Thursday, January 26, 2012

CFNM: "clothes" for the male

I think CFNM (clothed female, naked male) is one of my strongest kinks.  As I have told Suzy repeatedly, it is NOT that I don't enjoy her being naked.  I do.  But me being naked and vulnerable and her being in the more dominant clothed position is thrilling to me.  When we are having sex and she is wearing a bra, it is like an extra tease.  I love her breasts and find them sexy, and denying me that awesome view is arousing.  There is that power imbalance that I love so much.  I think early in our relationship, there was some sort of shame around our being naked.  Suffice it to say that in our first apartment - pre kids - we did not walk around naked all the time.  We would generally undress ourselves and slip under the covers, do our thing and probably the most exposed part of our lovemaking was Suzy's breasts (sans bra, they are really quite hard to miss!).

It takes a lot of strength to be a Knight.
devotedsub said:

Model Christy Turlington : Photographer Herb Ritts ~ Valentino 1995 
Herb Ritts was known for his black and white photos and portraits of similar style to the sculpture of classical Greece.
CFNM is very erotic; I wish I had that kind of body.
Way before our femdom play days, I had told her that I found it arousing for her to undress me.  I wouldn't have been able to articulate it then, but I must have enjoyed the overt aggressive and desire for sex play that undressing your partner represents.  Kind of along the lines of "I want you NOW and I will make it happen because you are going too slow for my taste!".  Not only that, but there is a bit of a power exchange in that act.  Access to one's genitals is highly restricted.  Only SHE can take my clothes off, and I could stop her, but I don't because I want her to do that to me.  I am submitting, if you will, to her desire for my goodies.
I couldn't find a good image of a woman taking a man's
pants off.  This is close; I guess I like the nonchalance
of the man here, letting her do whatever she wants.
Very hot to me!

I don't know where she stands with the idea of stripping me.  I still fancy it.

I enjoy wearing male thongs, if there is some sexual play coming up.  I would rather not wear them on a normal work day, and it would be embarrasing in the locker room.  The feeling of the thin strip up my butt crack just seems naughty and sexy.  A big component of this is when Suzy knows I am wearing a thong.  It's "our little secret".  Anyway, I bought a nice "breakaway" thong over the internet.  I have tried it on for sizing purposes.  It fits nicely.  I have some other "breakaway" thongs but the sides are fastened by velcro and therefore are a bit flimsy and less sexy than the clasps that this thong has.  It is a grey color, maybe not super sexy but I don't think that matters much.  At any rate, I am excited to wear this thong with Suzy.  I very much like the idea of being tied up spread eagle on the bed, undergoing some teasing and possible a female orgasm, and then Suzy teasing me with removing my thong to get to some skin to skin action with her cock.  I very much hope this happens.
I feel sexy in thongs... and I like the idea that if Suzy wants to play
with her cock, she has easy access.  It can get awkward to remove
'regular' underwear in the heat of the moment. 

In addition, I would like to have some minimalistic "clothes" to explore during our playtime.  I have never been into cowboy stuff, but I very much like the idea of wearing chaps.  I think they are sexy because they are covering up the nonsexual parts and leaving the genitals exposed.  Hot!  At one time, I had some cheap and old sweatpants and I cut out a section so that my genitals could be exposed.  Frankly, the concept that I am mostly clothed but my genitals fully exposed is very appealing to me.  Like those "cat suits" that have crotch access.
The minimalist approach to male clothing
is a turn-on.  I would lose the briefs, though.

For some reason, those tiny bicep bands that NFL players wear are sexy to me.  They kind of seem pointless (how much moisture could they absorb?) but they remind me of slave shackles.  Perhaps they function as a tourniquet to get veiny.  Non-functional clothes that don't really cover much are intriguing to me.  Think the Chippendale's outfit.  That little bow tie... it is kind of pointless without a shirt. I like that, though.
These bicep bands seem pointless, but they are sexy, IMO
The use of "clothes" that don't cover anything is sexy to me.
Note the lack of chest hair... seems like what women want.

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