Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chastity Device Review

I love it when Suzy teases me with the key
to my "heart", lol

I am the first person to recognize that many of my desires around submission are illogical and contradictory; probably no topic more so than the use of a male chastity device.  This causes some consternation for me, since I am ordinarily a very logical person.

There appears to be an ongoing 'debate' in the femdom world around the merits of using a chastity device vs. the 'honor system'.  Suzy has been pretty clear that she prefers the honor system.  I believe there are two reasons for this:
  • She recognizes that it's more difficult for me to keep chaste without the device and she enjoys it for that reason.  She like the self-discipline that I must have.  Why is it easier for me?  If I am locked during a lovemaking session, I really can only focus on Suzy's sexual pleasure.  If the session ends with her withholding the key, I know that I can't wake up and jerk off; I just have to go to sleep.  The cage has a finality to it.
  • Suzy does NOT like the hard plastic of the CB-6000 against her when we cuddle.  There are chastity devices that have a softer cage to it, and I would be interested in trying out one of these to see if that increases her interest in male chastity.  One is called a Birdlocked and I read a blog where the husband switched from the CB-6000 so that the wife could enjoy cuddling more.  I can't seem to find this particular blog, unfortunately.
I am curious if Suzy would want to explore the
Birdlocked male chastity device; it is squishy
so maybe cuddling while locked would be enjoyable for her

Being a keyholder to a locked male sub requires creativity,
constant teasing, and some empathy for the chaste slave

I must confess to Suzy that I enjoy playing with the chastity device.  From my submissive husband standpoint here are the pros of locking me up:
  • It is VERY kinky.  Surrendering control, not only of my orgasms, but my erections is very erotic.
  • I enjoy being tied up.  I think ultimately, the use of a chastity device is similar to, and a little hotter than, the enjoyment I get from our bondage play.
  • Chastity play offers many opportunities for teasing, which I crave.  I love the feeling of trying to get an erection and being unable to get completely hard, and having the skin of my cock bulge out of the CB-6000 openings.  I love it when Suzy plays with my exposed balls while my cock struggles to become erect.  The device forces my testicles to become more exposed than they are normally and therefore Suzy's tortures of my nuts are taken up several notches.
  • The symbolism of the key, and Suzy's control of it and consequently my cock is erotic.  Some of the hottest pillow talk Suzy had said has to do with her coyness around the key and whether or not it will be used to unlock my penis prison.
  • I enjoy my focus on Suzy's pleasure when I am locked.  It is a deeply erotic experience to devote my entire sexual energy to Suzy's pleasure.  It is akin to the blinders that they put on horses.  Sometimes my desire to ejaculate gets in the way of my full devotion to Suzy's pleasure.
  • Many men complain about sleeping in the device, but I have never really had any trouble with that.  I do wake up with "attempted morning wood" but I don't find it painful; rather it is actually pleasant in the sense that I enjoy *attempting* to get erect, it reinforces that I am a male with lots of testosterone and I am unashamed about my sensual desires.  Plus, my morning wood pee is the easiest pee of the day since I fill out the cage and my urethra lines up nicely with the hole.  Funny, morning wood used to be a bitch to pee.  Oh, the irony!
Teasing is key to a successful lockup

That being said, there are some 'issues' I have with the chastity device:
  • I seem to be in the minority of men in that I find it far easier to urinate - errrr in a sanitary manner - standing up than sitting down.
  • I have no interest in being locked up for an extended period of time.  There are some men who describe a lifestyle where that are pretty much always locked.  That doesn't appeal to me.  Further, being locked when I am at work is kind of a nuisance.  I have a fairly small bladder, so I have to go to the restroom fairly frequently and I am a bit scared that I might have some sort of accident.  I don't think of sex that often when I am at work, and I get most of my satisfaction of being locked during sex playtime.  Work isn't sexy for me.
  • Working out is difficult.  I typically am nude for brief periods of time when I am changing in the gym.  I don't want to risk being found out.  What I end of doing is going to a bathroom, taking my thong off (I am normally a boxer guy, but I have found it far easier to urinate with thongs, so I always wear them when locked) and putting my jockstrap on.  Then, I change as normal and nobody can see my cage through the jock.
  • Showering is probably the most difficult, not so much because it is difficult to clean but it is difficult to properly dry and lube my cock following a shower.
*  *  *  *  *

