Saturday, October 1, 2011

She dominates me, she dominates me not

She dominates me, she dominates me not
I would say that we are still in a "holding pattern" on the development of our FLR.  I have been fantasizing a lot about being locked in chastity and being spanked by my Queen.  It is hard for me to be patient.  I have a desire, a craving to submit to Suzy and her to dominate me.  I realize that I need to focus on what is within my control.  What can I do?  Pamper her, and try to make her happy.  I have had some nice wins lately.  I served her breakfast in bed recently.  A long time ago, I bought a coffee mug that said "I <3 my husband", just as a nice subliminal hint to her, lol.  I have brought her Starbucks and picked things up for her.  I have been behaving a lot better.

Maybe when the kids leave our nest...
I'm pretty sure that she is going to use that spatula on his ass!
The reduced sex play lately has been frustrating.  With giving Suzy the control over my orgasms, I wish that she had unlimited ones.  Playing with her, achieving a quality erection and undergoing a tease while she climaxes is satisfying to me.  That makes me happy.  Really, nothing bad comes from Suzy's orgasms.  It's all good.  Because life happens, we wind up in circumstances where we do not have that intimate play.  Nobody's fault, it's just life happening.  For example, Suzy stayed up late one night and then crashed early the next night.  I did the same, it's just that our sleeping cycles were totally out of synch, so no sex play.  I have a voracious appetite for sex - I would like to have some sexual contact every night.  I have read about some "challenges" where a couple agrees to have sex every night for some defined period, whether they are in the mood or not!  I am definitely up for that sort of challenge.  I suppose the femdom version of that is that the wife climaxes every night for that defined period of time, and the submissive hubby's release is, well, separate from that challenge (maybe he comes, maybe not... but the challenge is to have daily orgasms for the woman).

Through no fault of Suzy's my past two orgasms have been...substandard.  I don't know why this is, perhaps I have lost my mojo.  Suzy gave me a handjob where I ejaculated but did not feel a rush of pleasure that normally comes from a climax.  It sort of just snuck up on me.  I had the pleasant orgasm afterglow and the reduction in horniness, so I know it wasn't a "ruined orgasm".  I just never really felt the buildup and release.  The next time, Suzy allowed penetration (after she climaxed, of course) and I came really soon.  I am really worried about my premature ejaculation.  I feel less of a man.  I have been reading things here and there to try to "fix" this.  But I'll say it: I am not happy with my stamina.

Alas, now to the title of this post.  With these femdom cravings building up, I came out and asked Suzy: "are you still interested in an FLR?".  I admit this was not the best time to ask, as we were all in our morning routines.  I was confused by her response.  Then, I had a rare occasion that I was receiving texts from work, and she texted me a message that indicated Friday was going to be "about the wife" or something along those lines.  I got an erection when I read it.  She did some nice teasing during dinner prep and I thought that we would have some sex play.

We did, and it was PASSIONATE.  We aren't big "kissers".  But we were kissing like horny teenagers last night.  It was hot.  I wanted to go down on her, but she had panties and long (but sexy) pajamas on, and I could sense that she really needed to come.  While I am not always allowed to suck Suzy's breasts, when she does allow it, it usually turns her on and she wants to come right away.  Suzy firmly grabbed my cock (it was very firm, but very awesome!) and she had a terrific long, intense orgasm.  While my orgasms have been sub-par, Suzy's have been stellar lately.  In any case, Suzy and I cuddled and she teased me about how easily she was going to fall asleep and she hoped that I could.

*  *  *  *  *
It has been a long time since she has actively denied me.  I am very horny, wanting to get a strong, powerful orgasm to get my mojo back.  I don't know when that might occur.  I am hoping for more sex play tonight.  Our session was HOT and I love that passion that we had.  Suzy, are you up to a 7 day femdom sex challenge???
Artist: K.D. Pierre
Suzy has a girl's night out planned... lockup
time for her sub-hub?


  1. LTS,
    We males all wish for more frequent sexual activity (I know I'm generalizing), and I suspect that guys like you and I, who hand control of our sexual activity over to our wives, think at the outset, that when we offer our wives all the orgasms they want, that we're going to get our wish. But... the reality of it is that most women in long term relationships, with jobs and children and households to run, don't have the desire for frequent sex that we do. (generalizing again).

  2. Congrats on a great session! I know we've had time and other challenges here, but it's nice to know we're all not alone. Sounds like a wonderful time for you two!

  3. A 7 day femdom challenge, meaning 7 orgasms for me in a row, sounds great! However, since I have some difficulties reaching orgasm, it would really be a challenge, with the risk of ending badly. - I tend to be very disappointed when it doesn't work. - But otherwise it really sounds like a great idea to me.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  4. Thanks for the comments.
    HH: The funny thing is that Suzy will often push back on sex, but after she has one of her earth-shattering climaxes she will say something like "why do I resist that so much?". Grrr. Why, indeed. Well, it's because of what you said, stress, family, work, etc. I guess as I sub it's my job to relax her and get her to where she is open to it.

    SS: yes, we had a great time. I am struck most by the passion of our kisses. Like I said, we are not really big on kissing, but I guess we were both amorous (sp?) that night. Hoping for more of that passion for us, and everyone ;-)

    Tamara: Thanks for the encouragement. Unfortunately, Suzy hasn't read my blog yet, so we haven't had a good discussion about this. Most of Suzy's orgasms lately have been from the Hitachi Magic Wand. It is a very powerful vibrator that brings her to the promised land every time. I admit that I have been relying on this fantastic tool too much lately. I prefer to bring her to climax in more "organic" ways (such as cunnilingus); those are more challenging and rewarding but don't always work.

    thanks again for your comments/encouragement. very appreciated!

  5. My wife also has the tendency to go in and out of her dominance, and I mean a low grade dominance at that! All we can do is pamper them and continue to feed and enable their control.