Thursday, September 29, 2011

Corporate female dominance

Suzy can be "the boss" at home

In order to avoid lawsuits, my company requires us to take several training programs each year.  They are really lame and usually I grin and bear them.  They have some pretty contrived scenarios and require you to answer some questions before it allows you to advance.  I guess to keep your attention.  Well, this year had a different flavor to it.  The anti-harassment portion had a recurring scenario around a female supervisor that wanted to date her male employee.  Yes, the scenarios are contrived.  I can't imagine anyone thinking that's ok, but that was the scenario and it did keep me interested, from an FLR standpoint.

The first scene involved the female manager asking her male employee out to dinner at her place.  Wow.  He felt obligated to say yes, for possible repercussions if he said no.  That just seemed so completely awkward to me.  I have had a number of bosses, and probably about third of them were women, although typically this was earlier in my career and they were a generation older than me.  So it was still hard for me to think of that as a realistic scenario based upon my experience.  However, I can't help from a fantasy standpoint thinking that was sexy in the sense that a dominant woman controlling the strings of a subservient male at work and then socially in the dating realm would be overwhelming for a submissive male like myself.

The scenario went on to imply that they were in fact dating (awkward!) and then they broke up.  During the sub's review period, he got a terrible review, no bonus, and a terrible raise.  So, of course, he accuses the supervisor of retaliating because he called off their relationship and she says it's a fair assessment of his performance since he didn't produce.  A perfect opportunity to highlight some of the company's HR policies, of course, but you had to see this coming.  I was mildly interested in this training on account of the female dominant "story line".

Suzy and I don't roleplay much.  She has a catwoman costume and that was a HOT experience.  All of my roleplaying fantasies have to do with female dominant / male submissive perspective (go figure).  We have talked about Suzy being a cop and me being a criminal or convict.  It just so happens that we went into a Halloween shop and, of course, I saw a bunch of female cop costumes.  The last time we discussed this, Suzy insisted that such a costume come with real handcuffs.  Here's to a sexy Halloween!  Bring on the police brutality!

"Prepare for your body cavity search, you perp!"

*  *  *  *  *

Part of the humor in this was that I never "dated" during my professional working career.  Suzy and I were married right after college, so it struck me as odd when co-workers were dating one another.  Odd in the sense that things could just go south really quickly.  And an employment situation is a much more confined space than a school setting.


  1. There have been some news stories of female doctors or councillors forming relationship with male patients and in one case around here a prisenor.

    I actually do not find a female boss thing a turn on. But it could be fun. It's never happened to me though.

    As I understand it women bosses and women employees can become very catty.

    Mind you many couples meet in the workplace so haveing a don't date work mates policy is not going to stop it.

    Have to think about this one.

  2. Like you, I have not been aroused by having a female boss. I am not a believer in "female supremacy" and believe everyone has strengths and weaknesses that they bring to the table. I don't agree with blanket statements such as "women are inherently better at managing", or the like. I had a real bitch for a boss but I respected some aspects of her management style and she promoted me. I've had really shitty male bosses. It's a mixed bag.

    The training program was, I think, exaggerating to make a point about harrassment. But certainly the storyline held my interest due to my desire to submit, and made me think of roleplaying within my own marriage; that is when we play, Queen Suzy is the dominant one and I submit to her. I really hope that we can do more roleplaying where I submit to her.