Saturday, November 26, 2011

A different kind of vacation sex

We just returned from a weeklong vacation. Being the cheap bastard that I am, we stayed at a relative's house. My Queen, while definitely up for sex (thankfully, her period was over), does NOT feel comfortable having sex at relatives' homes. If I wanted sex, I really should have sprung for a hotel room. But that would have been awkward for other reasons. In spite of lots of experiences to the contrary, I brought some condoms, thinking that controlling my spillage would facilitate some action. Did not happen.

We don't have a reliable travel-sized (and sufficiently quiet) vibrator anymore. When packing for vacations, I give probably more thought to packing sex aids (such as the the unfortunately ill-fated and sadly unused condom idea) than toiletries. My thinking was that I would finger my bride for her orgasms, and possibly get between her legs for some oral attention. We didn't have a ton of privacy, which made my bid for condom-sheathed intercourse fly out the window, and so getting between her legs for cunnilingus was also very iffy. Our first experience with male orgasm denial was obtained over a very similar set of circumstances, which I have blogged about before. In fact, what happened this week was virtually identical to that fateful trip many years ago. I fingered my Queen (twice) to very powerful orgasms. She came hard, without any electronic means...just my male ego drive to satisfy my Queen sexually.

She briefly stoked my hard cock as she approached her climax, but that was all the sex I got. She certainly lead me to believe that I would get some pussy action tonight, our first night back at our home. I gave her some great foreplay, working her up. She allowed me to suck her nipples, which usually gets her in the mood for an orgasm, really quickly. She even said verbally that she wanted my cock inside her. I used the hitachi magic wand as she squeezed a testicle (this is a common practice for us, she either squeezes my cock or my scrotum hard during her orgasm....this was different in that she concentrated her pressure on a single testicle, which was a little more intense than normal) hard during her climax. She "basked" in her orgasm and gently caressed my perineum and anal felt great, especially since she had not stimulated that area for a long time. She stopped and said it was time for bed. I "pleaded my case", but it was clear that she had made up her mind that she didn't want me to come tonight. I was really surprised she decided to deny me because she lead me on so strong and, apart from cock and ball torture, she hadn't really been all that dominant in our sex play of late. So, I am mind-numbingly horny, trying to get a little caught up on female dominant blogs and such, and wondering what it means for our FLR.


  1. I was in much the same position last night, while making love to CH. As she rode me, cowgirl style, she made several "promises" to let me orgasm in her. However, she came before I did, and once her breathing has returned to normal, she hopped off, gave me a thank-you squeeze and a kiss, and rolled over to go to sleep. I wasn't upset. It was hot and enjoyable sex, and while it would have been satisfying to orgasm inside her, the fact that she had a good time was foremost in my mind.

  2. Hi Harry,
    Thanks for the comment. I am still not entirely caught up on my femdom blog reading. In fact, my post earlier did not have my usual photo/illustrations because I was not able to use my usual blogging computer.

    My Queen mentioned today that she was "going to get creative" tonight. I instantly became erect. She then further clarified that she didn't want any "suggestions" i.e., "topping from the bottom" from me, at least until a few days after tonight's session. I am like a kid awating Christmas. I don't know what I am going to get, but I can't wait for tonight! I really hope I don't screw this up!


  3. Oh my... guess She got you back for not getting the hotel room, LOL!
    Good luck on getting some relief (hopefully the two-ball squeeze kind) soon!