To summarize, I enjoy the lockup experience when we are playing, my wife is teasing me and acknowledging my preDICKament, and enjoying herself sexually.  All in all, it is probably a bit of work for her to keep me happily locked.  Keeping me locked during worktime more falls into the "torture" or "punishment" realm than erotic sex play.  Something for Suzy to keep in mind.
    That being said, I do have have the following chastity fantasies:
    • I think it would be fun to play with chastity a little more.  There was a stretch when Suzy would have a girls night out (usually on Thursdays) and I would be locked for playtime when she got back.  I miss that.  She didn't always unlock me and I had a few long locked up weekends.  Hot.
    • While I don't fancy myself as a long term wearer, having her push my limits is arousing.  The last time we played with chastity was my record, a week.  It is fun and exciting to push the limits of my submission.
    • The "moral dilemma" posed by us both wanting me locked but her forcing me to lock in front of her is just hot.  That's what she did last time we played with the device.  I had to lockup while she was taunting me.  I was rock hard but finally got it in so that she could snap the lock.
    • I would love for her to put the device on, 100% by herself.  I am sure she would pinch the hell out of my bits.  But for her to take charge like that would turn me on immensely.
    • I am turned on by the idea of having to be locked during her period, to share the pain so to speak.  Of course, she could still have as many orgasms as she likes.


    1. Thank you for saying thoughts are illogical in these matters, and reveiwing the pros and cons. While I haven't been chastized (with a CB, anyway!), the teasing and submission aspects are hot.
      Suzy putting it on you, all by Herself, is a turnon... I say, picturing my wife doing the same. :)

    2. Enjoyed your post. It does seem illogical, doesn't it?!?! I do sometimes ask myself WTF am I thinking?! But then, after being unlocked for a while I start to miss the cage. Kinda crazy.

    3. Good Post. Unless Suzy wished to put you in embarrassing situations, the gym locker room is a tough one preventing long term wear. Plus, as you say, for you and Suzy honor system works. For me it does not. As pitiful as it sounds, I can not go three weeks w/o finding reason to break my honor system commitment and I sadly need the device to stay chaste. Sounds like you are able to stay chaste as long as she wants you to. I am guessing if she wanted you to try a month, you would be able to using the honor system. SOme guys are like that. Me, no. Just aint gona happen w/o being locked.

      Also too, I like the bondage and little spikes I added give me some masochistic pleasure in response to erections. So for me, being locked all the time works. Each couple is different though.

    4. Thanks for the comments. As I said, I have a hard time reconciling my desire to orgasm with my desire for her to control me and deny me an orgasm. It is a tension that perhaps is a part of being a submissive male. If she asks me if I want to come, I will always answer yes, or (perhaps more appropriately) whatever pleases the Queen more(!).

      S-H, thanks for posting. I thought maybe you were not allowed to view other blogs anymore. Glad you are back! I don't like the honor system in the sense that if I am denied it is hard for me to sleep; much easier for me if I am locked and don't know where the key is. If I had my druthers, I would like to have nights where it is expected that I lock up and that we will play sexually; not knowing if she will unlock me is very hot, since I like the thrill of the unknown.


    5. It's fairly new to me so I won't comment from long term experience but actually since being locked in my metal device I don't want to have it removed. It's very comfortable but I'm even aware of it all day long and that is a great way to think of my wife and the lifestyle and it put me in a delicious submissive state.

    6. Dying to see some reviews of this, looks really interesting, never seen anything quite like it!
      Chastity Devices

    7. The man I am currently talking to seems to like these although we have not had sex or even at that stage and being a new Domme, I wanted to check these out. Thank you for an actually list of pros and cons because everything I have read so far is just someone seeking advice and it's frustrating.I want to know as much as I can before I can commit to soemthing like this because this man is looking for something long term and I do not believe in giving someone false hope on something I can not get into. Again thank you for the list it was the most helpful thing I have come accros by far. Good luck to you and your wife.


      P.s The story even from a womans point of view is HOT! :)