Saturday, January 21, 2012


I received a text Friday afternoon that said, "your package came today".  I was busy wrapping up things at work, but my reaction was to think "don't you mean YOUR package came today"?  In the hustle and bustle of the week, I barely squeaked out the time to order our new male chastity device on Wednesday.  I ordered it from "", and it arrived in only two days.  My Queen and I almost seemed like kids that just got a cool toy for Christmas.  I could tell that she was very interested in trying it out.  We had a "date night" that night and she seemed conflicted as to whether she should let me come Friday night.  She said it was "up to me".  After we got back and the kids were on their way to being asleep, I disrobed and opened our "little present".  I had made her a martini and had intended this to be a bit of a show for her.  I knew it would be next to impossible to install a new device in front of my Bride's presence.  Well, I gave it a try.  After I opened the silicone sheath, I tossed it to her for inspection.  She seemed to like the squishiness of it.  She had a big grin on her face.  I made some effort to put it on, but then said to her that most men recommend putting it on in the shower.  I think it has to do with relaxing the scrotum to make it easier to fit into the device.

It goes on "cock ring" style and it would have been very difficult to put it on outside the shower, especially for a novice.  I got it on.  It was pretty easy to figure out where things go, although it didn't look exactly right when I left the shower to model it for her.  I don't think I have it correctly lubed or lotioned for long term wear.  Her indecisiveness around whether I should ejaculate quickly turned decisive.  Decisively negative.  She put the lock on.  She looked at me very lovingly as she clicked the lock.  She probably used the term, "be careful what you wish for" several times.  I find it very very hot when my wife clicks the lock of an anti-erection chastity device.  What a woman!

Suzy needed some time to finish her martini and check email and such.  I went downstairs and made a Manhattan and checked the femdom blogosphere.  I went up and she emerged from the bathroom in a sexy nighty.  We cuddled and I pressed my encased cock against her body, asking her how that felt.  Now, bear in mind it's moments like these that made her dislike the CB-6000.  She hates the hardness of it against her body.  She said that she liked the feeling of the silicon.  Cue another, "be careful what you wish for".  We made love, but my cock was not a factor.  She did reference her enjoyment of my erections, but always referring to it in the future tense. 

*  *  *  *  *

She enjoyed an intense orgasm and then we cuddled together.  I can't sleep, thus I am blogging about this.  I do not know where the keys to the device are.  She seems to like this play.  Have I created a monster?  Or, in the cartoon above, a femdom superhero with magical powers of intense female orgasms and the ability to prevent male orgasms?


  1. This is very interesting to read, I have often thought the birdlock is the only chastity device I am ever really likely to actually wear. However I have heard that it is fragile, so I will be interested to read how you get on with it. Good luck!

  2. Good post. Hope the new CB works for the two of you.
    ~ Odin

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I will put up a full review after some more experience with the device. I intend to do a cardio workout today (hopefully soon) and we'll see how that goes. So far, I am pleasantly surprised with the device in terms of comfort. Suzy said it was comfortable when I cuddle her, so that's a big plus. I also like the relative flexibility of the device - so far. I had some issues with urination, but I believe that is because I was not properly lubricated - I had similar issues with the CB-6000. It feels less noticeable than the CB-6000, maybe because it is lighter and has that added flexibility. I think my body will need to get used to it because my testes are noticeably moved forward. I suspect that Suzy will take advantage of that for cock and ball torturing.

  4. Congrats on the new device! Chastity and being locked up has become such a big (and enjoyable) part of our relationship I can't imagine not having a device. It makes her control very real. I hope it works out well for you and Suzy.

  5. It is great when the girls get interested and have some fun and orgasm. You are lucky. Enjoy.

  6. I found this posting very interesting as well. I have been on the honor system for about six months but think that I may mention the switch to a device mainly to give more of a sign of her control. Any feedback on the birdcage is greatly appreciated. My wife is very new to this so I want to go with something as natural as possible. I'd also be curious to hear some opinions on this. Being that she is very conservative - I'm thinking about presenting the device as something that is used so that I am always locked when not in her presence. I am thinking that each morning the rule is that I am supposed to be put the device on in the bathroom and come to her to ask her to lock me up. Quite often she might be doing her makeup or brushing her in her business atire as I walk in nude with with the birdlocked on. Then explain to her that she can unlock me when I come home from work but that I am never allowed to ask to be unlocked. Of course she will soon figure out that she can keep me locked until she decides to let me out. The idea being that it is presented in the beginning as just being locked while out of her presence. While constantly being locked has its appeal I also kindof like the idea of the daily ritual - having to go to my wife to have her turn the key in the morning and then waiting for her to decide each night when it is time for me to be set free. Just a thought - plus possibly safer than long term locking for normal function???