Thursday, November 17, 2011

Medical fantasy

When I was in graduate school, I read an article in the student newspaper about a guy who could reasonably claim that he had the most thoroughly examined prostate in the world.  He "volunteered" (maybe he was paid?) to train medical students in how to conduct prostate exams.  He had submitted to prostate exams thousands of times.  At least he would know quickly if anything went awry down there.

As a result of this article, I had developed a fantasy of being a test subject in a medical setting.  I came across this illustration, which reminded me of this fantasy:

We will start our reproductive lesson on the more primitive sex, the human
male.  You may be surprised at the simplicity of the male system, but with
simplicity comes ease of control and treatment.  We will then move to the
higher order female reproductive system next week.

My version was that my wife was a medical professor that was instructing female students to learn more about male anatomy and sexual response.  As a frequent reader of health related articles, I have heard it said that doctors do not get a lot of specific training in human sexuality.  Clearly, at this medical school that was not the case.

In the fantasy, I am nude, completely shaved (for easier visuals) and only my genital area is exposed to the students.  I am to remain silent while I am donating my genitals to medical knowledge.  In this way, I am basically just a functioning male dummy for the female student's benefit.

The instructor (my Queen) begins a lecture about male sexuality, in a slightly demeaning tone.... not as related to being a human but more animalistic.  The 'nuts' and 'bolts' of the structure and function of the male genitals and various problems that may arise.  The instructor believes in "hands on" training and she begins by showing her students how the penis becomes erect and how the balls react to temperature changes (by the use of ice and warm towels).  I am reduced to a pure guinea pig, just a functioning cock and balls.  The professor alternates between examination methods and providing sexual stimulation; as I become aroused, she points out to her students the physical signs of male sexual response: my involuntary moans and arching of my pelvis, the retraction of my balls as climax nears, etc.

She deliberately brings me close to orgasm and then "goes medical" by stopping and giving further instruction.  She then begins to solicit her students to take part in the exam.  She mentions to a student, "the prostate engorges during sexual arousal.  Why don't you see for yourself how this male's prostate feels compared to our subject yesterday that was not in the aroused state".  As the professor is stroking my cock to maintain my arousal, the student lubes her gloved hand and examines my prostate.

"Yes, this is definitely a larger prostate than what we saw yesterday.  It feels 'full' to me", the young student says.

The professor continues, "Well, this male has not released semen in some time.  I can't afford to allow a climax because, as you may have read in Chapter 9, once a full male orgasm occurs, his body will enter a refractory period where he will not be able to become erect for a period of time.  That would not work for me, since I need this male to perform for four more classes in male sexuality today.

One of the students giggles, "Wow, it sure is nice being able to keep going and going, unlike a male!

Another question came: "What would you do if he accidentally climaxed?  Do you have another male subject for the other classes?".

"Good question", the professor continues.  "As you have correctly surmised, male sexuality is more primitive than our own superior female sexuality.  I can tell when this subject is getting close to orgasm, from - as we saw before - the movement of the testicles closer to the body and the movement of the pelvis and the verbal moans you heard.  You can further reduce orgasm by firmly pulling down on the scrotum.  Let me demonstrate.  This is a natural orgasm delay mechanism in the male.  You can further just stop all stimulation and alternate with the scrotum pulling technique." 

"Professor", a student continued, "what is the effect of prolonged stimulation without release?  I had a boyfriend that mentioned something about painful 'blue balls'.

"Another good question", the professor replied.  "This is often a ploy by the male to allow further progression to full climax.  This is in fact a medical condition, known as epididymal hypertension, caused by the increased blood flow to the male genital region that results in vascular congestion of the genitalia.  It is a bit painful, but nothing to be worried about.  Tell your male patients to 'suck it up'.  This specimen has not climaxed in ten days, yet has had probably 50 encounters of near-orgasm just as he has experienced today.  He deserves our appreciation for the use of his cock - err - penis.  Please thank him for the use of his body on the way out". 

The professor turns to her teaching assistant and says, "I suspect that he has a full bladder by now, but I don't want him to get up - he will be overly distracted at this point.  Vicky, can you please administer a catheter and eliminate his bladder so he can perform for the next class?"
As the students leave the class, they lift up the towel covering my upper torso and tease me by sarcastically pinching my cheek and nipple, saying things like "thanks for letting us use your cock", "I bet you are going to have a major case of epididymal hypertension tonight; good luck with that", "take two aspirin; you'll need it for tomorrow", and "nice sack".
*  *  *  *  *
CFNM); cock and ball torture, orgasm denial, restraint, mild humiliation, and exhibition.  A lot of my sexual fantasies revolve around me being "a male" instead of a man, lover, husband, etc.  Animalistic.  I am very turned on by my Queen being the "trainer", controlling my sexuality and making into a docile animal to her amusement and pleasure.  I have discussed this particular fantasy with her but we have not acted it out.  I hope you enjoyed =)


  1. omg...!! This is very hot, thank you! I think I now share this fantasy, lol! :)

  2. SometimesSpanked,
    Glad you enjoyed it. I hope that we can act it out. Just writing this post made me very horny. Plus, I got a bit sick around the time I wrote it, and being sick always makes me extra horny. Just they way I am wired, I guess. My Queen had some pity on me and gave me a very nice handjob Thursday night. It really hit my sub-buttons because it was not that late at night and the kids were not asleep yet... very rare that we play that way. Plus, she was fully dressed in her work clothes, so I was in CFNM heave =)