Saturday, October 29, 2011

Submissive fitness part II: dominant female trainers

Kiana Tom, from Kiana's Flex Appeal
We've been pretty busy lately.  I have been doing well with my workouts and my abs are definitely getting "tighter".  I am down to 186 pounds even though I haven't been eating that well - lots of fast food because we have had little time to eat together as a family.  I guess what is saving me is that I have been pretty disciplined with my workouts.

Which leads me to two topics related to my submissive nature.  Before Queen Suzy went back to work, I was up long before anyone else in my household.  I typically will watch TV to try to wake up (I am NOT a morning person) while drinking my morning coffee.  An exercise show called "Kiana's Flex Appeal" caught my attention, for a number of reasons:

  • I found her exercise advice to be sound; I would actually incorporate some of her training methods in my own routine, with good success
  • She and her guests are attractive.  The women usually wear bikinis and the men wear only shorts and have neatly shaved, well-carved chests
  • The workouts are often on the beach in Hawaii.  Tough job!
"Drop and Give me 20!"
Kiana's attitude is what hits my submissive button.  She is in excellent shape and has a large chest - but she is very petite.  She clearly runs the show, though.  Often, she will lead the workout with two other hulking men maybe three times her size.  Even though some of these men are actually professional bodybuilders and have spent their time in the gym, she corrects them and tells them what to do and how to do their workouts better.  Not in a dominatrix, sexual way, but in a way that I find strangely intriguing.

This related to sex the other night.  We've had several "misses" in terms of sex play: I crashed early, she crashed early, so we weren't connecting sexually.  Suzy had sent me some sext messages complaining that I hadn't played with her.  So, I knew sex was on the agenda.  She had a beautiful orgasm and then it was time for me to penetrate her.  I prepped for sex (usually, I get a T-shirt or a towel to collect the upcoming mess - I wonder what other couples do?) and then she said "I need the pink paddle".  I fumbled around in our sex toy box in my closet, erect, and anticipating my orgasm.  I got it.  I started penetrating her slowly, as I was pretty turned on.  She then started smacking my ass with the paddle.  What really put me in subspace - and made me come almost immediately - was what she did next.  She told me I wasn't thrusting fast enough - and she demanded that I speed up and smacked me harder.  She said this in such a dominant, sexy way.  I came almost immediately.

*  *  *  *  *
I think there were a number of reasons why this turned me on so much. 
  • I have often fantasized about her verbally dictating what I do sexually.  In my fantasies, this would be saying something like "get between my legs, slave; my pussy isn't going to lick itself".  She has told me that she is not comfortable with that.  But that is in effect what she did - she complained about the way I was penetrating her and ordered me to do it better, to penetrate her harder.  HOT!!!
  • I think a key part of what turns me on is her being sexually aggressive.  Her text complaining that I hadn't played with her is aggressive - for her.  I still initiate most of our sex play.  But in effect, she was initiating this session.  I like this!
  • I enjoyed the ass swatting.  I have mentioned before that I really want to explore spanking more.  She told me to get the paddle, and she seemed to genuinely enjoy paddling my ass while I was having my fun.  The next day, she sexted me and said she didn't think she paddled me hard enough and that she needed to punish me more.  Wowsers!
  • Her attitude seemed similar to that of a "trainer".  She was training me to fuck better, the way she wants it.  Just as an athletic trainer such as Kiana tells her trainee what to do, and makes them work harder, so she was training me to be a better lover.  I hope to see more of that!


  1. Gawd... one thing my Wife and I *love* is her swatting me with the paddle I bought Her while we fuck. She really gets me working much harder, for both of our pleasure!!

    Must check out this Kiana... mmm. Motivation is always good :)

  2. SS: thanks for the comment. I would like to play more with spanking. Not sure if we will take that to the next level or not.

    Enjoy Kiana, if you can find her out there...