedding, graduation, or some other special event.
Similar to the thigh high boots motif, but much more feminine.  Very sexy.  Held up with a garter belt?  Even sexier!

Stocking just seem so feminine.

Oh, how I love it when Suzy wears thongs!  Suzy has said things like, why bother wearing this, if it is just going to come off?  To me, a woman that wears something sexy is telling someone - the world or her lover - that she is a sexual being; confident, and proud of her sexuality.  As I have mentioned before, confidence is sexy!  Thongs are so sexy because they are so directed in what they cover.  They leave her ass very open to fondling.  I agree, they don't last very long on her!  It is so arousing when she wears them!
When Suzy wears thongs, I get the sense that it's "just for me".
They won't stay on for long!

*  *  *  *  *
I think that being a domme requires preparation.  Knowing how to push your sub's buttons is one aspect of it.  For a very visual minded male, I can attest that what Suzy wears is very important to me.  It is accentuated by my own nudity and vulnerability.  I hope we can explore this fetish further.

Inspecting her goods.
Not really relevant to this post, but I came across it and liked it.

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