Friday, December 16, 2011

Sexual Bucket List, Part I: Her Plaything

A few caveats: I am very horny right now, and I tried to put the moves on Suzy Thursday night, but she would have none of it.  I thought that I was going to get some play Friday night, and she intentionally, lovingly, and dominantly denied my orgasm, while she had two spectacular ones.  When I am horny, I fantasize a lot more and these fantasies are usually more extreme.  I haven't slept well, partly due to this horniness and partly because I was thinking of what to say in this post.
Some people think about, others formally write down and pursue a "bucket list".  These are things that you would like to do before you "kick the bucket".  Some might want to skydive, others throw out a pitch a major league game, things like that.  I have thought about this, and have some ideas in my head, but have never formally written such a list down.  Until now.  Here is my "sexual bucket list", things that I (in my enhanced, horny state) think that I would like to try with Suzy (and others....) sexually before I kick the bucket.  Here goes:

Naked butler
I believe I've blogged about this before, but the idea that I am naked for an extended period of time turns us both on.  Given we have children, this doesn't seem possible in the short term.  Suzy would somehow prevent access to my clothes.  Perhaps throw them in the basement, or lock them in a closet... something like that.  But I have no clothing available to me.  I cook, massage her, clean, sleep, have sex - all naked.  I can't wear clothes.  It follows that I wouldn't really be able to go far.  Perhaps she does make me "wear" something absurd, like an apron that doesn't cover anything, or something along those lines.  She leaves to go out but I must stay home, lounging around naked.  Of course, there is a lot of teasing and light erotic "humiliation" of my predicament.
Darling, would you care for a refreshment?
I wish to be "taken" by a strapon by Suzy.  We have a "feeldoe" strapless strapon, but when we bought it Suzy also bought a strap for additional support.  I don't think Suzy is against the idea of using it on me, but we haven't gotten to it yet.  Why does this appeal to me?  I enjoy most anal sensations, so I wonder if I would also enjoy this.  I like the role reversal, where she is fucking me.  That feeldoe has a fair amount of girth; I am not sure that I have "accommodated" something that big up there, so I a little nervous about it, frankly.  But watching my wife pound me with her jiggling chest just seems like a really big turn on.
I love the role reversal of a strapon!

Public sex
The risk of being caught just seems like such a big rush to me.  I don't know what the public indecency laws in my state are, and I certainly don't want to get arrested.  But I would like to be naked and have sex with Suzy, where she may be wearing a skirt and just lift it up for penetration, but it would be nonetheless obvious what we were doing, and I would be nude.  We could do the deed on our outside deck, with a beautiful view surrounding a beautiful act.  I am a nature lover!
The riskiness of public sex is a real turn-on for me!
Enforced male chastity
Well, this is something we do play with from time to time.  But one thing she hasn't done is actually placed the chastity belt on me by herself.  Don't get me wrong: this will hurt me.  Even with my substantial nerve endings for feedback, I still find myself in pain placing the device on.  I suppose it would look like this: I am tied up and she teases and denies me.  Then, she decides that for extra "security" she wants me to be locked.  She takes the chastity belt out, pinches and prods me, but eventually gets the device on, and my cock locked.  Chastity play is so much more intense when it comes from her; I love it when she clicks the lock herself, but this would be an added dimension in female dominance.
Locking my cock ~ completely on her own is a real turn on
'Forced' anything
I rather enjoy the concept of being 'forced' into doing things that I either truly don't want to do flat out or wouldn't publicly admit to wanting to do it.  An example of the former would be wearing women's clothes.  I am not interested in 'feminization' (not that there is anything wrong with those that do), but I would become excited if Suzy made me do it, as a punishment/humiliation.  Personally, I think I would look ridiculous.  But submitting to that would be arousing.  An example of the latter would be consuming my own semen.  My Suzy is pretty vocal about how disgusting she thinks me male juices are.  That's a reason why I don't get that many blowies.  I trust her, I bet my ejaculate does taste bad.  And, like other males, I have a strong desire for this when I am really horny (as I am now) but I also find it disgusting afterwords.  There are two ways I would like to be forced into doing this.  One would be for her to give me a ruined orgasm.  This keeps my horniness up, and I do believe - if she was sincere about forcing me to do it - that it would be a turn on for me.  The other would be if I ejaculate in her pussy and she then sits on my face and forces me to eat our combined juices.
(via kartograf)
Being "forced" to do things is also a turn on... the power exchange is a big rush


  1. I share those fantasies. And you can describe them so well.



  2. Nothing too extravagant after all. Maybe you could share those wwith her? And why not starting to fill lthe list today, you never know what might happen...

  3. Good list. We share some items, though I've been able to cross some of those off my list. It seems I'm adding more all the time.

  4. Thanks for the comments. I assembled my list in roughly tamest to most extreme order. These are the more tame ones. Part II is a bit edgier and involves third parties.

    Queen Suzy hasn't denied me as much lately, but her period just finished and I was a little taken off guard when she assertively told me that she wanted me to wait ~ since we haven't had relations in a while. I kind of screwed up and kept asking to be spanked. I wanted it so bad. She sort of politely declined and didn't seem to get mad about it. She did stroke my cock briefly, and flicked my balls for some light (for her) CBT. It felt so good to be in front of her, fully nude, paying homage to her sexuality with my stiff erection. She also lovingly massaged my ass and perineum, which felt great. She did complain about my messy pre-cum, and seemed to be annoyed at that.

    She kind of tweaked my nipples a bit, which she usually doesn't do. I will have to ask her about that. She lovingly allowed a second (female) orgasm. That was enough for both of us ;-)

    I doubt that anything I say to her as far as my fantasies will come as a surprise to her. Sure, some of these are easy to do, just need the right timing. The next time we have an empty house, I think it's a foregone conclusion that I will be naked and serving her. I don't know where we stand on the strapon. A LONG time ago, she said "soon". I think she would be OK with naked husband play in our backyard (when it warms up, please). We have had sex in a vehicle. I think the enforced chastity is the least likely to occur. After her decision to pass on my orgasm last night, I also begged her to lock me up, but she would have none of it. In a sense, we have done forced cunnilingus (with her sitting on my face), and I loved it. More of that, please :-)

  5. Great ones!
    Well, I bought that exact strap-on for Wife for my "pegging"...alas, she hasn't chosen to use it. Will she...who knows? Trying, lol! :)