Thursday, October 13, 2011

Submissive fitness, part I: positive reinforcement

This is what I aspire to fitness-wise: 6 packs
and becoming a "trophy husband" to Suzy

I have a great deal of interest in the topic of general fitness.  From time to time my wife and I will get on a kick where we will try fairly hard to lose weight.  We do the wrong things to reward ourselves: have a big fattening dessert because we "deserve it" after all that self-sacrifice.  I will indulge in too many high calorie cocktails or beer.  Basically, yo-yo dieting.
Since I am a manager, I study alot about psychology and realize that this is totally wrong.  Positive behavior definitely needs to be rewarded, but in ways that are consistent with the end goal.  A better way would be to reward in a way that is not counterproductive.  There are many examples, such as a massage, a spa day, a guilt free shopping trip, a ticket to a sporting event, etc.  And sex... that is positively rewarding!

You may have noticed that I have a fitness tracker on the right.  There are a couple of things that motivate me to become more fit:
  • I am approaching the wrong side of 40 and feel on the verge of a mid-life crisis
  • I had a sports-related injury several years ago which required significant intervention and rehab.  The physician answer to "how do I make this never happen again" was "get stronger".  Because I had to rehab anyway, I got to doing lots of weight bearing exercises and came to enjoy it.
  • I like the slight muscle soreness that comes from a workout.
  • I worry about ED and improved fitness can move things more in my favor in terms of getting the erections we both enjoy
  • Making my body more sexually desirable to my Queen
I suppose the last point is the "submissive" part.  Going back to positive reinforcement, it is very, VERY reinforcing when my Suzy compliments my body.  It makes me want to keep working harder and become more disciplined.
I love it when Suzy "inspects" my body
and is pleased with my hardware

I shaved my pubes and chest the night before and we played last night.  Suzy seemed very excited about my smoothness and felt me up.  I think a shaved chest and pubic area helps to accentuate a fit bod.  Have you ever noticed that fitness models and pro wrestlers are always shaved?

*  *  *  *  *

A misconception about subhubs is that they are wimpy.  I don't think I am, and I am stronger than most.  I don't think I have the genes to become really muscular, but I don't think people will want to mess with me either.  I am doing pretty well in my career now, and having a positive attitude about my body is something that helps.


  1. I just talked about the "wimpy" subhub thing in a post today. A total misconception! A submissive husband does NOT equal a wimp!

  2. My story, it was the desire of a FLR and wanting to look better for my wife that led me to get in shape some 18 months ago. After 30 years of doing no physical exercise at all, I was a mess. I worked out 5 days a week in an adult boot camp program, then I joined CrossFit and I work out there 5 days a week. Initially I started down this road to be more attractive for my wife, now I do it for me, and we both benifit. I look as good now as I did when I was 20 years old (well close anyway), my fitness level has never been so good and I have a body covered with muscle where it was once only flab. The misconception that subs have to be wimpy is wrong as I think we all agree. If a women can dominate a man, wouldn't she feel better about dominating a man's man, and not some soft pudgy push over!

    My best advice I can offer anyone making the transition to get in shape and get their diet under control is to work out with a group so you can both get and give support to one another, it really helps.

  3. LH: I commented on your recent post.
    LW: I will probably do another post on this, but the short story is that I have drastically cut down on alcohol consumption and my workouts are very consistent. I do feel much better about myself when I have worked out, and my sleep is better also. I lost about 10 pounds, and have tapered off a bit. My pants are fitting much more loose now (not sure about that grammatical construction!). I love it when Suzy recognizes my hard work! Very gratifying! I haven't done a group workout, but am thinking about it.

    Thanks for your comments

  4. I too like to stay in shape for my Wife. I'd wish she'd push me harder, but I guess I'll just have to self-motivate for now there.
    Love how you said she "felt you up"... pushes my submissive buttons!

  5. I have my sub-hubby on a strict physical fitness program. He must take a weekly physical fitness test consisting of pushups, pullups, situps, running, and swimming and show improvement in each exercise or he will be punished with extra exercise, extended chastity time, spankings, stress positions, or humiliations. He has made remarkable progress but is is so much fun to push him to higher levels of physical fitness. I love making him show off is fit body in skimpy swim suits and exercising on the beach.