Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Sexy Halloween

I associate Halloween with a fair amount of debauchery.  Not only because of the dark nature of this "holiday" but because of the gratuitous eating, drinking, and hijinx.  And sex.  We spent a long time - longer than I would care to admit - shopping for costumes.  We wanted to have a paired couple costume, but coudn't find what we were looking for.  Many adult female costumes are overtly sexual.  My Queen can be coaxed to wear sexy outfits in our bedroom, but she does NOT want to wear anything sexy in public.  In fact, I am usually pretty blown away when she wears something that shows her (ample) cleavage.
A longstanding roleplaying fantasy
Somehow I think she will have her way

We originally wanted to be a paired movie couple, a princess and a pauper kind of costume.  Could only find a sexy version of this particular princess.  We thought about a knight/maiden costume, but she wasn't feeling it.  I have a big fantasy of being a prisoner or perp and her being a cop.  But the female cop costumes were way too sexy for public exposure.  We ended up with something ok, and we had a fun party.  But I do hope for something of a highly sexual, and male sub female dominant, in a roleplaying future.

Unfortunately, since our last play session, we have continued to fail to connect sexually.  Halloween for parents isn't always fun, lots of running around leads to very tired parents.  I don't know exactly what's in store for tonight, but I do hope we can connect on this very sexy holiday.

Pretty sure my Queen would be poking me a lot with that thing!

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