Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sunday night domination

I have not had a chance to blog about the ultimate domination experience my domme mistress treated me to on Sunday night.  Wowsers!  I will try to recount:

She was out late and said that she would text me with instructions on how to prepare.  She insinuated that pain would be involved - pain to my genitals to be specific.  The night wore on, and I was concerned that I wouldn't receive the instruction and consequently wouldn't get the session she had planned.  I was eagerly awaiting my instruction, and the subsequent domination session to follow.

She didn't shop, but she did Facebook
and check email while I lay helpless!
I finally got the text.  I was to have the bed restraints out, her favorite pink paddle, and be blindfolded.  She got home and made it clear that she was being creative and she didn't want any "suggestions" from me, or "topping from the bottom".  As she finished up in the bedroom, I put a full hood mask on (better than those flimsy blindfolds in my estimation), had our under the bed restraints available to restrain her slave, and got fully nude.  She really wasted no time, she came out and tied me up, helplessly spread-eagled on our bed.  What a vulnerable, delicious position for a slave like myself!  She then pulled something unexpected.  She went to the computer and teased me that she needed to check email and facebook.  I couldn't see anything and I couldn't move.  I didn't know if she was serious or not.  She clearly held all the cards.  She in fact did spend some time checking facebook.  It built my anticipation and reinforced that she was in charge.

I never saw my domme punish me, but
she could have looked like this!
When she finished that, she began the (delicious) torture.  As they say, the beatings will continue until morale improves.  All in all, she dominated me for probably a half hour.  My utter lack of control due to my inability to see and move and her control over my body put me into deep sub-space.  She used a variety of torturing devices: the whip, the paddle, and the wartenburg wheel.  What made it great was that she alternated and really kept me guessing.  Most of her abuse was directed at my genitals.  And she was not afraid to go hard, to push the limits of pain.  I love CBT sessions when I really can't do anything to lesson the pain.  I have to take it like a man.  But a man that is naked, and unable to defend himself.  According to her, I was erect and dripping precum the entire time.  I felt completely submissive.  I loved it.

Then, it was time for some sex play.  For her.  She lay down beside me and got out the Hitachi Magic Wand.  She really enjoyed herself.  I couldn't (voluntarily) feel her.  But she came hard.  Suzy doesn't really masturbate much on her own, to my knowledge.  But it is really hot when she does it in front of me, as a tease.  It screams "I am enjoying my awesome sexuality, but yours is owned by me".  *Sigh*  When she does do it, she really lets herself go and writhes in the pleasure.  She moans loud and she undulates her body.  It's like she is exaggerating her pleasure - for my submissive benefit.  It really does heighten the disparity between her and me.

What followed her orgasm was a bit confusing to me.  She coyly stated, "I can finally bask in my orgasm without you pestering me for pussy."  During our more typical sex sessions, after she climaxes, she wants to rest a bit before either giving me a handjob or letting me finish off in her pussy.  She was teasing me about my predicament, where I couldn't make any move.  I love verbal as well as physical teasing.  Well, she lay beside me, and started falling asleep.  My Queen can nod off at the drop of a hat.  I lay there, and without the adrenalin from the cock and ball torture, I started to actually get a bit cold.  I was naked without any covers.  Suzy appeared to be falling asleep, and implied that that was it for the night.  She teased me about me having to sleep tied up.  I was not sure if that was her plan, i.e., she wanted to deny me and force me to sleep nude and restrained, or if she was teasing and would resume the play.  I was really confused.  I honestly thought that was going to happen.  I just was hoping that whatever she decided was deliberate, as opposed to "oops, I fell asleep, sorry about that".  The thought of her doing that, forcing me to sleep that way, without orgasm was staring to excite me, except I really was getting genuinely cold.  She kind of shook out of her sleep and then chastise me a bit (because I was telling her that it was OK), and then unfastened me and instructed that I was to come in her pussy.

I was really very horny and wanted to come.  I was nervous though because I usually have very poor stamina when I am that horny.  She told me to go fetch the paddle as she wanted to spank my ass as I penetrated her.  I had a bit more stamina than I thought I would, but still came quickly.  It was a fantastic orgasm.  I love it.  I had to clean up the sex toys and got straight to bed, where she slipped into her flannel PJs (I am not fond of flannel!) and we cuddled each other to sleep.

This is kind of close to what it was like, except I was blindfolded and instead of the wine it was the
computer.  Ah, the disparity of female and male roles!  Puts me in my sub-space!

*  *  *  *  *
Why did it take me so long to blog about this?  Life has been hectic, at work and at home.  I often blog in the morning, which is usually the only time I have some peace and quiet.  We both wake up around the same time, and I drink coffee and try to do some blogging while she gets ready.  I will then prep her breakfast and our hectic day begins!  I have also been a bit under the weather and very fatigued at night.

After this session, she, as usual, didn't want to talk about it.  I wish I knew: can this kind of play become our normal sex play?  Or does she need to be "inspired" to dominate me like that?  I think she honestly enjoyed it.  Being tied up is probably my favorite kink, but we don't do it that much.  I love the surrender, the trust involved, and leaving my fate in her (dominant) hands.  We shall see...


  1. I am coming to the conclusion that for a lot of women, wives, being in a FLR is much like a Vanilla relationship, in that most overtly dominant acts and scenes are still played out in the bedroom, but do not necessarily become the norm. Day to day life can go on much like before, but maybe with you doing an awful lot more around the house and for her.

    This is all that a lot of wives are prepared to give, because day to day they don't want to see themselves as being bossy or even dominant.

  2. Great post, sounds like she's really getting the hang of things, maybe that's why she's not posting on her blog anymore?

  3. AAT:
    Whether our relationship is "FLR" or not is something I think about quite a bit. I think most would define it as the wife is in charge of all things 24/7. For us, it is mainly in the bedroom. I do get a rush when she dominates me outside the bedroom. Once when we were shopping she very clearly told me to get something. I felt a surge of sub-space. But that is really more the exception than the rule. Suzy seems to enjoy sex play like this from time to time. I don't know what prompts her to want to take charge like this, but I wish I could do something to help her to feel more comfortable and safe to explore it.

    RA: She has stopped blogging and has stopped reading my blog. It makes me sad, but I accept it. She sometimes seems interested and asks if I am still blogging and whether I am getting comments. She specifically asked if I blogged about this session, and seemed genuinely disappointed that I had not done so sooner. I was late mainly because I have had no free time at all. I hope that she returns to the blogosphere, but I am not that hopeful that she will.

  4. I agree that in many relationships between a vanilla and a D/s inclined partner D/s will mostly take place in the bedroom.
    It is easier for the vanilla partner to have a somewhat playful context in which to act dominantly (or maybe submissive). To incorporate power imbalance in other areas of the relationship is much more difficult.
    maui girl seems to have made the same experience. Her husband has become quite good at dominating her in the bedroom, but outside it, he is still very much vanilla.

  5. omg...OMG! Great! I'm another one that loves being paddled for "emphasis" as I penetrate my dear Wife. Great post! :)

  6. great post. why do things like this not happen on a daily basis. i would love to be treated like this daily but that doesnt happen. there is no telling when it will happen and when it happens it really feels like heaven.

    so lets just toast to the wait.

  7. Great post. For what its worth, I found as the years have gone by, I have kept wanting things to be a bit closer to 24/7 and a bit more extreme. After 11 years we are now very close to 24/7 and my activities are very extreme. He regrets what he wished for. You may find with patience, you eventually do too.