Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shameless Eye Candy for Suzy

I saw this ad while surfing other blogs. I thought Suzy would enjoy it; young men with firm bods that use their undies as a sort of weird kangaroo pouch. The "demo" at ~43 seconds seems painful to me, and I don't think I would eat that apple, lol.  Suzy has been teasing me about other men lately, which turns me on in my weird, submissive way, lol.

And speaking of sexy ads, I saw this ad in a men's fitness magazine while working out. This image turns me on!
HOT PHOTO!  I love how the woman is helping herself to his bod.
Is she teasing him, or about to get his last bit of clothing out of the way for him to pleasure her?
The ad makes me think of our dating days, when Suzy would reach into my pants, getting close to my genitals, and sometimes she would "accidentally" brush my cock, but only for a second.   I appreciate that now, even though at the time I was somewhat frustrated.

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