Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sexual Bucket List, Part II: Plays well with others

The second part of my sexual bucket list is edgier and involves others.  Here goes:

Sex with another couple
Suzy is pretty clear that my cock has penetrated its last pussy. And my tongue will only be buried in her lips. But I would love to watch - and be watched - having sex with another couple. In other words, a husband and wife screw in front of us, and when they are done, Suzy and I screw in front of them. I have a voyeuristic thing about me. I wonder what real couples do, and perhaps what they might do different if they were deliberately having sex in front of others (put on a show?). I don't think I would last that long when it was "my turn".
Prelude to a foursome in bed; liquid courage

A Knight gives his Princess oral sex whenever she wishes, and when it is within the limits of what he has agreed to do, then that includes when others are present.
I’m sure that it would be amazing fun for all if two couples who practiced Devotional Sex got together one evening. 
Practicing Devotional Sex means that the women would be in charge. As a Knight never ejaculates when with others, the evening would remain erotically charged all of the time, and without the male drive to reach orgasm, this erotic energy would feel energising rather than frustrating.
With Devotional Sex such fun can happen with or without the women swapping Knights. And sexual activity need not go all the way - it will only go as far as both women feel is right at that time.
You can real more about all the possibilities of a Devotional Couple enjoying fun with others in Chapter 12 of my website.
Come on boys, time for a lesson in marine biology!!  This particular item doesn't involve any
swapping of partners, but proximity to passionate!
Porn actor
We have another party join us. But instead of participating in our sex act, this person directs us. For example, he or she would say, "I want you to kiss her and fondle her breasts". And then, "Ok, now suck her left nipple". Basically, I am at the complete control of this "director". He or she is in the know about our FLR and directs it that way. Suzy's pleasure would be the focus of the session, and when directing Suzy, I am teased a lot, perhaps denied. But I would feel like I am simply a marionette puppet with a cock, being paid by this director, and my personal wants and desires are irrelevant: I must do as directed.  I suppose in its easiest form, this could involve a web camera, where we set things up that way; a more advanced would be another person physically with us in our bedchamber.

OK, I want you to go down on her for the fifth take!
Suzy's friend as an accomplice
It pushes my sub-buttons to have someone know about our kinky play. I have blogged about this before; it would just be a rush. I don't know if there is anyone that Suzy would feel comfortable about this, but it could look something like this. Suzy is going out for "drinks with the girls". Her "trusted friend" arrives first, superficially to carpool. Suzy calls me down and says something like "Paul, I was telling Jane about sex being for the woman's pleasure and that I sometimes control my cock by having it locked in a chastity cage. She was really curious about that, maybe thinking about locking up her hubby. Drop your shorts and show her your chastity device". I have a rush of excitement and embarrassment but do as she says and her friend examines my locked genitals. She makes some rather embarrassing comments about it, and then Suzy says, "I wanted her to have a trial run of the power a wife can have over her husband. So, I'm letting her keep the key to your chastity belt, but I haven't decided how long. You better be nice to BOTH of us now...maybe you should prepare her a cocktail..." This follows with a lot of teasing from both of them, as I must please them both to get unlocked. During the week, I get service-based texts from both dominate woman: I have to pick up a latte for Suzy and get Jane some eggs.  That would be hard to juggle!  Note that these bucket list items could also be combined. Could you imagine the "accomplice" scenario with the "naked butler" scenario? I could "service" both ladies with cocktails and massages while fully nude.
I’ve often done this with just my Princess.
My Princess knows that her having me be Affirmed in front of one of her friends is a major fantasy of mine. 
Real-life Devotional Sex is not the fantasy world of things like this photo happening every week, month, or even year. But what is really exciting about living Devotional Sex is that I know that one day this might actually happen to me.
I’ve written a fantasy story on my website where Sam has to Reveal in front of Susan’s friend Kate. If you like this photo you might also enjoy reading my story.
Will there be anything else ladies?

"See, he can't get hard when he is locked away in this device,
and I am going to give you the key to his cock.  I want you
to experience the power you can have over a horny male."
MFM threesome
I fantasize about playing with Suzy and another male a lot. There are probably endless varieties of how this might play out. I mainly fantasize about the other guy being quite different than me. Perhaps of a different ethnicity, a bigger cock, much younger, etc. For a while, my fantasy was mainly watching my wife have sex with another man; perhaps I am locked in the chastity belt during their session. I could play some role in this, such as going down on her as she sucked this new, foreign cock. Or sucking on her tits or kissing her while she was being penetrated. I guess that's the "classic" submissive MFM fantasy. But it recently dawned on me to have this fantasy played out in two other ways. One, a straight "my wife gets to play with two cocks" fantasy. Basically, me and the other guy take turns penetrating her. While it's "his" turn, my wife could suck or stroke my cock, but their is a constant horny tension between the two of us, and we are there to satisfy her. Another way, which I have been thinking about only recently, is that she dominates two submissive men. We are both there to satisfy her sexually, but she completely dominates us both. She teases and denies us both. She administers cock and ball torture on both submissive cocks.
I'd like a Suzy sandwich, please!
Suzy about to get a whole lot of attention!
FMF threesome
I know, what am I thinking? This is "every man's fantasy" that few could possibly obtain, let alone the "no other pussy" rule. Frankly, I do not believe I would do well in trying to sexually satisfy two women, and I doubt most men would. One cock just can't please two pussys, whereas in a MFMFMF threesome that Suzy might go for.
“He still hasn’t come — and he seriously lets you do this all the time?”
“He doesn’t let me do anything!”
Being a plaything to two women and submitting to both would be a rush.


  1. Great ideas! hear you've penetrated your last pussy... oh my!
    I love the idea of Her friend coming over for a "demonstration" ... and btw, soo submissive to have to put your head underwater for the honor of giving oral to your woman (great pic!)
    Sigh, I like em all!

  2. I've also had ruminations about having one of J's friends know about our kink. I would find it very hot and subby to have to show her my cock locked in steel.